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More Transparency Urged on U.S.-Canada-Mexico Security Plan

August 18th, 2007 . by TexasFred

Washington — A trilateral partnership among the United States, Canada, and Mexico is undergoing intense scrutiny as President Bush prepares to meet August 20-21 with Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), created in March 2005, aims to form a common approach to security to protect North America from external threats, further streamline the secure and efficient movement of legitimate, low-risk traffic across the three countries’ shared borders and advance collaboration on environmental issues and public health. (See related article.)

The State Department’s Thomas Shannon told USINFO August 17 that the SPP “provides a framework for cooperation among Canada, Mexico and the United States — ranging from health and the environment to issues affecting North American competitiveness to how we can secure our borders while facilitating legitimate trade and the movement of people.”

Shannon, assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, said that SPP’s “essence is partnership among sovereign countries — working together we enhance our quality of life, make our economies stronger and our people more secure.”

Of course Bush is going to be there, what globalist worth his salt would miss a meeting of this magnitude?? And the Mexican president is going to be there, that’ll give Bush some Mexican ASS to kiss if things get slow, hell, he can let Calderon know exactly where our Border Patrol guys are 1st hand, that way it’s easier for Mr. Bush’s amigos to get into the USA, God knows we don’t want to do a damned thing to stop ‘em…

However, some SPP critics have expressed concerns that the partnership will erode the three countries’ national sovereignty, leading to integrated hemispheric court systems and currency, following the model of the European Union.

And that my friends is EXACTLY why Bush is going, he WANTS the NAU to happen, he wants the U.S., Canada and Mexico to be a North American Union so he can steer the whole thing together with the European Union and work towards that One World Government he so desperately wants, with HIM as the head OF that unholy alliance…

Speaking about Canada specifically, Sands told USINFO August 16, “I honestly don’t think the Canadian fears” about integration with the United States “are warranted by the SPP.”

Sands said Canadian concerns about losing its sovereignty to the United States date back a few hundred years.

If Canada could dump Quebec, having some sort of mutual defense union with the Canadians wouldn’t be too bad a deal actually, because most Canadians outside OF Quebec, hate Quebec, Canada as a whole is a bit too liberal for my taste overall, but still, they are good people, and they have no problem with working hard for what they have, and for the most part, they speak English…

Mexico, on the other hand, isn’t worth a bucket of warm water, they’re some of the laziest no good bastards on the face of the earth and ‘no comprende’ is something that fires me off to the point of seriously remembering the Alamo…

A U.S. Commerce Department fact sheet on the SPP also seeks to dispel what it calls a “myth” that the partnership would form a “North American Union and establish a common currency.” Rather, the fact sheet said, the SPP seeks to make the United States, Canada, and Mexico “open to legitimate trade and closed to terrorism and crime.”

Plainly put, BULL SHIT!! This whole thing is orchestrated to do exactly that, it’s simply the 1st steps towards laying the foundation to a One World Government, globalization at it’s very best, being brought to you by one of the biggest globalists in the business, George W. Bush…

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More Transparency Urged on U.S.-Canada-Mexico Security Plan

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And a BIG Texas Hat Tip to my buddy Chris at Panhandle Poetry for sending this to me, he said he knew it was right up my alley…

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6 Responses to “More Transparency Urged on U.S.-Canada-Mexico Security Plan”

  1. comment number 1 by: gunz

    This whole thing is worrisome and smells very badly. IMO this goes beyond Bush, there’s an obvious inner circle going on and that’s what scares me about Thompson. About the Republican party in general to be honest; which is one reason why I went independent.

    I hope to God he don’t plan carrying the torch if he’s elected. Unless we elect an isolationist opposed to global trade we’re fucked.

    And the NAU will come to fruition.

  2. comment number 2 by: Ranando

    I don’t go to any church but I do believe in God and the Bible.

    There’s going to be a one world government, with or without GWB or Thompson. We will all have to answer to this one leader and his religion.

    GWB is only helping this plan come together and remember, it’s the Devil’s plan.

    Good will win over evil in the end, at least I sure hope so.

  3. comment number 3 by: gunz

    Exactly Ranando, I just didn’t go there, but that’s the truth of the matter IMO.

  4. comment number 4 by: Kate

    “Mexico, on the other hand, isn’t worth a bucket of warm water…..” Um….water wouldn’t have been the word I would have chosen. :)

  5. comment number 5 by: Patrick Sperry

    A bucket of pig sh*T perhaps Kate? :)

  6. comment number 6 by: Charmian Tinker

    I almost saw this coming as U.S. needs Canadas resourses and Mexico needs Canada’s trade agreements. It is only to benefit wealthy money controllers throughout the world and giving George the go ahead to do this is the last thing this continent wants without a real agreement on what our countries mean to us as legal citizens and what will this do with Illegal aliens?