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The American Conservative Party

May 6th, 2009 . by TexasFred

The American Conservative Party

This is a post I found at
Conservative Libertarian Outpost and I thought it worth sharing. I hope many of you will take a look at it, read closely the platform, and I hope you will weigh in, good or bad, with your feelings regarding these folks and whether or not you would support them and promote them!

If you’re receiving this email, it means that we have your email registered on the old American Conservative Party website, but do not have enough information to consider you an active member. Parties are organized by registered voters at the State Level, so at the very least we need your residential City and State.

It’s possible you never considered to be a part of the ACP at all, and were just registering on a website. If that’s the case, you can either choose to revisit the idea by going to our new site– www.amconparty.org– and see if the party is something you’d like to get behind, or you can safely ignore this email.

If you’d like to be a SUPPORTING MEMBER or a VOLUNTEER for the American Conservative Party, you MUST go to the new site–www.amconparty.org–and fill out the “Join Now” form. There are specific ways you can get involved to help the movement against the “Two-Parties-One-Political-Class” we’re working against.

However, if your intent is simply to be “counted as a member” so that when petitions, candidates, and other issues come up in your area, you can be informed, we must know your residential city/state, and you can do that by filling out the form below.

Sincerest thanks.

Yours in Liberty,

Butch Porter
National Chairman
The American Conservative Party


The American Conservative Party

I still believe that the TEA Party protests are a good thing, but if there is already a viable, and sustainable movement in place, maybe it’s best to go with that instead of trying to form a TEA Party per se. Why waste time, energy, resources and money trying to build another party if there’s already something in place that can be supported?

I’m searching for answers and opinions folks. I firmly believe that the DNC is trying to destroy this nation. I am firmly convinced that the RNC, and the RINOs that RUN the RNC, are right there with them, they have become Dem-Lite, nothing more. We, as a nation, are ripe for a 3rd party. America needs a 3rd party and the time is now.

Conservatives, and there really are Conservatives from both sides, Dem and Republican, are fed up with the BS coming from their only 2 choices. The duplicity of both parties is blatantly obvious. The American citizen, the VOTING TAX PAYER, has become nothing more than a source of cash. Our opinions don’t matter, our needs don’t matter, our American sovereignty apparently doesn’t matter either, otherwise, we wouldn’t have some 12 to 20 odd million ILLEGALS in this nation, depending on which source you wish to believe!

The Libertarian Party has never been able to catch on with the mainstream of America, they are, as a whole, too far out there for me, but, as with ALL parties, they DO have some good points, they just don’t have enough of them, and on a few items I am totally opposed to the Libertarian platform.

Conservatives must make a stand, we can’t have the RINOs that denigrate us, and have no use for us until it’s time for an election, making our decisions, misrepresenting us and running our lives for us.

Republicans can’t get elected without the Conservatives of this nation, but again I ask, do we want Republicans elected? Republicans that are likely to be nothing more than RINOs? Or do we want Conservatives elected?

I don’t have the answers, but I am presenting some serious questions. I hope that some of us can actually put our heads together and find a solution, the right solution. We owe it to our children, their descendants and to ALL Americans. We must restore the pride, integrity and honor that this nation was founded on if we expect it to survive.

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26 Responses to “The American Conservative Party”

  1. comment number 1 by: ChicagoRay

    “The duplicity of both parties is blatantly obvious.”

    You said it Fred, I’m sick of this “if you’re a conservative you’re an Auto Repub” label and I switched to independent after this last fiasco and will stay that way.

    Anything coming down has to be better than what we’re stuck with ’til 2010.

  2. comment number 2 by: sdo1

    We already have a political party. It was born of the abolitionist movement of the old Whig party and elected Abraham Lincoln when the Democrat Party split. Our Party is the GOP. If conservatives wish to have a party across the nation that represents their interests they need to re-take control of the GOP.

    The problem is that we conservatives don’t come to political action easily. We prefer to go about creating the wealth that makes us independent of whatever government is trying to oppress us. We can’t afford that luxury any longer.

    This will take work, but it will be a lot more effective than trying to start a third party. It will be a lot easier and won’t be dependent on a cult figure like Perot or some other wind bag. The #teaparty is a great start. We need to incorporate the concept into our war to re-take the GOP.

    I once wrote a very brief outline of how we will have to do this. I’ll try to find it and post it at Pax. Basically, WE - each and every one of us conservatives - need to get involved in politics at our local level to change our party and our communities.

    1. Get involved in the local party meetings. Find out what the GOP is doing in your community and get involved to make sure YOUR conservative voice and influence is felt. Don’t let the RINOs have unimpeded sway.

    2. Run for office. In Texas, for example, each voting precinct has a “precinct chair.” When I lived in El Paso, if anyone ran for that office, it was usually a Democrat. The GOP let them go unopposed. By the simple act of running a person gains influence among the community and the party. And you just might WIN. Voters are looking for honest people that hold their values, and most of the time the honest people are us GOP members.

    There was more to the plan, but the above two steps give an idea about what each individual conservative needs to do. We must build a base from the ground up to re-take the party and the nation. National political figures reflect who is doing the work at the grass roots level. If we want conservative candidates at the national level, we have to build a conservative base at the local level.

  3. comment number 3 by: Texas Cowgirl

    I don’t even say I’m Republican anymore. Now its always, “I’m a conservative.”

    I’ve said for the past years, that when the Dems marched off to the left, the conservative Democrats just hung a right and had a party ready to welcome them with open arms.

    But, where do Republicans go when the RNC makes a serious left turn?

    As Fred says, there’s some pretty serious pros and cons with the Libertarians. Just a conservative party with no history and no agenda except to undo all the “reforms” of the last pretty much 100 years, would work for me.

    Bottom line, I just want the government (all of them) to leave me the hell alone. I can deal with my own medical insurance, or do without medical care if I can’t afford it. I’ve known since Economics 101 in college a hundred years ago that Social Security would be bust by the time I was old enough to draw on it. As a historian, I knew even then that only a schmuck or a really, really unlucky person would pin all of their retirement plans on Social Security. So, now thanx to that same government, all of my retirement plans are in the toilet for about the 3rd time. Good work clowns!

    I don’t need any of the governments to tell me how to live my life. All the feds are supposed to do is defend the borders and regulate the monetary supply and commerce among the states, and they can’t even do that. So where do those morons get off telling me how I should live?

    A conservative party? Count me in. But I want a contract. From every single person who wants my vote, I want a contract of what they will do and will not do, and I want to be able to boot their ass out of office if they breach the contract.

  4. comment number 4 by: TexasFred

    But I want a contract. From every single person who wants my vote, I want a contract of what they will do and will not do, and I want to be able to boot their ass out of office if they breach the contract.

    Maybe like the *Contract with America* that Newt put forth all those years back??

    Yeah, I can go for that.. And by God, we hold their feet to the fire too!! Make em stand by their words, or we FIRE em and find folks that will!

    The lies and outright BULLSHIT of the Repubs, RINOs and all of their ilk is exactly why we are where we are… And WE didn’t hold their feet to the fire!!

  5. comment number 5 by: Snooper

    We don’t need a third party. We need to REPLACE both the Republican and Democrat Parties. Period.

    The GOP has been infiltrated not by RINOs but by Democrats in drag of the progressive, read that communist/socialist/fascist ilk, sycophants of tyranny and everything anti-constitution.

    We are at war in this nation - I know because I have been in some “scraps” - and we must start all over again and we cannot repair, fix, convert or “re-brand” either of the Parties now in place.

    A third party, because of the current restrictions placed on them BY the GOP/DNC are so anti anyone not a D or an R. Just look at the campaign restrictions.

    So, having said all of that, I have no idea what to do about this particular third party initiative. The alleged Constitution Party is nothing of the sort. I have had them on my show and Madison had to be jumping up and down the heavens in total disbelief.

    Anyway, I will look into this initiative a little deeper. I suppose anything is better than what we have at the moment, but…

    I have zero tolerance for the “lesser of two evils” bullshit thrust upon us by political hacks.

  6. comment number 6 by: TexasFred

    Snoop, I think YOU just hit a HOME RUN!! :P

  7. comment number 7 by: Snooper

    My take, Tex: http://tinyurl.com/dj7z6w

  8. comment number 8 by: Longstreet

    I don’t know what is so difficult about understanding the Republican Party does NOT WANT Conservatives in THEIR party anymore… IF they ever did!

    Look, I KNOW how difficult it is to leave a lifelong affiliation with a political party. It is EXTREMELY hurtful. The thing is… I am right where I was when I registered as a Republican when I turned 21 years of age. I haven’t changed. The GOP HAS!

    I cannot endorse all the work and effort that will be necessary to “re-create” the GOP in it’s old image. If enough Americans feel all this work is necessary, then, by all means, let’s create a NEW Party from the ground up!

    The generations of American yet unborn need to have an option. We are here, on the scene, right now. Most of us will be gone by the time they are old enough to vote. Seems to me we owe it to them, since they are going to be footing the bill for all these socialist programs the dems/socialists/Repubs have created ON OUR WATCH! That is not intended as an attempt to place a “guilt trip” on anybody. But, the plain truth is… well, it IS the plain truth!

    Every time I look at my grandkids now, I feel shame for not having done more to stop, or, at the very least, impede the efforts of the socialist government, we have now, from drowning them in debt! Now… that is just ME. You may feel entirely different about it ~ and ~ that is certainly your privilege.

    A NEW C O N S E R V A T I V E Party would be a START. It would give them a platform from which to work at getting this country back on the right track where the horizons of THEIR kids and grandkids are limitless as were mine when I came into this world. Don’t we owe them that?


  9. comment number 9 by: TexasFred

    Longstreet, you KNOW how much I value your input, we are so close on our politics that it’s almost frightening… You’re just a lot nicer about it than I am… :D

    I have no problem with telling the RNC, and their HACKS, to KISS MY ASS, and I mean every word of it!! :P

    All I can say to one of the comments above, calling for the rebuilding of the GOP, is this, IF the GOP is the answer, it must have been a really stupid question…

  10. comment number 10 by: WashingtonArmory.com


    I have been meaning to post this for a while but have not been able to find the time during my busy life. I think we need to get back to the things that we ALL seem to agree on, How about a new and more focused idea. The Constitutional party. Get back to the things that were right about this country all along. Maybe? Just a thought.

  11. comment number 11 by: minuteman26

    Been a Republican since I was 21 yrs old. My first vote was for Nixon. Am a conservative/constitutionalist first and foremost. The last time I felt in synch with the GOP was with Reagan. Am all for a Conservative Party but I think we are behind the 8 ball. You have a Marxist in power with Obama and he is steamrolling his agenda upon us. Can an effort be mounted soon enough before perminant damage to the country is done? Am a retired Army Officer and thus took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. I see no evidence of anyone in DC abiding by the Constitution at this time. Don’t know if anything can be achieved by the 2010 elections, maybe yes by 2012. Am one frustrated SOB, and I know I’m not alone. Is it going to take another revolution to straighten this country out?

  12. comment number 12 by: Texas Cowgirl

    Minuteman 26 said, “Is it going to take another revolution to straighten this country out?”

    The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 says: “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, …”

    Where is Jefferson when we need him? And where are the brilliant minds of today?

  13. comment number 13 by: Vigilante

    When you people start talking a “new conservative party” you’ve go my attention and speaking my language. We need people that we can trust to do what they say they will do, especially AFTER they get to Washington. We need people that believe in the CONSTITUTION and the Bill OF RIGHTS and by God mean it. We need people that will pay attention to what the majority of their constituents ask and by God do it, instead of what THEY, or some dam lobbyist wants. We need a leader!! …….As William Wallace told Willis the Bruce……If ya’d just lead man, the people would follow………and so wud I. WE NEED a
    William Wallace. ( This was from the movie “Braveheart”)

  14. comment number 14 by: Basti

    Hate to be the cynic in the crowd, but someone got to do that job.

    Way I see is this. What makes anyone think that a 3rd party new or otherwise would be better than what we have now? If said 3rd party actually caught on you’d have the ‘usual suspects’ jumping on board the bus and real quick the ‘usual suspects’ would be in charge.

    That’s what happened when the GOP was formed. It wasn’t long before what used to be Whigs were in control.

    Same thing happened to the Dem’s when most of the fringe Left leaped aboard the Dem bus and started driving the bus into full blown Marxism.

    I might be wrong, but given the history of politics in the US I’m not that hopeful.

    And there is the problem of leadership. Nations do not throw up ‘great minds’ and ‘inspired leadership’ decade after decade. In fact nations seldom do that. What nations do is throw up mediocre and think themselves lucky to get that.

  15. comment number 15 by: TexasFred

    So, we just sit back and take it?? We don’t strive to better this nation and ourselves?? That really surprises me coming from you Basti…

  16. comment number 16 by: Vigilante

    Oh Oh. My bad. That was “Robert the Bruce”.
    Ok Ok quit your scowlin. Can’t a guy louse up once in awhile??
    HEY! Blame Fred, he didn’t put the capability to go in and edit your post when ya screw up. Did ya Fred??? LMAO

  17. comment number 17 by: TexasFred

    Edit capability?? That’s for people that make mistakes isn’t it?? I would have NO knowledge of that which you speak earthling… :?

  18. comment number 18 by: TexasFred

    Willis the Bruce… LMAO… :P

    I guess you were thinking of Demi the Moore too maybe?? :P

  19. comment number 19 by: GM Roper

    The ACP could be a winner, but it will take a LOT of work as Basti is right, 3rd party’s don’t fare well in this Republic.

  20. comment number 20 by: Mr Pink Eyes

    I agree with you on the Libertarian party, I have looked into it was well and they are a little to out there for me also. We desperatly need a third party, as you said the Republicans are just Democrat-lite at this point. Maybe the ACP is it, I am going to have to look into it.

  21. comment number 21 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    It’s worth examining. With one realization:

    WITHOUT changing the ENTIRE WAY we, this nation, CONDUCTS ITS POLITICS, without complete fiscal upheaval and governmental restructuring, without changing any number of laws, ANY party, third, fourth or fifth, runs the risk of getting sucked into the same heady morass in Washington that has corrupted good men and women.

    PLUS, you must also change politics and its structure at YOUR OWN local level. I say, and you know it’s true, that your own city council or county board is its OWN “Bootcamp For Corruption.”

    Yes, it’s wonderful to theorize about our ideal philosophies. But without REAL and viable POLITICAL CHANGE in terms of the infrastructure of politics, these desires are almost pointless. Along with party or philosophical change there must also be, simultaneously, fundamental structure change.

    We somehow have to discover some way to ensure truth in bills (one topic per bill), limit donations, demand and enforce accountability, responsibility (by LAW), balanced budgets (by LAW) and any other number of reforms.

    Because what happens locally is only MAGNIFIED in terms of corruption each governmental level climbed. At the local level, for example, a city council member just might like the “take home car” and will do ANYTHING to keep it. That’s just one perk. Imagine a world of nothing but perks and Rock Star, limo, face-time, extremely deferential treatment — with, further, exemptions from rules and strictures enforced upon the electorate. A simple cesspool of corruption.

    We can create a third party or embrace a third party. But without all these other measures in place, in time (a shockingly SHORT time) they’ll come to love their own personal plate of steaming corruption and you’ll be left with what you have now: disappointment and the withering and crumbling of our very core fundamental tenets as written in our Constitituion and Bill of Rights.

    If we embrace a new party or the same party, our structure MUST CHANGE. Free Cheese is simply, otherwise, too compelling, too alluring, without limits and discipline in place.


  22. comment number 22 by: TexasFred

    BZ, and ALL folks commenting, I KNOW that this can’t be done without a lot of work, and a lot of changes to the American mindset regarding, as BZ calls it, The FREE CHEESE!

    This can happen, it can be a good thing, but until we change MINDS it’s going to go over about as well as any other 3rd party…

    We have some wonderful PATRIOTS in this nation, many of them read and comment here, and then we have some of the most apathetic SLUGS, the most wasteful excuse for humanity that ever walked..

    I can’t do it all, I can only work MY area, we either ALL work together for the common cause, as we rally OUR areas, or we become the victims of this totally unacceptable Socialist WAVE that is sweeping America.

    I don’t know how we do it, I don’t know how to modify the thinking of those too lazy, or too apathetic to think for themselves. People, as a rule, want it all given to them, no one wants to WORK for it any longer. THAT is the mindset that people like us have to overcome, and rebuilding the RNC will NOT get the job done.

    As others have said, IF we can build a functioning ACP it must be populated by CONSERVATIVES, and any that prove themselves to be less than Conservative need to be booted ASAP, in other words, if John McCain or his ilk show up and want to join and lead, we slam the door in their RINO faces, THAT is a start, and we need a lot more ideas and people…

    We can make this work people, but we have to work to do it…

  23. comment number 23 by: Patrick Sperry

    Thanks for the link Fred. Sorry this took so long to respond. I have been very busy as of late.

    First. I posted about ACP simply to spread the message. I’m far from endorsing it at this point. As many are aware I was a card carrying, and very active Libertarian for many years. I joined in 1980. I left them because the lunatics took it over. Face it, every group has fringe elements but the “Barking Moonbat” crowd took the “Party of Principle” to the insane asylum.

    sdo1, please explain that damned email I got last night from the GOP about which direction the party should be going? I mean, out of the entire survey only two questions related to anything of importance whatsoever as far as I am concerned. Conservatives my ass.

    Starting a new party is an incredibly tough thing to do. I know, I helped get the Libertarian Party on the ballot, and that is an ongoing struggle. The R & D’s will put up roadblock after roadblock to stop any competition in their tracks. Are you just “Law Abiding Citizens” seeking to be heard..? Don’t worry, the powers that be can easily change that as well. Just look at the recent DHS reports that condemned most here as terrorist’s

    In short, I am thinking that the only practical solution will be individual states resorting to secession. Doing a just say no to the Federal Government…

  24. comment number 24 by: Basti

    Quote: So, we just sit back and take it?? We don’t strive to better this nation and ourselves?? That really surprises me coming from you Basti…

    I didn’t say that Fred. I said given this nations political history I’m not that hopeful.

    The GOP was a 3rd party in 1860 and promised ‘change’. By 1872 twelve years later the GOP was the ‘entrenched party’ and corrupt as ever has been. You can strive all you want, but you can’t change human nature and politics.

    You have to be careful when dealing with politics. People wanting change is what led to the rise of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Obama, and host of dictators and wannabe dictators.

  25. comment number 25 by: hardheadedtexan

    I wish I had an answer. I want to get away from liberals, demoidiots, and Traitor Republicans. I want a Party that’s Conservative.
    Politics has turned into a big Money making Scam. Not just with this country, but also with making deals with other countries. Our politicians are so crooked making sure that their spouses get million dollar contracts. They will do everything in their power to make sure that the Competition is limited.
    It would certainly be hard to start from scratch. Where would the funding come from?
    I really get pissed off thinking about how corrupt our government is right now. And getting away with it. It just seems to get worse, especially since the government is growing. Time for blood pressure medicine. ha

  26. comment number 26 by: TopGun

    Leaders drive large movements in a certain direction. It does not matter what a party does, or whether you attempt to build a new one, you still need a once in a lifetime true leader for the masses to follow the movement. Otherwise, all of the work is for naught.

    You need a leader who has the ability to steer a nation, and right now, there is no true leader on the national level capable of leading the movement it will take to steer this country back onto the right path. Your only hope now is for a no-name, with leadership abilities, to step forward and use his/her ability to sway people back to this country’s founding beliefs and ideals.

    If you cannot steer the country back to its founding beliefs, you will no longer have a Republic.