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Iran-Mexico reach agreement on creating joint economic commission

July 29th, 2007 . by TexasFred

IRNA - Iran and Mexico reached an agreement to set up a joint economic commission next year.

In a meeting between Iran’s new Ambassador to Mexico Mohammad Hassan Qadiri-Abyaneh with Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister Lurdes de Aranda the agreement was achieved.

Qadiri also invited Mexico to attend the Non-Aligned Movement foreign ministers meeting in Tehran on human rights and cultural diversities.

Iran’s plenipotentiary and extraordinary ambassador to Mexico expounded on Tehran stances on regional issues, especially Iraq and the results of Iran-USA negotiations about Iraq security and said Islamic Republic of Iran policy is to support national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Iraq.

Mexico deputy FM, for her part, said her country’s policy is to support peace, security and independence of the countries and has always defended negotiation and dialogue as a way to solve disputes between the countries.

The Mexican senior diplomat also expressed her country’s readiness to expand ties with Iran especially in cultural and economic fields.

Iran-Mexico reach agreement on creating joint economic commission

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind as to the seriousness of our border situation with George W. Bush’s buenos amigos Mexico??

Is there any doubt that this nation is in the most dangerous position in it’s entire history and our own political leaders are the very ones that are directly responsible FOR this imminent danger??

Our President, his predecessor, Mr. Clinton, and his father before him, George 41 are ALL globalists that seek to make the United States of America disappear, and they are not going to secure our border with Mexico, in fact, they are all but ignoring the border right now, our National Guard troops leaving, Border Patrol filling void, and this my friends is a total CROCK, the Guard was sent to the border to fill the void, to help in covering the areas that our seriously undermanned Border Patrol can’t cover…

The Guard wasn’t allowed to be armed, they weren’t allowed to have arrest powers, they were pretty much in position to be targets and observers, and that IS a sad state of affairs, the National Guard is exactly the force we need on the border, that job is well within their scope of duty and legality and the Bush administration sent them to the border as a dog and pony show, in an attempt to appease the Conservatives and Conservative Republicans in an effort to get some of us to stop blasting him so hard on border issues in our blogs and to our legislators…

As with many other weak-assed attempts to appease us, this one has failed too, and now we not only have the Bush administration telling us that they KNOW there are terror cells in the USA, they also KNOW that terrorists have, and likely continue to cross our borders every day, and now Iran and Mexico are going to form an alliance??

What in the hell kind of FOOLS do we have running this nation?? Are they that anti-America?? Are they scared to stand up for this nation?? Is their dream of ‘One World Government’ and globalism the driving force behind their ignorance??

You can draw your own conclusions but I will say this, if the true patriots of this nation don’t take a stand and stop this foolishness, and I mean VERY SOON, we won’t have an America left to save, or one that will be WORTH saving…

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7 Responses to “Iran-Mexico reach agreement on creating joint economic commission”

  1. comment number 1 by: Patrick Sperry

    I have to think that all of us saw this, or something very similar coming. This is obviously part of a strategic plan on the part of Iran to destabilize our relations within the hemisphere.

    One word to Mexico; B1

    (As in Bomber)

  2. comment number 2 by: SBeene

    I am a student of history and want all your readers to know that in WW1, WW2, and during Korean conflict that Mexico, as the spoiler it is, signed treaties with many of the nations the US was warring against.

    During WW2 we kept a very strong eye on our US/Mex border as some enemy agents were allowed, probably encouraged, to travel through Mexico with the express purpose of entering US as a 5th column.

    This is happening today and has been documented by various border watch groups for the last 4 years. It is true that over 80% of the border crossers are Mexican, many of whom are criminals and drug dealers. But there are others that you do NO hear about in our very liberal news media.

    We have had mideast men crossing that same border for years. We know because they leave photos, ID, card from their favorite mosque, prayer beads and rugs, and printed material in the layups where they hide at night. There are also many young Chinese men without women who also come across. You never hear about them. When they get into the US they immediately become invisible.

    The Mexicans march to demand “their” rights but the others do not want to draw attention. That is a 5th column just waiting and preparing for the right opportunity. US intelligence agencies have been warning about this but Bush is determined to undercut US law and keep that border open.

    Something STINKS in Washington and I personally believe, based on his actions, that Bush is a traitor and it is way past time for congress to put pressure on him to do his job or get him out of that office before he utterly destroys our country.

  3. comment number 3 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    I find it most sad that I feel compelled to write this, but it would appear that our current President Bush is nothing more than a DUPE for Mexico and for other powers.

    I fear that he has been lied to on numerous occasions and, for whatever combination of reasons, finds it difficult or impossible to suss out the actual veracity of those proffering him deals.

    I am STILL of the opinion that NO ONE will “get it” until we actually witness a mushroom cloud over a large American city, or we are subject to an even GREATER WMD event than occurred on 9/11.

    The Demorats will not produce the pressure required to come into line. The GOP likewise lacks the capability to produce the necessary pressure. The only option left: the actual AMERICAN PEOPLE.


  4. comment number 4 by: GUNZ

    This country has become a pimple on the ass of globalization ready to be popped like a damn zit…

    And if Obama got in the White House he’d be the new BHIC…

    ‘Black Head’ in Charge

  5. comment number 5 by: Purple Avenger

    I wonder how much of the border length is private property?

    I’m thinking if its a significant amount, a grass roots efforts to assist those property owners in building their own fences might work. I’d kick in a couple hundred bucks. A few million people kicking in a couple hundred bucks each is over $500,000,000.

    That’s the kind of number the pinheads in D.C. respect.

  6. comment number 6 by: Basti

    Bush sad to say is an empty suit. He’s bought, he’d paid for, and he parrots the line of big business. “We have to have cheap labor or we won’t be able to make 300% profit.” Fuck him and his ass-kissing cabinet members!

  7. comment number 7 by: SBeene

    Response to Purple Avenger as to his question
    “I wonder how much of the border length is private property?”
    In CA and AZ land on border is 90% public. NM &TX mixed.

    But Teddy Roosevelt signed an Executive Order that set aside all US land within 60 ft of Mex border as belonging to the feds and never to be built on but only used for a road.

    This has never been overturned but in actual practice it has be ignored in TX and ranchers on the border believe it is their land. And since many border ranchers have for generations depended on the seasonal labor (which never posed a problem before) many of them are not in favor of a fence. Others are.

    But this is now far beyond the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens here now. It really is a matter of national security and survival. I have watched semi trucks drive right through the Rio not-so-grand and into US. That border is NOT porous but is WIDE OPEN.