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Blogs track man who calls self a pedophile - News - MSNBC.com

August 27th, 2007 . by TexasFred

Ruling forces him to flee California, he says


After a self-proclaimed pedophile was hounded out of Southern California over the weekend, bloggers sent up a nationwide call Sunday for help tracking his movements.

Jack McClellan, previously from the Snohomish County town of Arlington, in recent months had been living out of his car in Southern California. A judge there on Friday permanently barred him from going within 30 feet of places where children gather.

“I have to leave the state, really. I can’t live here under this Orwellian protocol,” Jack McClellan told television station KABC for a report that aired Sunday.

“It’s nightmarish.”McClellan did not say where he planned to go, and he did not immediately return a message left on his cell phone by The Associated Press.

EDIT TO ADD: Please read the comments at this link: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Sound Off - Comments - Blogs track man who calls self a pedophile

Full Story Here: Seattle P.I. - Blogs track man who calls self a pedophile

And Here: Blogs track man who calls self a pedophile - News - MSNBC.com

MSNBC has now picked the story up and FOX News has called me, they want me to do an interview on one of their news programs tomorrow, we don’t have a time yet but their producers are working on it right now…

When we posted this on Sunday I had no idea it was going to explode like it has, I’m glad it has though, this is a matter that NEEDS national attention, not just McClellan, but ALL of them, anyone that would hurt a child is nothing more than a monster…

EDIT TO ADD: I just got off the phone with the folks from FOX News and I will be a guest on E.D. Hill’s show between 10:10 AM and 10:30AM CDT on Tuesday morning, we will be talking about pedophiles and locating/tracking them, Jack McClellan in particular…

I hope you will all tune in if possible, I will try to not make a fool of the conservative blogosphere, I promise…

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47 Responses to “Blogs track man who calls self a pedophile - News - MSNBC.com”

  1. comment number 1 by: jo

    Exactly…and finally, people ARE paying attention. paedophilia is an epidemic that needs eradication…where better to start than Texas…y’all don’t take crap from anyone !

  2. comment number 2 by: Debbie

    Good. Good. Good. This man needs to be watched. I think he’s a nut, he wants publicity and he’s getting it. Having said that, I don’t trust him at all. It is probably only a matter of time before he acts on his obsession … little girls and boys.

  3. comment number 3 by: david wolfe

    This nation is full of sick twisted “people”, anyone who would hurt a child needs to be sent to death row.

  4. comment number 4 by: rich glasgow

    Way to go, Fred! Blogs can’t be so easily dismissed as the dinosaur media is trying to do.

  5. comment number 5 by: SBeene

    Our current law is NOT structured to prevent anything, only to react after a crime is committed. Therefor law will do nothing until after he attacks some child. In this situation I personally believe in the old law of the west……remove him from this planet as a prevention.

    Our law and particularly lack of morality in lawyers and judges no longer serves the law abiding but favors the law breaker as they have MORE rights than the innocent.

  6. comment number 6 by: LittleOleLady

    Great goin Fred.. let us know when you will be on so we can be sure to watch!


  7. comment number 7 by: Ranando

    You go Fred….

    Let us all know when you’ll be on.

  8. comment number 8 by: Basti

    There is no justice in this nation, unless you have vigilante justice. I’ve got a pick-up and I know where there is just the right tree. Who’s got a rope? (I know how to assemble this apparatus)

  9. comment number 9 by: Robert D. Young

    Great going Fred!
    We’ll all be watching and we’ll all stay on these freaks’ a**’s till we put them all away!!!

  10. comment number 10 by: Debbie

    Fred, I’ll top Big Dog’s bribe. $20.00 and a hug! heh You go for it. Make the most of your airtime and repeat your website over and over and over, heh

  11. comment number 11 by: ARRA Editor

    Concur with the other comments - let us know when you are on the news. We can then post stories about your conversation and this soon to be traveling pervert. Did you note that he hinted today that “he needs to be near little girls” and must leave the state so he can do this.

    I don’t understand why the court considers this “mentally sick man” a threat? Seems his statement today is evidence that he intends to break the terms of the judge’s order but also relates that he is smart enough to know to leave the state.

  12. comment number 12 by: Jordan

    I found the Seattle PI article today and posted it on my site about blog news, info and changing the world through blogging.

    People are reading and people do care! (Also check out the article I posted posing the questions “Are bloggers journalists?”

  13. comment number 13 by: Chicago Ray

    Super Job Fred, and best of luck during your segment my friend.

    I’ll be watching you tomorrow and we’ll all be watching the San Fran Freakazoid as he skips from town to town looking for a safe place to hide and set up his pedophile road show now that the world knows who and what he is, and that’s a self admitted danger to any and all children wherever he ends up.

    I suggest the Philippines if he’s reading this and is case he’s thinking of Chicagoland, I live in Buffalo Grove and he better keep out of my neck of the woods as he aint safe in my neighborhood..

    Best of luck bro.

  14. comment number 14 by: 123beta

    TexasFred To Be On Fox News!…

    I just received an email from TexasFred informing me that he will be Fox News tomorrow……

  15. comment number 15 by: Butch


    A very big congrats!

    Hey, is the trackback supposed to be 480 instead of 479?

    I pinged both…

    I’ll be watching Fox….

  16. comment number 16 by: Bluto

    Good job Fred! And kudos to the rest of you out there in “Blog-Land”.

    To Basti: I have the rope. Errr, I also have a nice sturdy pair of jumper cables too. What could we do with those, ya think? Got a battery?

  17. comment number 17 by: The Mad Pigeon

    Count me in as another blogger/father who’s issued the Blogger Alert!

    Frankly, I can’t understand how this guy can seriously think he’s not wrong in some way.

    Capt Mad Pigeon, US Air Force
    Spc-Sgt, US Army 1994-1999

  18. comment number 18 by: Opinionnation

    I’ll be watching… break a leg

  19. comment number 19 by: beth

    Good job Fred!!! I’ll be watching. Give ‘em h*LL!!!

  20. comment number 20 by: Bloviating Zeppelin


    Here is the MOST important thing you must hammer home:

    NO ONE is responsible for McClellan’s position except himself. HE placed himself precisely where he is. It is HE that is responsible for his predicament. It is HE that is responsible for his own publicity.

    Had he NOT sought the limelight, the public venue, he would simply be another alleged citizen. But NO, that was not enough for him.

    HE is responsible for his OWN plight. No one else.


  21. comment number 21 by: Rico

    The police in Lakewood, Wa. are now considering jack McClellan as a possible suspect in the murder of a 10 year girl in 2005. This McClellan guy just gets uglier and uglier.

  22. comment number 22 by: TexasFred

    BZ, they say great minds think alike, once again that is true… Had McClellan not made a spectacle of himself, no one would have known who he was, until he struck and hurt a child…

    I DO have to wonder at his REAL motivation on all this, is he milking it now that he HAS outed himself?? Is he simply an attention whore and this is his ’schtick’?? I have to think that there is that possibility, the ‘how to’ site for pedophiles was real and it’s sickness was easily seen by ANY decent person but what kind of guy declares himself an uncaught pedophile?? What kind of sick mind does it take to tell people that yes, if it were legal I would have sex with a 3 year old??

    I don’t think the guy is a fake but I think he’s a dangerous attention whore and I think he WILL strike, and it’s a damned shame we have to wait until a child really is harmed for this SELF ADMITTED pervert to be locked away…

  23. comment number 23 by: Debbie

    I don’t understand why he can’t be stopped. I used to work for the John F. Kennedy Center Experimental School on George Peabody Campus, now part of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. We had preschoolers, developmentally delayed children and multiply handicapped children. NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE, was allowed anywhere near that school with a camera. And if someone was invited in, they could NOT take pictures of the children, only persons age 18 and above who gave written permission. I would assume the law would be this way at all schools, but I’m obviously wrong.

    I’ll be watching, do us proud. I know you will.

  24. comment number 24 by: Rico

    I should have added the link above. I just did a repost of the story of McClellan being a possible suspect on my blog.


  25. comment number 25 by: Sues

    These guys groom not only vicitms, but families and entire communities as well. Who knows what’s really going through his head, but pedo scum want to go mainstream. They want to be accepted by society. They crave normalcy and they honestly believe that they care for children and do not harm them when they rape them.

    They think they can convince the rest of the world that they are ok and should be accepted. Like I said before, the words “over my dead body” come to mind.

  26. comment number 26 by: RTaylor

    Made a post on my site for everyone to watch tomorrow. Great job and keep up the good work. We have to make our country safe for our children!

  27. comment number 27 by: Robert

    Go get em Fred, I hope someone records this, it’s about time ol Freddy gets some recognition for his efforts, agree with him or not, no one works harder in this media.

    As always Fred, I got your back….

  28. comment number 28 by: Sues

    We’re all behind you Fred! Robert’s right, it’s about time, and this is the perfect topic and opportunity.

  29. comment number 29 by: Andrew Ian Dodge

    Nice job on Fox. Seen lots of people show up on there and make an arse of themselves.

  30. comment number 30 by: Debbie

    You ROCKED Fred. Great job. Good for you correcting the URL (Texas Fred.net)

    You were very professional. Good job.

  31. comment number 31 by: Cowboy Blob

    Great job! I had Fox on as I was reading the morning Email and saw your spot. “Hey…I read that guy!”

  32. comment number 32 by: barryadair

    Saw you on Fox News and had to sign up, on my http://texasxpressions.com site I have not put anything on it yet but will make it availablr to you if needed

  33. comment number 33 by: Opinionnation

    hey, pretty good job this morning Fred. I saw the interview with Paige Hopkins (lucky guy). It sucks you had to correct them on your address but you came off as a good, passionate guest. kudos.

  34. comment number 34 by: Mac

    Outstanding job Brother! You make me proud to know you. I was yelling “TEXASFRED dot NET” at the tv lol!

  35. comment number 35 by: jo

    Ya done good, Fred. Congratz! !

  36. comment number 36 by: Pete

    Fred,,Pete from Australia here,,well done mate,,we all worldwide must protect our kids,,I wear t shirt that says,Help fight the war on terror against children, A war on terror has been called and if we were to shoot kill or capture a middle eastern terrorist we would be deemed heroes, these sick people are terrorists and should be treated as such as they terrorise children, whats the difference?? I saw you on fox news at 1 am our time and i jumped out of bed and here i am now, this is to me the time to put the fear into these people and let them know its now the hunters that are becoming the hunted. I am staunch believer in Jessica law and pray for the day we will get the same laws here as we have soft judges also who must also be held accountable,Bill o Reilly rules in that department as does Oprah,,,Thanks Fred anything i can do from down under,,ya got me,,all the best mate,,Pete

  37. comment number 37 by: Sage

    Hey Fred, caught your FOX broadcast !!
    Good job my friend, I was also telling my wife beside me that your site is dot NET not dot COM. lol.
    ‘Nuff said

  38. comment number 38 by: GUYK

    You made me proud!

  39. comment number 39 by: Bo

    Great Job Fred! Keep up the good work and let me know if you need any additional assistance.

  40. comment number 40 by: Sharon

    Hey Dad. You looked great and did a great job this morning. We all watched and have it recorded a few times too. I think that you did an outstanding job. I am very proud for you. Love ya!

  41. comment number 41 by: Bill

    Best use of the internet I’ve ever seen. Wow! At last, we have an organized, national, even worldwide means of tracking and identifying pedophiles. Something our police cannot do. When government fails to do the job, only the people have the power to get the job done. They call it vigilante justice, quick and effective! Let’s make sure it isn’t abused and perhaps it can expand to include other fugitives from justice.
    I just saw you on Fox News. Thank you, Fred.

  42. comment number 42 by: Patrick Sperry

    Most excellent! Carry on Marine!

  43. comment number 43 by: Cheryl

    Texas Fred;
    Happy to fight this one with you, let me know if I can help in any otherway. We are fighting this issue with Steven Greer who has acted out and distroyed 4 kids we know of….He spent 9 years in prison and was released June 25th 2007. No restrictions in regards to being with children!!! As a matter of fact he has more rights then the surviving children do!!

    To all who read this ..please watch your kids and help us track these monsters. I do not have the words to tell you the devistation they cause.

    Thank you Fred for all your efforts…your efforts let the children play, teach them to care for each other, keep the children safe. You are saving kids…

  44. comment number 44 by: Bill

    Best use of the internet I’ve ever seen. Wow! At last, we have an organized, national, even worldwide means of tracking and identifying pedophiles. Something our police cannot do. When government fails to do the job, only the people have the power to get the job done. It’s called vigilante justice, quick and effective! Let’s make sure it isn’t abused and perhaps it can expand to include other fugitives from justice.
    I just saw you on Fox News. Thank you, Fred.

  45. comment number 45 by: Pete

    Fred please excuse me re commenting but when i saw ya kids post about how proud she is of you, it made me remember its not just Soldiers and Firemen ect that are heroes, we can all be heroes especially to the children, and wanted also to add when you took the time to mention the dot net your website stayed in my head and i would forget my own name if it wasnt written on my shirt,,once again well done mate,,Pete

  46. comment number 46 by: TexasFred

    Pete: I am glad to have you comment, thank you for the support man, it is SERIOUSLY appreciated, the door is open for you here my friend, stop by any time!

  47. comment number 47 by: Ironic Surrealism II

    Up One Side and Down Another!…

    Glen Beck rips into Jack McClellan!
    Video of Glen Beck interviewing Jack McClellan last night. Beck pulls no punches, he tears into Jack McClellan, showing no mercy.

    Blogs track man who calls self a pedophile - News - MSNBC.com @ Texas Fred
    “I ha…