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The TexasFred Blog endorses Joe Driver TX-113

September 28th, 2010 . by TexasFred

The TexasFred Blog endorses Joe Driver TX-113

Ladies and Gentlemen, Joe Driver is my friend.

It hasn’t always been that way. A few years back Joe and I had some serious disagreement on a political issue, Open Carry in Texas, that is how we met. Joe stood his ground, I stood my ground, we agreed to disagree and we’re now on a 1st name basis with a great deal of respect for one another.

I believe Joe Driver to be an honest man, a man that has made mistakes in his life, just like everyone else has made mistakes in theirs. Joe has faced those mistakes and accepted full responsibility for them.

Joe has served Texas and TX-113 well, and worked hard for his constituents. We need Joe Driver in there fighting for us, and for Texas.

Joe Driver never took it easy growing up. His father insisted he always have a job of some kind because he wanted Joe to learn the importance of taking responsibility for his financial future. Joe learned to appreciate what it means to work hard, pay taxes and get ahead. He drove a garbage truck, waited tables at Steak & Ale, and even worked at a city pool teaching kids to swim. He was happy to have the work. Joe’s father founded a local insurance agency and twenty years later, Joe followed in his footsteps by founding his own agency. Joe Driver State Farm insurance has been a downtown Garland fixture for 37 years. Driver is trusted. He’s made a payroll for almost four decades and he knows first hand the challenges faced by our small business people. That’s the kind of person we need serving us in office.

Joe and his wife Deanne attend and are active at First United Methodist Church in Garland. They have two grown children and one grandchild.

Do you believe that government must tighten its belt just like we do at home? Joe Driver does. In 2010, taxpayers are in revolt against the big spending habits of the liberals in government. Joe Driver favors capping state government spending, cutting taxes and reducing government intrusion into our lives. The more money of ours they take and spend the more difficult they make it for us to solve our own problems. For our economy to recover, we need less government spending and less government, period.

Joe Driver has always believed that his primary role as our State Representative is to protect our freedoms and to preserve them for future generations. Joe is known as one of America’s greatest advocates for 2nd Amendment rights. Joe understands that the 2nd Amendment that protects all our other constitutional rights. Joe Driver authored and passed the “Castle Doctrine” into law making our Texas the most pro-2nd Amendment State in America. Texas thrives because legislators like Joe Driver protect our economy, our rights and our pocketbooks. In the midst of this recession, Texans know that Joe Driver is defending our jobs, our savings and our freedom.

End reckless spending: Yes
Stop illegal immigration: Yes
Higher Taxes: No
More government regulation: No
2nd Amendment: Yes
Government controlled healthcare: No
Greater local control: Yes
Tough on crime: Yes
Helping small business: Yes
Government corruption: No
Restore our American values: Yes

Joe Driver, Texas State Representative

I don’t know what stand others will take, but as for me and mine, we support Joe Driver and look forward to having him as our TX-113 Representative for a long time to come!

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Poll finds most Texas voters are angry at Obama

September 27th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Poll finds most Texas voters are angry at Obama

57% disapprove of his job, and the GOP could ride that wave of angst to a big November

COLLEGE STATION — Voter anger, which sparked the tea party movement and could result in a tidal wave of Republican turnout in November, surfaces in a new poll of Texas’ likely voters.

The poll, commissioned by the Houston Chronicle and four other Texas newspapers, found that 57 percent of all Texas likely voters surveyed disapprove of the job President Barack Obama is doing. Disapproval is rampant among self-identified Republicans, more than 80 percent of whom disapprove of the job being done by Obama.

Obama’s disapproval was highest among people who had attended college, earn more than $30,000 a year and live in non-urban areas. The Texas newspaper consortium poll also found Republicans are substantially more likely to vote this fall than Texas Democrats.

A substantial racial divide was also apparent in the results. More than 90 percent of African-Americans and two-thirds of Hispanics surveyed had a positive opinion of Obama. Seventy percent of the white respondents did not. The majority of tea party members have been white Republicans.

Full Story Here:
Poll finds most Texas voters are angry at Obama

To be totally honest with you, I am shocked that only 57% of Texans that are considered to be likely voters disapprove of the job that Hussein Obama is doing for America. I would have thought that Texans were a lot smarter people than that over all.

Likely voters…I really HATE that terminology. What determines exactly who is a likely voter?

If 57% of likely voters is ANY indication, the vote count in my home town of Rowlett, TX will be some ridiculously low number, maybe 750 - 800 people. That’s out of 33K registered voters in a city of 60K people. We only had 1,500 or so turn out in the last election. Apathy abounds.

And the majority of OUR voters are NOT a part of the TEA Party, even though Rowlett is predominantly white and Republican. I guess that blows a big part of the Houston Chronicles story away.

The survey of 629 likely voters was conducted Sept. 15-22 by Blum & Weprin Associates and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points. The poll was done for the Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, the Austin American-Statesman, The Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The 5 biggest newspapers in the state commission a poll and that poll questions 629 likely voters and they can write a story and make a prediction based on those numbers? Seriously?

The population of Texas is approximately 23,904,380 SOURCE and they surveyed 629 likely voters? And the MSM (mainstream media) wonders WHY bloggers are kicking them to the curb and have so much more credibility…

The question remains whether the tea party movement remains a citizen uprising or whether voter angst has been co-opted by the GOP and right-wing organizations.

And NOW we get to the heart of the matter.

The GOP has vowed to co-opt the TEA Party as soon as elections are over in November. Trent Lott is leading the charge.

Former Senate majority leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), now a D.C. lobbyist, warned that a robust bloc of rabble-rousers spells further Senate dysfunction. “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples,” Lott said in an interview. “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.” SOURCE

Some TEA Party organizations are nothing more than extensions OF the GOP. The Rockwall Republican Men’s Club is the founder of the Rockwall TEA Party and that TEA Party is anything BUT a non-partisan Core Values group. They ARE an extension of the Rockwall GOP. That is why I have personally cut ALL ties to the Rockwall TEA Party.

The TEA Party is terribly misunderstood by some people. I honestly believe that there are those that have already co-opted the TEA Party into a political arm of the GOP, and that is NOT what the TEA Party is all about. The TEA Party was founded to bring America back from the evils of Hussein Obama and his band of ne’er do wells, but even more so, the TEA Party was, at least at one time, intended to hammer the GOP and the RINOs that have killed the Party of Reagan, not kiss their asses and do their bidding.

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The TexasFred Blog endorses Kathie Glass

September 27th, 2010 . by TexasFred

The TexasFred Blog endorses Kathie Glass

I have read everything I can find about Kathie Glass. I can’t find anything about this lady I dislike! What follows is from the Kathie Glass for Governor site, and I believe that if you’ll read Kathie’s platform and ideas, you’ll support her too!


I am Katherine Youngblood Glass, a Houston lawyer who has worked in the liberty movement for 30 years. I want to be the next governor of Texas because America and Texas are at a pivotal crossroads.

Our liberty and economic well-being will be lost if we do not act swiftly to maintain our sovereignty. I am the only person running who appears to appreciate this danger, much less have a plan to resist it and the will to do so.

I believe in American exceptionalism. America is exceptional because we believe in freedom. Our country was founded on it, and our Constitution guarantees it. And, the most exceptional part of America is TEXAS! No other place on earth has our unique history and culture of liberty.

Our freedom is under assault like never before, with the most critical attacks coming from our out-of-control federal government. The recent federal takeover of our health care is just the most recent and — to date — most dangerous act of aggression on our individual sovereignty and our Texas state sovereignty.

We have suffered a long train of abuses — absurd and unconstitutional EPA regulations on our citizens and businesses, equally unconstitutional attacks on our individual right to keep and bear arms, interference with our schools and other institutions that lead to higher taxes. And the usurpations on the horizon not only by our federal government but the United Nations such as the Law of the Sea and Small Arms Disarmament treaties are, if possible, even more alarming.

We must fight for our rights as individuals and as a State and indeed for America itself. For, if America fails, where can we run to and live in freedom? This is freedom’s last stand.

We cannot fail. We must not fail. We will not fail.

Texas must lead this fight. We must be a beacon to other states, to America, and to the world to show them the way back to liberty. We must be a fortress for freedom. Through aggressive use of nullification and interposition, we must reclaim our Ninth and Tenth Amendment sovereignty by rejecting the unconstitutional laws passed by, and powers usurped by, our federal government and international bodies.

As realists, we know that we face many serious challenges. But our belief in the indomitable spirit of the individual makes us optimistic that we can solve any problem if we can make our own decisions about the problems that confront us.

Winston Churchill described four stages of a fight for the right: 1) you can easily win without cost, 2) victory is sure and not too costly, 3) the odds are against you and the costs huge, and 4) there is no chance of victory but it is better to perish than live as slaves. As I see it, our fight is between the second and third stages.

So, let’s get started.

Read MUCH MORE Here:
Kathie Glass for Texas Governor

It was my privilege to spend the better part of Saturday evening with Katie Glass and her great husband Tom. They were guests and Katie was a featured speaker at The Rowlett TEA Party Candidates Forum.

Tom and I have been friends on Facebook for a long time, long before I knew that Kathie was going to run for Texas Governor, long before I knew who Kathie Glass was. Tom and I just sort of connected I suppose.

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When a Democrat throws the RACE CARD

September 26th, 2010 . by TexasFred

When a Democrat throws the RACE CARD

What happens if a Conservative or a Republican makes a statement where *The RACE CARD* is thrown? I think we ALL know.

The media goes crazy, the DNC goes crazy, Je$$ie Jack$on and Al $harpton hold rallies. Eric Holder launches an investigation. Hussein holds a *beer summit* and says that Republicans must stop playing *The RACE CARD*. Chris Matthews gets a *tingle* and has to change his shorts and the entire American left demonizes the right.

What happens when a Democrat throws *The RACE CARD*?

*chirp*… *chirp*… *chirp*… That’s the sound of crickets, just so you know, and that is the very sound you’ll hear from the media, the press and everyone else concerned.

Some people don’t belong in politics. Some people don’t belong on The Bench, the judicial bench. Some folks are just gaffe prone, look at Joe Biden, a lovely example.

We apparently have, in MY opinion, a highly strung, not too bright, histrionic, reactionary, gaffe making drama queen right here in Dallas County. Her name is Teresa Hawthorne (D) and she wants to sit on the bench of the 203rd Criminal District Court here in Dallas County.

I believe, after several phone conversations and FAR too many email exchanges, that having Ms. Hawthorne sit on ANY bench would be a HUGE mistake on the part of Dallas County voters.

You see, in addition to Ms. Hawthorne being, in MY opinion, that highly strung, not too bright, histrionic, reactionary, gaffe making drama queen I previously mentioned, she threw *The RACE CARD*.

Ms. Hawthorne is white, and she tried to throw *The RACE CARD* at me.

She didn’t throw it very well.

I was, she found in her less than thorough ‘net search, a BLACK man and I was attacking her rudely. Of course once Ms. Hawthorne got her facts straight, after the LIGHT BULB flicked on, and she realized that she had just made the biggest gaffe of this entire Dallas County campaign, she began to recant and apologize profusely. Those apologies continued throughout the night at the Candidates event, several times.

Isn’t that always the case? Multiple apologies, sincere and touching attempts to make things just go away? ‘Can’t I get a free pass on this one? I didn’t really mean that the way it came out…‘ kind of thing. As I have learned, in this day and age, things don’t just go away.

If you say it, you had better be prepared to defend it and stand behind it, forever. Apologies don’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, once it’s out there, it’s REALLY out there. Emails are easily launched into the public domain. Especially ones from political wannabes that have racial overtones.

I won’t bore my readers with the FULL email exchange between Ms. Hawthorne and myself, let it suffice to say, she wanted to make some last minute changes to a program, a strange request for changes to the format of a function that I was a part of, and I questioned her, very nicely, as to WHY she wanted to make these changes at this late date and WHY a Dallas County Democratic candidate for judge was wanting to speak on the behalf of a Republican State Board of Education candidate.

Damned fair questions in MY opinion.

Ms. Hawthorne launched on a tirade of non-truths and accusations. She is an attorney, you’d think she would know better. Perhaps she was misinformed, I am giving her benefit of the doubt. Perhaps Ms. Hawthorne just didn’t understand the concept of the process, maybe she had never seen my blog, my picture is prominently displayed, maybe she didn’t see my REAL name, and what the heck, maybe she didn’t know how Facebook works. Benefit of the doubt…in any case, please continue to read this almost hilarious story, and it would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

I have it ALL archived and will be happy to forward it along to anyone wanting to read it. Here is, as they say, the highlight reel! :twisted:

from: Teese [email protected]
to: texasfred
date: Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 1:24 PM
subject Re: TEA Party Candidates Forum Time 1:24 PM (19 hours ago)

Fred, just checked you out on FB. Shocked! You are black. I have NEVER had a black man be so rude. I do not want to say anything for my brother. He asked me if I did not mind would I just in 10 words for less make apologizes and since he is my brother said yes. No Big Deal. My brother and I just have some different political views. I am sorry I even asked. I will be there. Do Not want to come because I am exhausted, but would like to win. Hope we can shake hands without you ignoring me. I tell it like it is also. Teresa Clayton Hawthorne

SHE was shocked? :? My wife nearly feinted when I told her. :P

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