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The Direction of the TEA Party in America

April 21st, 2010 . by TexasFred

The Direction of the TEA Party in America

Let’s take a look at the things the TEA Party stands for and at what they hope to accomplish.

*Uphold the U.S. Constitution*

The core values of the TEA Party are the same values upon which the United States of America was founded and are rooted in our belief in Natural Law. They derive from a belief in free will, the primacy of individual and personal responsibility. We will uphold and follow the original intent of the Constitution of the United States.

*Limited Government*

The purpose of our government is to protect our liberties by administering justice and ensuring our safety from threats arising inside or outside our country’s sovereign borders. When our government ventures beyond these functions and attempts to increase its power over the marketplace and the economic decisions of individuals, our liberties are diminished and the probability of corruption, internal strife, economic depression, and poverty increases. Our moral, political, and economic liberties are inherent, not gifts from the government. It is essential to the practice of these liberties that we be free from restriction over our peaceful political expression and free from excessive control over our economic choices. Limited Government simply means the federal government only deals with national issues and inter-state commerce and leaves other issues to the state and local governments.

*Fiscal Responsibility*

Fiscal Responsibility includes demanding a balanced budget, no earmarks or pork, no bailouts and no deficit spending except in a time of war when borrowed funds are only used to support the war.

*Free Markets*

The most powerful, proven instrument of material and social progress is the free market. The market economy, driven by the accumulated expressions of individual economic choices, is the only economic system that preserves and enhances individual liberty. Any other economic system, regardless of its intended pragmatic benefits, undermines our fundamental rights as free people. Free Markets is defined as “the simple process of supply and demand without artificial markets created by government intervention.”

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well sure it does, we ALL want what’s best for America, we all want to uphold the constitution, we all want limited government, we all want a government that is fiscally responsible and free markets make the world go ’round.

There’s no way to argue against ANY of those points, unless you’re an avowed communist, Marxist or socialist. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to see the USA run under those core values, they are, after all, against everything that communists, socialists and Marxists stand for.

So, let me ask my readers this question: You quite likely believe all of the above, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading here now, so, how then, do we actually accomplish those goals? How do we achieve our CORE VALUES, our beliefs and desires for what we want America to be?

I have met a lot of great folks through the TEA Party, great patriots that have drive, dedication, ideas and a love of country that can’t be doubted. They want to change the direction that our nation is going, and that direction MUST be changed, otherwise, a FREE America will cease to be.

I have asked many in the TEA Party, why are you a member? And almost all have the same response, they want to take this nation back to our declared CORE VALUES.

SO, I’ve asked a few them, how do we do that? Here’s where it gets a bit confusing.

TEA: We have TEA Party meetings and get people interested.

ME: Yeah? Then what?

TEA: We vote for candidates that think like WE do, Conservatives that support the TEA Party.

ME: Great. How do we identify those candidates?

TEA: Uh…. :?  We watch FOX News? They cover all the candidates.

ME: Yeah, OK — So, what then?

TEA: Well, we go to work, we have to get them elected.

ME: How do we do that? The TEA Party doesn’t endorse anyone, kind of a Party policy I’m told. If the TEA Party can’t openly support or endorse particular candidates, what good is the TEA Party and how do you suppose you’re going to affect changes in D.C. if you don’t work hard to get a specific group or individual candidate elected?


ME: And if the TEA Party’s are conducted at a Grass Roots level only, how do intend to act upon a race on a state level?


ME: How about in the nationwide political scene? What about candidates in a national race? Say maybe, President of the USA for instance?


ME: OK, the TEA Party can’t endorse, officially back or support a candidate. Can they get something done, something really big, say, in D.C. maybe? Does the TEA Party have any national leaders or organization.

TEA: NO, I told you, we’re a grass roots group and we’re VERY independent. We don’t support people that are running for office and we take care of OUR business on the local level!

ME: Well, being independent is great, but what can a bunch of individual groups, with NO leadership, hope to accomplish?


ME: Have you guys ever thought about maybe organizing under a national umbrella? Maybe add a bit of strength and cohesion to the groups?

TEA: Co—what?

ME: OK, so let me make sure I understand this, you have meetings, you sit around and talk, a lot, there’s a BIG function on Tax Day, over 8,000 people attend but some groups only had two members presents as representatives, some didn’t have any, you’re very independent, you can’t, or won’t endorse any candidate but you expect to affect some grand change in the complexion of the American political scene. Is that close?

TEA: Hey, are you one of those SEIU guys?

ME: NO, I’m not, I assure you, I am an organizational and leadership guy, but I’m not a union organizer. Let’s get back to business, OK?


ME: Have you guys ever seen a link to this? The National TEA Party Federation? They seem to be a pretty good group of people, they are trying to form a coalition of national and regional TEA Party groups and the formation of the National TEA Party Federation (NTPF). Seems like they grasp the idea of strength in numbers.

TEA: Uh, I never heard of them, but we’re not gonna do a national thing, I told you, we’re local, grass roots, don’t you get it?

ME: Yeah, I get it, but I thought I sent you guys a link to this about 10 or 12 days ago? Asking for you to look at it and get back to me with an opinion?


ME: OK, I have to ask, other than affecting a few minor changes in your local area, possibly in your county or parish, and on the off chance that 1 or 2 of your members may know someone at the state government level and may be able to accomplish a small feat there, just WHAT are you going to accomplish? How are you going to uphold the constitution, bring about limited government, force the federal government to act in a fiscally responsible manner and then open up the USA to trade in free markets from right there in YOUR town? With no help, no organization and no cohesion from a national platform?

TEA: I knew it, you’re on a them organizer dudes ain’t ya? :?

ME: Yeah, whatever… :P

Like the lady in Atlanta said, “It’s a lot like herding cats…”

Yeah, it’s a lot like that!

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17 Responses to “The Direction of the TEA Party in America”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ron Russell

    Did you say that the Tea Party can’t endorse candidates? If true, I see that as a major flaw that needs to be changed. Endorsing certain principles is great, but then not pointing out the candidates who support those principles and failing to endorse and support him is nutty to say the least. I have noticed over the years the bigger an organization gets the farther it is removed from the individual and its original values—to me this is the biggest danger the Tea Party faces. The party must remain true to its principles and step forward and endorse those that agree.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Ron, if you want to see a few tempers flare, mention having a TEA Party group support a candidate, you will be told, immediately, the TEA Party is a non-partisan group and they will NOT endorse ANY candidate…

    I was discussing this with another board member last night and he too feels that maybe endorsement is a bit too strong, BUT, the TEA Party should say something to the effects of, “This candidate most represents the values of the TEA Party.. ”

    Just support the guy, endorse him, stand UP and grow a SPINE for once… And many within the TEA Party talk a great game, if TALK got the job done, they’d be heroes of the realm…

  3. comment number 3 by: Katie

    The TEA Party is already endorsing candidates. People with good CONSERVATIVE VALUES!
    A Conservative voter must become an well-informed voter.

  4. comment number 4 by: TexasFred

    Katie, maybe you need to attend a few TEA Party meetings in other parts of the nation… Just sayin’….

    The TEA Party in THIS area had members walk OUT simply because an elected official was invited to speak at an event, a person that is expected to run for the U.S. Senate in 2012…

    What you say may be true in YOUR area, but it’s NOT a Party wide policy… Again, this lack of Party policy, a lack of organization and cohesion is glaringly apparent!

  5. comment number 5 by: Katie

    In my area (Outside Chicago) we don’t have that problem, but remember not all elected officials are complete idiots, some are partial idiots. And some are true conservatives.

    If we don’t start encouraging our elected officials into coming out as full-fledged Conservatives, then we will be disappointed with what we do get.

  6. comment number 6 by: TexasFred

    Katie, on that, we have NO disagreement, but the TEA Party has got to get it’s act together, get all the oars in the water and pulling in the RIGHT direction…

    But I know, 1st hand, the disorganization that DOES exist at the local level, I have seen the disruptions, not by members of the left, but by members of the TEA Party… Members that babble, constantly, making it damned near impossible to conduct a reasonable meeting, and aren’t told to please be quiet and stop disrupting the meeting…

    I have seen the weakest of the weak that wanted to be TEA Party leaders simply to fluff their political resume… People that have NO leadership skills whatsoever, people that are seeking personal gain, not TEA Party gain!

    I have seen some really wonderful folks, nice people, dedicated Patriots, that want to be TEA Party leaders but they have their fingers in every social pie in town, and the TEA Party seems to take a place on the back burner…

    I have been told, in NO uncertain terms, “NO, we will NOT endorse or support any particular candidate”, and that is, in MY opinion, some LAME-ASSED bullshit…

    We either stand for something, stand LOUD and PROUD, endorse and support the RIGHT candidates and do more than talk about what needs to be done and then run off to our next *social* function, or we’re wasting our time, and THAT is something I have NO intention of doing!

  7. comment number 7 by: BobF

    If a candidate espouses the values and principals of your Tea Party, then that candidate should be endorsed. To not endorse that candidate would be kind of foolish. To not support a candidate would be telling your members that if you ran for office, you won’t get any support from the group that you’ve supported.

    It sounds like everybody wants to be a leader but it seems most don’t know how to be a follower first. You can’t lead until you know how to follow. You don’t make a man a Platoon Sergeant without him first coming up through the ranks.

  8. comment number 8 by: Robert

    IF the tea party is not going to ENDORSE anyone, then they become a COMPLAINT party. Endorsing a person basically says: “We have a problem, and this is the person we think can help fix it” To not endorse anyone says “We have a problem but we just want to bitch about it”

    When folks always complain yet offer no solutions they become a noise in the back of the room. The powers will discount them because they have no input or constructive influence.

  9. comment number 9 by: TexasFred

    Well, we had a meeting of our Executive board and it looks like w are about to get a bit more motivated in the political arena…

    I fully expected a lot of negative response from our board, but was pleasantly surprised when it was met with a lot of positive words and praise…

    It’s time folks, the TEA Party is a viable organization, we ARE a force to be reckoned with, if we were not, Reid, Pelosi and Obama wouldn’t keep telling people that were not a threat…

    Their words betray them! :twisted:

  10. comment number 10 by: minuteman26

    If the Tea Parties want to achieve their stated goals and then not back candidates that also believe in those same goals they might as well change their name to “Short Bus Crew.”

  11. comment number 11 by: Vigilante

    Not endorseing anyone is about as asinine as it gets. The next time, ask the dumb shits who the hell are they going to vote for!!! If they don’t want to endorse anyone then they better understand that they are voting for the MSB (Muslim Shit Bag). I have said before, and you too Fred, that with out a leader the Tea Party is a rudderless ship.
    I can’t like people very well that run around blah’ blah’ blahing with their head up their asses and too dam stubborn to know better.

  12. comment number 12 by: phred

    As of 3 months ago , I can`t think of one politican that was serving the people. Oh , you say ” He/She didn`t vote for Obama-Care… well He/She probably voted for the bailout, or some other pice of crap legislation that is better for them, not the people.
    Up here ( Lubbock ), we replaced Delwin Jones with Charles ( tea party ) Perry. It`s a start.
    I would caution Mr. Perry.. if you start acting and voting like ” politican”, we will remove you.
    I say.. remove all incumbents, then watch the replacements very carefully and replace them if need be.
    CLEAN house people ! I don`t care - Dem/Rep, doesn`t matter. Replace them.

  13. comment number 13 by: Always On Watch

    TEA: Uh, I never heard of them, but we’re not gonna do a national thing, I told you, we’re local, grass roots, don’t you get it?

    It seems to me that the majority of Tea Partiers simply don’t understand that taking to the streets isn’t political power.

    **big sigh**

  14. comment number 14 by: Always On Watch

    Have you seen this about Utah?

    Tea Partiers are claiming to have completely taken over the Utah GOP, as their nomination method potentially allows for motivated grassroots conservatives to upend the process - and thus far, it appears to be working.

  15. comment number 15 by: ablur

    Fred, you seem to be describing people who are more interested in personal power then success of the message. You clearly point out the key issues that need addressing. Without cohesion and a national movement you are left with nothing and your power becomes nothing.
    The Tea Party can be the best and greatest way to restore America but unity in numbers across this vast nation is what it will take. The human body will make a great analogy that perhaps will bring understanding.
    The body is made up of billions of cells that each do their job. Singularly they mean very little. We loose thousands everyday and yet we still are who we are. It is the unity of the cells that make us whole. Each cell does its work and meets the demands both long term and short. No group can be excluded or independent without handicapping the body.
    Perhaps an object lesson will break the stalemate and bring results instead of just noise. The left fears the party because of its potential and that will only come through unity.

  16. comment number 16 by: TexasFred

    AOW, I had NOT seen that about Utah, but it’s going on our TEA Party site and out in emaul.. That is a great find, thank you!! :D

  17. comment number 17 by: Always On Watch

    Texas Fred,
    I don’t get to be online as often as I’d like.

    But when I saw that story about Utah, I knew YOU could make use of it!

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