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Vehicle searches yield few weapons at U.S.-Mexico border

September 30th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Vehicle searches yield few weapons at U.S.-Mexico border

Searches of vehicles crossing into Mexico are yielding few weapons in what U.S. officials concede is a frustrating effort to slow the flow of guns to violent Mexican cartels operating across the U.S. border.

Almost immediately after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced a stepped-up vehicle search program beginning in March 2009, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials went five consecutive months — May through September — without recovering a single weapon in El Paso, within sight of the bloodiest battleground in the Mexican drug war.

Weapons seizures from vehicles moving through the Southwest border’s busiest crossings have increased to 310 so far in fiscal year 2010, up from 155 in fiscal year 2009, CBP records show. Besides guns, weapons include grenades and rockets.

Yet the seizures represent a tiny fraction of arms flooding Mexico from the USA, at a rate of 2,000 per day, according to Brookings Institution estimates.

Full Story Here:
Vehicle searches yield few weapons at U.S.-Mexico border

What? Seriously? The U.S. government isn’t finding those guns being transported to Mexico that they said they would? Surely not…

What about all the Texas Gun Shows? Weren’t we, Texas gun owners, being accused of making *straw-man* purchases and abusing our Second Amendment rights? Weren’t honest Texas gun dealers subjected to accusations of impropriety and subjected to all kinds of BATF audits?

And about those Texas Gun Shows…weren’t they supposed to be a wholesale market for fully automatic assault weapons, grenades, land mines and myriad other weapons of war?

You would think a state like Texas, one that held the BATF and federal gun regulations in such low esteem would be flagrantly exploiting the U.S. - Mexican border weaknesses and transporting tons of guns to the cartels and bringing back loads of money in the process.

You would think.

“It is a challenge for us,” says Steven Stavinoha, director of CBP’s outbound search operations. He says the agency is revamping its strategy.

Stavinoha says federal authorities have been hampered by staffing limitations, spotty intelligence and gun smugglers who alter their operations to elude capture. “Smuggling organizations are able to adapt to our activities and use it against us,” he says.

OR…maybe the guns are coming into Mexico from Central America, or into seaports, or beaches. Just sayin’.

Maybe the guns are coming in on the same routes, via the same sources that are exporting drugs into America. It doesn’t seem to me that the DEA is doing all that great at stopping drugs from coming in, how can BATF be expected to stop guns from going out?

He says smugglers monitor search teams’ locations and redirect shipments to alternate crossings or wait for the teams to move to other locations.

Well, imagine that, the smugglers are monitoring your actions.

I am going to let these guys in on a little Op/Sec Intel that I tried to share with the military and the folks in charge when talking about how our troops are ambushed and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The U.S. military and ALL of our Intelligence agencies are fully and thoroughly infiltrated.

Bet on it. That is what PCness and liberalism have done for us.

The Taliban and al-Qaida have their operatives in high places within the military and intelligence agencies of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and everywhere else we operate. Some have even offered speculation that the infiltration extends to the highest office in the land.

The Mexican drug cartels have accomplished the exact same thing. Infiltration runs rampant in the drug and gun business. And think about this; the drug cartels and gun importers have more disposable income than the entire United States government.

Police departments are infiltrated. Governments themselves are also infiltrated and in many case, fully complicit in ALL of these actions, on both sides of the border, drugs and guns.

If the United States wants to win the war on drugs, guns and terrorism they must 1st LOSE a thing or two. Political correctness being first and foremost.

Long time readers know my opinion when it come to fighting, and winning a WAR. If you are not in it to win, by any means necessary, you are not going to win at all.

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Maine gov. candidate: I’d tell Obama to go to hell

September 29th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Maine gov. candidate: I’d tell Obama to go to hell

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage told a group of fishermen at a GOP forum that he won’t be afraid to tell President Barack Obama to “go to hell.”

LePage, a favorite of tea partiers, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he regretted the words he chose Sunday in the small coastal town of Brooksville but that he wasn’t backing down in his criticism of the administration for what he describes as free-spending, antibusiness policies.

A Democratic Party official said it showed LePage is hotheaded and ill-suited to govern.

LePage was responding to a question when he made the remark about Obama, which was captured by a Democratic Party aide who was videotaping the event.

Full Story Here:
Maine gov. candidate: I’d tell Obama to go to hell

Be very careful Mr. LePage, you’ll offend the namby-pamby, politically correct among us using such language as ‘go to hell’.

Oh what the hell, sometimes the ‘anal retentive’ need to be offended, it makes ‘em more active and a hell of a lot easier to spot! :twisted:

At this moment, I have a lot of respect for Paul LePage, I just hope he doesn’t say something like this and then turn around and apologize to Hussein Obama. We all remember Joe Wilson and his “You LIE” remark.

Wilson told the truth. People jumped for joy over his remark, but almost as soon as he made it, he retracted it and apologized profusely.

NEVER apologize for telling the truth!

“As your governor, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me on the front page, saying ‘Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell,’” LePage said to applause.

If Paul LePage keeps on making remarks like that, and backing them up, we’ll see him a lot on the nightly news. That is a good thing!

Earlier this month, LePage came under fire for uttering a barnyard epithet at a news conference in Portland when he was asked about property tax breaks on his wife’s homes in Florida and Maine.

“Am I politically correct all the time? No. Maybe it’s time to have people say bluntly what’s going on,” LePage said Wednesday. “The fact of the matter is that I haven’t learned how to speak out of both sides of my mouth yet.”

Someone that says, oh, I don’t know, just taking a wild guess here, but did LePage say ‘bullshit‘ maybe? That doesn’t make him a bad person you know! But saying it is more than enough to send the overly sensitive PC among us off and running, crying and blowing snot bubbles like a 3 year old.

LePage isn’t politically correct all the time? A man after my own heart, a breath of fresh air in all this overly PC bullshit! I hope Paul LePage NEVER learns the art of talking out of both sides of his mouth, America needs a lot more folks just like him.

Arden Manning, manager of the Maine Democrats’ coordinated campaign, said the video provides some insight into how a LePage administration might govern.

“If he’s reacting this way to the president of the United States, think about what his response would be to a local legislator or a constituent who disagreed with him,” Manning said. “His comments are offensive. It just shows that LePage is not ready to lead.”

The namby-pamby come in all sizes, shapes and colors. And from ALL sides of the political spectrum. The right has ‘em, the left has ‘em and every other party in between has ‘em, and I am thinking that they are all full of bullshit and can go to hell right along with Hussein Obama!

There are a few words I try to avoid on the front page of my blog, at all times, the *N* word and *F* bombs mostly, I don’t like to use those words unless they are totally unavoidable and 100% appropriate for a given situation. But if a bit of salty language offends you, you’ve never hung out in a combat zone, over seas or at home, you’ve not watched any television lately and you just wouldn’t understand the true need for a good *swear word* vocabulary on occasion.

LePage’s remark was part of a longer discussion of issues at the fishermen’s forum. Dennis Blodgett, the town’s GOP committee chairman, said much of the discussion focused on “too many federal regulations being crammed down our throats.”

“Whether you like it or not, he gives you an answer,” said Darrell Fowler, a Brooksville selectman and a Republican. “He doesn’t beat around the bush.”

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The TexasFred Blog endorses Danny Clancy

September 29th, 2010 . by TexasFred

The TexasFred Blog endorses Danny Clancy

Until recently I had not met Danny Clancy, but last Saturday night, at the TEA Party forum, I had the distinct pleasure to make his acquaintance, talk with him in a very casual and informal manner and then to hear him speak as to why he should be the next Dallas County District Attorney.

“It seems like each day I open the newspaper there’s a story about our District Attorney, but unfortunately they have nothing to do with fighting crime. Instead, it’s ethical questions, political grandstanding and cover-ups. Our taxpayers and families deserve better.

I think it’s time for a DA who is making headlines for putting our toughest felons behind bars, and as your District Attorney, I will personally handle the prosecution of our most violent criminals. With close to two decades of experience as a prosecutor and a criminal court judge, I have the real-world experience fighting crime, and I am committed to re-focusing the DA’s office on what should be its top priority: keeping our families safe.”

Danny is not joking, the Dallas County D.A. office is a wreck. The Dallas County D.A. seems to always be auditioning for a spot on Dancing With the Stars or some such nonsense. Danny Clancy is ALL business.

With nearly two decades of experience as a Dallas County Assistant District Attorney, Dallas County Judge, and private attorney, Danny Clancy has a unique perspective of the criminal justice system that few in Texas can claim.

Clancy served as Presiding Judge in Dallas County’s, County Criminal Court #1 from 1999-2005. In 2001 and again in 2002, he was elected by his peers – the Dallas County Criminal Court judges – to serve as their presiding judge. During that time, Clancy worked closely with Dallas County Commissioners to bring Dallas County into compliance with new legislation related to the appointment of counsel for the indigent defendant.

In 2005, Danny Clancy was appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry as Presiding Judge of Criminal District Court #6, a newly created District Court with felony jurisdiction.

Clancy served the citizens of Dallas County in that position until 2007.
From 1999-2007, while serving as a criminal court Judge in Dallas County, Clancy presided over more than 450 criminal trials.

In the Dallas Bar Association’s 2001, 2003, and 2005 judicial evaluation polls, Clancy consistently ranked at the top among Dallas County Judges in several categories, including Hard Working, Knowledge of the Law, Impartiality, and Overall Performance.

Prior to his eight years as a Dallas County Judge, Clancy served as a Dallas County assistant district attorney, trying more than 250 criminal trials as a prosecutor from 1992-1997. It was during this time that Clancy earned a reputation that remains with him today – tough, but fair minded.

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