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Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition

March 15th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition

A California attorney lobbying the U.S. Supreme Court for a review of Barack Obama’s qualifications to be president confronted the chief justice yesterday with legal briefs and a WND petition bearing names of over 325,000 people asking the court to rule on whether or not the sitting president fulfills the Constitution’s “natural-born citizen” clause.

According to Orly Taitz, the attorney who confronted Chief Justice John Roberts at a lecture at the University of Idaho, the judge promised before the gathered crowd that he would, indeed, read and review the briefs and petition.

“I addressed him in front of 800 people in the audience,” Taitz told WND, “including university officials, the president of the Idaho State Bar and the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Idaho, and in front of all them, [Roberts] promised to read my papers.”

Roberts was lecturing on Abraham Lincoln to approximately 1,200 attendees of the annual Bellwood Memorial Lecture Series at the Moscow, Idaho, university. Roberts has been chief justice of the Supreme Court since his nomination by President George W. Bush and subsequent confirmation in 2005.

Earlier in the week, Taitz confronted Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who told her the issue of Obama’s eligibility, which has been raised before the Supreme Court at least four times but has yet to be given a single hearing, still lacked the votes of the required four justices in conference before it would be officially heard.

Taitz said, “I told Scalia that I was an attorney that filed Lightfoot v. Bowen that Chief Justice Roberts distributed for conference on Jan. 23 and now I represent nine state reps and 120 military officers, many of them high ranked, and I want to know if they will hear Quo Warranto and if they would hear it on original jurisdiction, if I bring Hawaii as an additional defendant to unseal the records and ascertain Obama’s legitimacy for presidency.”

Full Story Here:
Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition

I don’t want to get any false hopes going, even with Chief Justice Roberts agreeing to read this doesn’t necessarily mean that anything will actually happen. But it might!

“I said, ‘Justice Roberts, my name is Orly Taitz. I’m an attorney from California, and I got up at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, flew and drove thousands of miles just to ask you a question. So please give me some leeway,’” Taitz told WND. “My question is, do you know there is illegal activity going on in the Supreme Court of the United States?”

This woman has more guts than a Marine! I hope you folks will read the whole story and not just what I have here, there is much more. And if you haven’t signed that petition, it’s NOT too late!

We must do whatever it takes to force Obama to PROVE, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the legitimate POTUS or we must force him to vacate the office if he is proven to be a poser and a fake!

You can see Orly Taitz website here: DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US

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17 Responses to “Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition”

  1. comment number 1 by: mrchuck

    I sure hope this goes somewhere.
    I have kept aware of this during the months before the election, but it always get “stonewalled”.

  2. comment number 2 by: Bluebonnet Sue

    I had signed the petition long ago and just now sent this around to my email list. I practically did cartwheels when I read the article. I just hope it turns out to be as good as it sounds. It’s time to get this settled one way or the other. Is he or isn’t he legitimately the President of the U.S.A.? I haven’t looked at Ms. Taitz’s website but if there is a contact link I will congratulate her for her courage and tenacity.

    Thanks for posting the article, Fred.

  3. comment number 3 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    The issue I believed, as Scalia said, was dead. I am of the opinion that SCOTUS doesn’t want to open that can as it could possibly lead to an incredible collapse of Washington.

    At first blush, yeah, go for it, right on, collapse Washington! - I can hear you say. I thought so too. Then I began to think: no, that can’t be done. This would, truly, take on a life bigger than anything before it. SCOTUS is correct: this is an issue best left unaddressed; we should move on.

    Now, after the November election, the January inauguration, the complete abortion our economy has become, and the societal engineering from the Obama Administration in our immediate future, I’m thinking that some actual chaos in Washington is more than called-for.

    The bottom line, as I’ve written time and again (and I believe you have too, TF) is this: all it takes to disprove this theory and to show up those making the accusation as tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists is this: transparency. Unlock every door, make public every document requested.

    This is such an EASY thing to combat by Mr Obama.

    That is to say, if there is no validity to the claim.


  4. comment number 4 by: TexasFred

    And once in a while, you just need to tear down that which is beyond repair and try again…

    This nation is one of those things, I personally can’t tolerate the direction in which we are headed…

    A bit of revolution can be a good thing from time to time… It keeps the oppressors at bay…

  5. comment number 5 by: Eric

    I agree Fred…

    As Thomas Jefferson said:

    “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

    It appears it’s LONG overdue. Any rational thinking ’sane’ man would prefer it be done by any means that’ does not shed blood but it’s to the point now that our wonderful “for and by the people” government do not believe we have the balls to do it which is one reason why they don’t listen. At this point it maybe all we have left to save the Republic.

    Maybe if one was started then Washington would surrender to the revolution to minimalize the violence and blood shed in order to keep the Nation together fixing it’s self from within.

    But until the first shot is fired and heard around the world we will continue to become slaves to something our forefathers did not intend to happen.

  6. comment number 6 by: Carl Andrews

    I’ll get on this first thing Monday Fred, right now I’m leaving to take my daughter back to college.
    You know me, I’m a “damn the torpedos’ kind of guy, so let the chips fall where they may.

  7. comment number 7 by: TexasFred

    The tree of liberty must be occasionally watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. ~Thomas Jefferson~

    A gentleman that would be mad as hell if he saw what this nation has become and one that would be ready to incite the rebuilding that MUST take place…

  8. comment number 8 by: Snooper

    By all means. To hell with the United States Constitution. Let the issue lay because there just might be controversy.

    What a RETARDED and ILL-FOUNDED argument. That argument is the EXACT reason this country has a run-away Fed and a run-away Judiciary. People are afraid to disclose Truth and Facts because feelings may be hurt and egos may be damaged and WORST of all, TRUTH will be revealed.

    Yep. Climb into that Libtard Spider Hole and bark at the moon.

  9. comment number 9 by: Ingrid

    Early last year a friend sent me a copy of his Hawaii cert.
    It did not have the official seal.
    As I’ve mentioned before. He has NOT conjured up any of this. He has just been groomed since Harvard by the 8 or 10 rich elite. Just as Busch was groomed by the rich elite and just as Clinton, Busch senior, Reagan and on and on. They all take their Q’s from the most rich. Our elected representatives in D.C. are their to make sure all the moneys they handle are distributed evenly throughout their prospective states and their bank accounts. Unless we get rid of the rich elite, nothing will ever change. If we do have a change in the government, the rich will make sure we suffer. As we are doing now…….maybe for getting on the banks asses during Bushes adm. for allowing mortgages, loans and credit cards to be issued to ILLEGALS. They must pound us to the ground first and later help us back up and tell us what a great job they’ve done.

    Do we as legal citizens have to suffer like this? YES, according to the rich elite.

    You must remember one thing; these rich elite worked their way up through the grandioso of “you can have it all” in these good ole United States if you want to work for it….and, they did. But does this give them the power to control, deny and purposely hurt the people who made them rich? They have become to greedy. They want more and more and will not allow any competition. In the last 10 years, can anyone remember a company becoming the new, innovative corporation of the year. Does anyone remember 30, 40 years ago when the media would talk about and discuss new inventions, new up and coming companies. NOT ANYMORE!

    It’s a fine line between revolution and anarchy. Which one will happen first. Or is it too late.

    This is a new phase in world order and in this round, Obama has been selected to sign all they want done.

    He is “The Omen” as I see it. No one is left that can dispute his birth place. He made sure the only person alive before the inauguration would get sick and die. And naturally paper work can be made to look like what ever they want.

  10. comment number 10 by: Ingrid

    I can’t believe you all are thinking this is a good idea???????

    Does everyone really believe Biden would be better….ha!
    Or does anyone think Pelosi would be better. (worse)

    I think doing a national petition to impeach all of them would be much, much better.

    Texas has NO RECALL LAWS. We would need to impeach our governor and the legislators would make the decision.

    I feel we need to change some laws first.

    How about we get a monthly report from our Senators and Congressmen and all state legislators. Lets call this report “The Accountability Report”

  11. comment number 11 by: Patrick Sperry

    Fred, I will send a note off to Tracy at NoCompromise to confirm because she knows Orly… But… :D If memory serves? She was a WM in the Jag Corp! if not, she sure as hell should have been.

    So? The powers that be might get upset if the boat called Washington gets solidly rocked..? Too frik’n bad. The lifeboat is named Honor, and the rescuer is a Black Lab named “Cooter” and that’s the short version of accountability. Don’t want to be accountable? Then drown in the cesspool.

  12. comment number 12 by: TexasFred

    Ingrid, Biden doesn’t become POTUS, he becomes *NEXT*…

    Pelosi?? Hillary will take care of that one…

  13. comment number 13 by: Snooper

    Here’s what needs to be done. http://tinyurl.com/d8ajpn

    Period. End of story.

    What we have here is an unconstitutional Federal Government. Approx 90% of the laws passed on a Federal Level and thus trickling down into the State Level are unconstitutional. The Constitution is very explicit as to the areas of Jurisdiction and the Fed no longer follows that doctrine.

    When Harry “The War Is Lost and The Tourists Smell” Ried and Nancy “I Want An Airplane Now” Pelosi say in the public that the “Will of the Congress will be done”, it is past time for waking anyone up. It is time to March On DC and take our country back.

  14. comment number 14 by: Faultline USA

    Thanks Fred I’lll get something posted about it this week too.

  15. comment number 15 by: Hat Tips Galore

    [...] Texas Fred comes this first piece. Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition reports on how Chief Justice John Roberts has accepted the challenge of Orly Taitz to read the [...]

  16. comment number 16 by: TopGun

    With the hard evidence available, and you cannot get even four of the so-called conservative Justices to grant a hearing, I believe that in it self says where we are as a country and the actions needed to correct it.

  17. comment number 17 by: Citizen grand jury indicts Obama

    [...] I believe that she has made a bold, valiant and courageous effort, she was brilliant in this move, Chief justice publicly accepts WND’s eligibility petition, but The Obamessiah has had entirely too much time, and warning, that there is a revolution afoot. [...]