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High court upholds anti-terror law

June 21st, 2010 . by TexasFred
High court upholds anti-terror law

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court has upheld a federal law that bars “material support” to foreign terrorist organizations, rejecting a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups.

The court ruled 6-3 Monday that the government may prohibit all forms of aid to designated terrorist groups, even if the support consists of training and advice about entirely peaceful and legal activities.

Material support intended even for benign purposes can help a terrorist group in other ways, Chief Justice John Roberts said in his majority opinion.

“Such support frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends,” Roberts said.

Full Story Here:
High court upholds anti-terror law

Wow, this is sure to piss off The Obamessiah, what with there being no “Global War on Terror” and all.

The Obama administration appears to be backing away from the phrase “global war on terror,” a signature rhetorical legacy of its predecessor.

In a memo e-mailed this week to Pentagon staff members, the Defense Department’s office of security review noted that “this administration prefers to avoid using the term ‘Long War’ or ‘Global War on Terror’ [GWOT.] Please use ‘Overseas Contingency Operation.’ “ SOURCE

The terrorists BFF can’t be happy at all with the SCOTUS upholding an Anti-Terror law.

Justice Stephen Breyer took the unusual step of reading his dissent aloud in the courtroom. Breyer said he rejects the majority’s conclusion “that the Constitution permits the government to prosecute the plaintiffs criminally” for providing instruction and advice about the terror groups’ lawful political objectives. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor joined the dissent.

Look at the dissenting votes and realize this, if Obama gets another Justice appointed to the SCOTUS, it will be a libber that is at least as liberal as the ones listed here, possibly more so.

Elena Kagan is not the handmaiden of justice, but is, in MY opinion, the hand picked sycophant of the Narcissist in chief.

The humanitarian groups, including the Humanitarian Law Project; Ralph Fertig, a civil rights lawyer; and Dr. Nagalingam Jeyalingam, a physician, want to offer assistance to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Turkey or the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka.

The government says the Kurdish rebel group, known as the PKK, has been involved in a violent insurgency that has claimed 22,000 lives. The Tamil Tigers waged a civil war for more than 30 years before their defeat last year.

Humanitarian groups.. UhHuh… Sure they are…

In his dissent, Breyer recognized the importance of denying money and other resources to terror groups. “I do not dispute the importance of this interest,” he said. “But I do dispute whether the interest can justify the statute’s criminal prohibition.”

Breyer said the aid groups’ mission is entirely peaceful and consists only of political speech, including how to petition the U.N.

“Not even the ‘serious and deadly problem’ of international terrorism can require automatic forfeiture of First Amendment rights,” he said.

Somehow, I am of the opinion that Breyer, and many others just like him, bleeding heart libbers, are the very reason that this United States was attacked on Sept. 11th and is the reason we are in the sad state of affairs we now find ourselves in now.

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Wife of Justice Thomas starts political group

March 16th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Wife of Justice Thomas starts political group

WASHINGTON - Into the heightened political atmosphere between the Supreme Court and the Obama administration comes now Virginia Thomas, the conservative activist and wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, who is founder of a new nonprofit lobbying and political-organizing group catering to the “citizen activists” of the “tea party” movement.

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas says Liberty Central Inc. will educate motivated citizens to “preserve freedom and reaffirm the core founding principles,” according to the group’s Web site, and will serve as a way for concerned Americans to “make a difference in the fight for liberty and against the liberal Washington agenda.”

Virginia Thomas did not return calls on Monday. But she said in an interview with a conservative blogger at a meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee last month that she had left her job working for a small college because of her concern that the country is off-track.

“We’ve got to get the Constitution back to a place where it means something . . . or we’re headed for tyranny,” she told blogger Ed Morrissey.

Full Story Here:
Wife of Justice Thomas starts political group

It appears that Virginia Thomas is very smart Conservative, and a patriot too!

For those that don’t already know this, BLOGS are a powerful force in the political arena. Ed Morrissey is one of the best in the business.

Captain’s Quarters

Morrissey started his blog in October 2003, basing its name on his nickname “Captain” Ed. “Captain” is “just a nickname”, not a rank. It focused largely on politics, from a conservative viewpoint. The blog grew in popularity and readership. By 2007, the National Republican Senatorial Committee was calling Captains Quarters one of the five “best-read national conservative bloggers.”

People who have written “guest posts” on Captain’s Quarters include Senator John McCain, Congressman Duncan Hunter, and Senator James Inhofe. Ed Morrissey

For Ed Morrissey to be the one Mrs. Thomas talked to, well, that seals the deal, Captain Ed has hit the big time! Congratulations to you Sir!

Thomas’s group was founded in January and she promoted it at the CPAC convention. But it was not until this past weekend, after a story in the Los Angeles Times, that awareness of the new organization prompted a debate about the involvement of a justice’s spouse in a political movement.

OK, right here is where I get a bit radical about this involvement of a justice’s spouse in a political movement thing!

Why does it matter that she is the wife of a Supreme Court Justice? She doesn’t sit on the bench, Justice Thomas does. She doesn’t hear cases before the SCOTUS, Justice Thomas does. I am pretty sure that when it comes time to render a decision on any particular case, it will be the Justice that renders the decision and NOT his wife.

I am of the opinion that the MSM is fishing for a way to discredit Justice Thomas. Looking for a way to denigrate his credibility as a Justice. Doing so because of his wife, and her involvement in a political movement that is making the Dem/Libbers take notice and has them wondering what is about to have happen to them and their libber philosophy.

Further citation regarding my opinion on this matter:

It comes at a time of increased sensitivity between the White House and congressional Democrats on one side and the court’s conservative majority on the other. It started with President Obama’s unusually blunt criticism of the court during his State of the Union address, when he lambasted the court’s 5 to 4 ruling that gave corporations and unions greater leeway to use their general treasuries to buy ads for and against political candidates.

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No. 3 Republican to back Sotomayor for high court

July 30th, 2009 . by TexasFred

No. 3 Republican to back Sotomayor for high court

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate’s No. 3 Republican announced Thursday he’d break with the rest of his party’s leaders to support Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, who’s in line to become the first Hispanic justice.

Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander said he was voting for President Barack Obama’s nominee despite his differences with her, particularly on gun rights.

“Even though Judge Sotomayor’s political and judicial philosophy may be different than mine, especially regarding Second Amendments rights, I will vote to confirm her because she is well qualified by experience, temperament, character and intellect to serve,” Alexander said in a speech on the Senate floor.

Alexander, a conservative, is only the sixth Republican to publicly line up with majority Democrats to back Sotomayor, a native of Bronx, N.Y. and a federal appellate court judge. She’s virtually guaranteed to be confirmed in a vote next week, and is expected to join the Supreme Court in time for an earlier-than-usual meeting in September to hear a campaign finance case.

Full Story Here:
No. 3 Republican to back Sotomayor for high court

This article calls Alexander a *conservative*. That is as far from the truth as anything that could possibly be said. Lamar Alexander is lower than POND SCUM. There is NO WAY in hell that ANY Conservative would vote for Sonia Sotomayor, I would say that the good people of Tennessee have their work cut out for them and I sincerely hope that this RINO SOB Alexander is currently enjoying what will be his final term in office.

conservative – adjective
1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
2. cautiously moderate or purposefully low: a conservative estimate.
3. traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness: conservative suit.
4. (often initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the Conservative party.

conservative –noun
8. a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc.
9. a supporter of conservative political policies.
10. (initial capital letter) a member of a conservative political party, esp. the Conservative party in Great Britain.

Lamar Alexander needs the above definitions SLAPPED upside his RINO head!

A Conservative doesn’t vote FOR an anti-gun SCOTUS nominee. A RINO votes for anything his Democratic and Libber brethren tell him to vote for. Lamar Alexander can’t even spell the word Conservative, much less define it.

Sen. Alexander, if you really feel that you must kiss Obama and Sotomayor’s asses, the next time, can you just do it over a beer in a motel room somewhere?

RINO - noun
1. See Lamar Alexander

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Constituent Response From Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

July 14th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Constituent Response From Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

This is the emailed response I received this AM from Sen. Hutchison regarding Sonia Sotomayor and her approval process to the SCOTUS.

Dear Friend:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the United State Supreme Court. I welcome your thoughts and comments.

As a member of the U.S. Senate, I have been privileged to participate in the confirmation of four Supreme Court Justices, including that of Chief Justice John Roberts. The Constitution requires the Senate to “advise�? the President on who will best uphold our Constitution in the nation’s highest court and to provide “consent�? to the candidates who take the bench. Senators have a constitutional responsibility to carefully consider each nomination. This is a duty that I take seriously.

There are some facts we already know about Judge Sotomayor. Through personal tenacity and hard work, Judge Sotomayor overcame many challenges to study at some of the nation’s finest institutions, and embarked on a successful career as a district attorney, private practice attorney, and finally a federal judge. Her life story is a shining example of equal opportunity for Americans, and it reminds all of us that for those who work hard, no obstacle is insurmountable and no aspiration is too grand.

While there is no question that Judge Sotomayor brings a wealth of judicial experience to this process, we would be doing the American public and Judge Sotomayor a disservice if we did not conduct a thorough review of her record. This year, Senators will pore over thousands of documents and analyze more than 3,000 decisions that comprise the experience of Judge Sotomayor. I will be looking for evidence of impartiality as well as legal expertise, a demonstrated commitment to the rule of law, insights into her personal integrity and temperament, and, most importantly, her judicial philosophy.

As I review Judge Sotomayor’s record, one of the issues I will consider is her demonstrated stance on the Second Amendment. I am a staunch supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, and I firmly believe that the framers intended this right for the individual. This opinion was upheld by the Supreme Court last year in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller. Judge Sotomayor joined an opinion earlier this year that suggested that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right, and is therefore not binding on the states. I hope to learn more from the judge about her Second Amendment beliefs during her confirmation hearings. With this issue potentially coming before the Supreme Court, it is critically important we confirm a Justice who believes the Second Amendment is a fundamental individual right so that no state or city, nor the federal government, may ever infringe on this liberty.

As the Senate examines Sonia Sotomayor’s record – and gives her ample opportunity to address our concerns – I expect a respectful, dignified, and above all, fair process that befits our Constitutional responsibility. I appreciate hearing from you, and I hope that you will not hesitate to keep in touch on any issue that is important to you.

Kay Bailey Hutchison
United States Senator

Well thank you all to high heaven and back for that insightful letter Senator Obvious.

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