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The Friday Follies 10-10-08

October 10th, 2008 . by TexasFred

The Friday Follies

It might seem uncommon for a passenger to be allowed on a plane after grenades are found in his luggage, but the Transportation Security Administration is standing by the procedure after reportedly doing just that on Tuesday.

Full Story Here:
Man Allowed to Fly After Grenades Found in Luggage

OK, let me see if I understand this. The guy has 2 grenades. The TSA determines that they are inert. The guy is allowed to fly anyway. The police were never informed. And a Florida Sheriff has the balls to say ‘Barack HUSSEIN Obama’ and he is under investigation for saying it. The inmates are running the asylum!

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) - NATO defense ministers Friday authorized their troops in Afghanistan to attack drug barons blamed for pumping up to US$100 million (euro74 million) a year into the coffers of resurgent Taliban fighters.

Full Story Here:
NATO agrees on Afghan drug role for military

Remove the poppy from Afghanistan, take out the network that grows and sells it and you effectively KILL the Taliban. No drugs = no money = no Taliban arms. If only it were that simple…

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - A spokesman for the group of pirates holding an arms-laden tanker off the coast of Somalia has threatened to blow up the ship in three days if no ransom is paid.

Full Story Here:
Threat to blow up hijacked ship off Somalia

I guess being a pirate just isn’t what it used to be. Why haven’t they already been blown out of the water? Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirates life for me. Tortuga!

FARGO, N.D. (AP) - Fargo police said two men were arrested for drunken driving in the same vehicle. Police Lt. Pat Claus said an officer pulled over a 23-year-old man early Thursday morning. Claus said while that man was taking a sobriety test, a 24-year-old passenger got behind the wheel and tried to drive off.

Full Story Here:
Cops nab pair in same vehicle for drunken driving

I don’t know about you but I think this one needs to be given the *Dumbass of the Week* award.

NEW YORK (AP) - Wall Street extended its devastating losses Friday, but prices swung sharply as investors scooped up some shares decimated by more than a week of intense and panicked selling. The Dow Jones industrials, down nearly 700 points in the opening minutes of trading, recovered to an advance of more than 100 before turning sharply lower again, and the other major indexes fluctuated widely as well.

Full Story Here:
US stocks extend huge losses over credit concerns

Oh but it’s NO big deal, the government has a plan to save us all, they’re going to throw more taxpayer money at it and just buy up Wall Street. President Numbnutz was on TV today telling America how he was going to save us all, we just need to have patience. And here’s what I said yesterday: As long as the federal government attempts to fix all the things it needs to leave alone, and ignores all the things it actually needs to address, it will happen.

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3 Responses to “The Friday Follies 10-10-08”

  1. comment number 1 by: Basti

    Quote: “As long as the federal government attempts to fix all the things it needs to leave alone, and ignores all the things it actually needs to address, it will happen.”

    Most astute thing you’ve ever said and I believe the same thing.

  2. comment number 2 by: StormWarning

    Fred, you know…I’ve been busy alot this week, but spent some time reading and commenting on other blogs (silly me!). I even got banned from one because the blogger doesn’t like me or my “tone” (”ya” hear about the attack that wasn’t this week?)…thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people spent the week thinking we’d get atatcked and now are even more desensitized to the time when a real attack comes.

    But here’s my take on what you’ve posted:

    - I don’t know what an inert grenade is…could it be one that wasn’t live? They do now allow certain knives on board (plus, we all know that TSA is broken - or never was whole)

    - the Taliban have loads of sources of guns and money, although the poppy crop is a big part of it. But saying that “NATO” is going to go and do something, and NATO actually doing it (well) is another thing.

    - the Somalia situation is going to blow up, and the US just reduced its Africa Corps presence. Piracy is up, largely because of poverty and the influx of extremists.

    - since I’ve moved to Texas, I’ve seen dumbassess every day, and not all of them were drunk.

    - I spoke this afternoon with a guy who knows about this stuff and his comment was that the problem is not the stock market, its the credit market.

    Remember my rant from a couple of weeks ago?

    Leveraging Bad Mortgages

    Bottom line is that people who played by the rules get screwed.

  3. comment number 3 by: Kurt P

    I just wish I had a buttload of money to plow into stocks right now.
    Told the wife to see if she could buy more for her 401K.