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New Democrat Specter loses committee seniority

May 6th, 2009 . by TexasFred

New Democrat Specter loses committee seniority

WASHINGTON (AP) — Arlen Specter’s switch to the Democratic Party has cost him his seniority on Senate committees.

The Senate passed a resolution Tuesday night that made him the most junior Democrat on the committees on which he serves. The resolution was passed after an agreement was reached between leadership in both parties and Specter, said Jim Manley, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. Manley said the seniority issue will be revisited after the 2010 elections.

Specter, 79, is seeking a sixth term next year in Pennsylvania. He has said he made the decision to end his four-decade relationship with the Republican Party because he was unlikely to win the nomination in a party that has grown increasingly conservative.

Specter serves on the Appropriations, Judiciary, Veterans Affairs, Environment and Public Works, and Special Aging committees.

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New Democrat Specter loses committee seniority

New Democrat Specter loses committee seniority??

Well, he lost his credibility a long time ago, he lost any scruples he may have had, then he lost his mind. He became a full blown RINO before declaring his real label, Democrat. He might as well lose a few other things in the process.

The real winner here was the RNC, or, more accurately, the few Conservatives that remain IN the RNC, they now have one less RINO in the herd to deal with.

Specter was a Dem/Libber for many years, just like John McCain. McCain IS a Dem, he’s just not wearing the name, yet. Thus, the title of RINO.

When people like Specter place THEIR wants and desires above those that elected them to office, We the People have lost nothing when one of these @sshats goes away! We have a person like that right here in Texas, my state representative, Rep. Joe Driver (R-113). Driver made it fairly clear that HE didn’t like the idea of *Open Carry* here in Texas and he was not going to support it. Driver didn’t offer ANY numbers on what the people of his district wanted, he didn’t state that the overall opinion of his constituents was against the idea of *Open Carry*, he plainly stated that HE didn’t like the idea.

There is a message that the American people must convey to our elected officials. It doesn’t matter if that official is local, county/parish, state or national, we do NOT work for them, they work for us, and as such, they are in office to further the wishes of We, the People.

When a person runs for office, and wins that office, they become a servant of the people. Many elected officials seem to make that the very 1st thing that they conveniently forget! If Americans could just find a way to remind these guys of that fact.

Oh, wait, we DO have a way to make those officials aware, it’s called VOTING, if the elected officials are not meeting your expectations, vote them OUT. It’s that simple!

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