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Bush lifts import fuel limits, Ike price-gouging reported

September 13th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Bush lifts import fuel limits, Ike price-gouging reported

WASHINGTON, (AFP) - US President George W. Bush announced on Saturday restrictions on imported gasoline had been suspended in response to Hurricane Ike, which disrupted operations at Gulf Coast oil refineries and prompted gas price-gouging in southeastern states.

“Last night we suspended EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) waivers on certain reformulated gasoline, which will make it easier for imports from abroad to make it into our markets,” Bush told reporters outside the White House as the powerful hurricane caused massive flooding in Texas and Louisiana.

“In the meantime, the Department of Energy, the Federal Trade Commission and I know state authorities will be monitoring the gasoline prices to make sure consumers are not being gouged, to make sure consumers are being treated fairly,” Bush said.

Several officials have stressed that there are sufficient supplies of fuel, and lashed out at some price-gouging at gasoline pumps, with the governor of Florida decrying the practice as “unconscionable.”

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Bush lifts import fuel limits, Ike price-gouging reported

There is absolutely NO reason for gas prices to take massive jumps my friends. If you see it happening, take a picture of the company sign, the pump, the station itself, document this CRIME, and report it. Many people will pitch in and help in any way they can after a disaster like IKE, but many will become predators, and will prey on their fellow man.

The initial response to Hurricane IKE is in the hands of the states affected, there’s not too much the feds can do in the 1st few hours other than have FEMA ready to respond, and that HAS been done. And to the Bush administration I have to say, KUDOS, you have learned your lessons well and are to be commended.

While the feds may not have a tremendous involvement at this moment, they can, and apparently WILL be going after those that would make ridiculous profits from the suffering of others, and to that I say, KUDOS again!

And to those that are in the affected areas, if you read this, beware of *fly by night* home repairs and remodeling services. There will be many that will come in looking quite reputable, they’ll do estimates on official looking paperwork and then hit you up for *X* number of dollars so they can go to Home Depot or Lowes and get the needed supplies to repair your damage. NEVER give ANY of them cash in advance, you are taking a very high risk of being scammed!

God Speed to all in the storm areas, take care and we are watching and waiting to see what is needed and the response will be overwhelming!

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