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75,000 Uzbeks flee ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan

June 13th, 2010 . by TexasFred

75,000 Uzbeks flee ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan

OSH, Kyrgyzstan (AP) - Kyrgyz mobs burned Uzbek homes and cafes and slaughtered Uzbek villagers Sunday in the worst ethnic rioting this Central Asian nation has seen in 20 years. More than 75,000 Uzbeks fled across the border into Uzbekistan, trying to dodge bullets in a frantic dash to safety.

Triumphant crowds of Kyrgyz men took control of Osh, the second-largest city in Kyrgyzstan, on Sunday as the few Uzbeks still left barricaded themselves in their neighborhoods. Fires set by rioters raged across the city of 250,000, and food was scarce after widespread looting. Police or military troops were nowhere to be seen.

The rioting that begin Thursday night appeared aimed at undermining Kyrgyzstan’s interim government, which came to power after former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev was ousted in a bloody uprising in April and fled the country. Uzbeks have backed the interim government, while many Kyrgyz in the south have support the toppled president.

The United States, Russia, and the U.N. chief all expressed alarm about the scale of the violence and discussed how to help the refugees. Russia sent in an extra battalion to protect its air base in the northern part of the country.

Full Story Here:
75,000 Uzbeks flee ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan

In a PERFECT WORLD, that 1st paragraph would read like this:

75,000 Mexicans flee ethnic riots in West Texas

El Paso, TX (AP) - Texas patriots burned Mexican homes and cafes and eliminated ILLEGAL Mexican invaders Sunday in the worst ethnic rioting West Texas has ever seen. More than 75,000 ILLEGALS fled across the border into Mexico, trying to dodge bullets in a frantic dash to safety.

In a perfect world…

But we all know that ethnic cleansing isn’t politically correct.

Ethnic Cleansing is a process in which advancing army of one ethnic group expels civilians of other ethnic groups from towns and villages it conquers in order to create ethnically pure enclaves for members of their ethnic group. SOURCE

And of course genocide is even less politically correct.

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. SOURCE

After the atrocities of WWII, Rwanda, Darfur and the like, we all know that genocide and ethnic cleansing are just not going to fly, no one in their right mind can accept such an action.

But WHAT is a nation supposed to do when it is being over-run by ILLEGALS? Individuals that truly are taking jobs that LEGAL Americans can, and will do? Here’s an prime example of the jobs that LEGAL Americans can do. And would do, if the jobs weren’t being filled by illegals.

Sheriff’s deputies make migrant raids on Sizzlers

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies on Saturday served search warrants on two Sizzler steak houses in Phoenix suspected of employing illegal immigrants.

According to a statement from Lt. Brian Lee, deputies arrested nine employees who they believe are using fraudulent identification to gain employment.

The Sizzlers targeted in the raid are located at 5060 W. Indian School Road and 10460 N. 28th Drive, the statement said.

Saturday’s arrests followed a year-long investigation into a tip from a former manager who claims he was fired by the restaurant for being unwilling to hire employees without proper identification, Lee said. SOURCE

How do you combat companies that are willing to hire illegals, knowingly, and then terminate a manager that isn’t willing to just *play along*?

How do you stop a people from standing up and saying, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any longer”?

How do you avoid the aforementioned genocide and ethnic cleansing when a people feel that the government isn’t doing all that can, and should be done to secure their nation and protect the people, their homes and property, and yes, jobs from being taken by people that have NO right to be here in the 1st place?

The United States is not too far from seeing the violence recently witnessed in Greece. One more serious hiccup in our finances can easily set off the masses.

We are not too far from seeing an open revolt against the INVADERS of this nation. It won’t matter too much what their skin color or nationality is either.

Americans are fed up with this nation being the melting pot for ILLEGALS and all the while our government leaders sit back and try to think of an acceptable way to force the legal American population to accept an amnesty law designed to eliminate ILLEGALS altogether.

Politically correct or not, ethnic cleansing is on the horizon for THIS nation.

I seriously doubt it will be the anti-Semitic ethnic cleansing as seen in WWII, but I can easily picture an uprising by a huge majority of LEGAL Americans, of ALL colors, against those ILLEGALS that are doing our nation in!

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7 Responses to “75,000 Uzbeks flee ethnic riots in Kyrgyzstan”

  1. comment number 1 by: extex_cop

    I agree with you…I see it coming. It only takes a little spark to start the fire that burns out of control.
    I don’t want to see that happen….but I will stand and fight for what is mine….as I’m sure a lot of the readers will do.

  2. comment number 2 by: WhoBeen

    I’ve seen it coming for some time…a few years at least! When I first predicted some form of anarchy and violence to occur in late 2010 I kept thinking I might push the date further out but the closer we approach that time frame the more I’ll let it stand…things should start heating up in late September and it won’t be that late summer weather.
    …I’m talking here, not Kyrgystan!

  3. comment number 3 by: minuteman26

    WhoBeen - I’m with you. However, I think things might heat up sooner than that. These Marxists we have in DC are afraid they are going to have their asses handed to them in November. They will do whatever is necessary to stay in power. Expect a long hot summer 1960s style with many protests and riots. The usual suspects, SEIU, black, latino and green activists groups will bear responsibility. The goal of course is to interfere with the election. Will find out how much of a Commie Obama really is. Wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to intimidate people at the polls or come up with some reason to cancel the election altogether. Should this come about, we would definately be presented with a target rich environment. Obama is definately going to present us with choices. We do live in interesting times now don’t we?

  4. comment number 4 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Two observations:

    1. Isn’t Osh a hardware store?

    2. WhoBeen: I submit things won’t get dicey until 2011, when people actually DO get HIT with the healthcare tax (“value” of healthcare covereage ADDED as valued EARNINGS and then taxed upon that amount) as well as other tax increases. Further, in 2011, more jobs will be lost, commercial properties will TANK like their private home counterparts, and inflation will be rising due to the continued printing of money.

    Further: everyone DOES know that the Demorats are NOT going to attempt to move any LARGE bills until AFTER the November elections, right? Because they don’t want anything on the table with which to be further JUDGED in November — things being sufficiently poor for Mr Obaka right now.

    So: just wait unitl AFTER November. If things don’t go TERRIBLY WRONG for the Demorats, here’s what you’ll see:

    1. CapNTax
    2. Amnesty
    3. VAT

    And that’s just the beginning.

    I suspect 2011 will be the tipping point.

    And yes, it won’t be pretty.

    I am serious. You should stock up on ammo now. By November or December of this year, January of the next, you’ll see empty shelves.


  5. comment number 5 by: mrchuck

    Here is how I see it every day here. The mexican illegals are almost exclusively working for a USA citizen contractor like lawn mowing, landscaping, concrete pouring of foundations, driveways, house and restaurant construction, restaurant cooking, and cleaning, air conditioning repair and installation, stone walkway and stone siding on houses, farm and ranch hands etc.
    All are getting paid in cash, under the table by these citizen contractors and rancher/farmers.
    If I had the power to round up all these US citizens who are doing the hiring, and put them in jail, say for a month while the deportations of illegals takes place,,,, you would see a HUGE drop in illegals being hired. No hiring, the mexican goes back to his native country, and the flow of illegals into the USA drops to a trickle.
    Everyone of these USA citizens who are hiring illegals must and should pay the penalty.
    So, how can we do this??

  6. comment number 6 by: minuteman26

    BZ - Passage of Cap n Tax = Civil War. There will be no where to run and no where to hide for those responsible.

  7. comment number 7 by: BobF

    BZ is right. If Democrats remain in control of Congress come November, they will feel they have free reign to do as they please. They’re only testing the waters now. November will either stop them or give them the go-ahead.

    Bush and others said Illegals are doing the low pay jobs Americans won’t do. Well, how about these jobs at Howell Industries in Mississippi. These weren’t low paying jobs but instead, high paying manufacturing jobs that were being head by 600 illegals.

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