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Texas carries out nation’s first execution of 2009

January 14th, 2009 . by TexasFred
Texas carries out nation’s first execution of 2009

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) - A man convicted of murdering three people during a night of robberies more than 13 years ago in Fort Worth was put to death Wednesday evening in the nation’s first execution of the year.

In a brief, final statement, Curtis Moore, 40, thanked a woman who administers to the spiritual needs of death row inmates.

“I want to thank you for all the beautiful years of friendship and ministry,” Moore told Irene Wilcox as she watched through a window a few feet from him. Moore never acknowledged a man who survived his attacks or relatives of the three who died.

He was pronounced dead at 6:21 p.m., eight minutes after the lethal drugs began flowing.

Moore exhausted his appeals in the courts, and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles earlier this week refused a clemency petition that said he could be mentally retarded and ineligible for the death penalty. Courts earlier rejected similar mental retardation claims.

Moore was the first of six prisoners scheduled to die this month in Texas, the nation’s most active death penalty state.

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Texas carries out nation’s first execution of 2009

At the risk of offending the weak minded, bleeding heart libbers and anti Capital Punishment moonbats, it’s good to live in Texas. Well, not for the bad guys on Death Row, but for law abiding folks like me it is!!

God Bless Texas!!

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Crime-weary Mexico barely focuses on US execution

August 6th, 2008 . by TexasFred

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexicans struggling with increasingly gruesome crimes at home devoted the least attention in recent memory to the execution of one of their citizens in Texas.

With Mexico riveted on its own kidnap and killing of a 14-year-old boy, the normally anti-death penalty country expressed far less outrage at the death on Tuesday of Jose Medellin, a Mexican national convicted in the 1993 rape and murder of two Texas girls.

Some Mexicans on Wednesday even called for the death penalty at home.

“There is no reason for outrage. The man was a rapist,” said lawyer Gustavo Sanchez, 40, as he got his shoes shined on a Mexico City street. “If we had the death penalty here, there wouldn’t be so many crimes.”

His sentiments echoed Emilio Gamboa, the congressional leader of Mexico’s former ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, who called for capital punishment earlier this week.

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Crime-weary Mexico barely focuses on US execution

It’s utterly amazing how a few years of *out of control* violence and murder can change the overall thinking of a nation, even one as backwards and corrupt as Mexico.

Many nations will not use, or even consider the death penalty, they feel it is too harsh, too barbaric, and makes those that administer the death penalty as primitive as the criminal that committed the acts that brought the death penalty upon them.

There has got to be *some* deterrent, some penalty that will make the violent criminal think before he acts, something that will make him consider the consequences to himself.

I also know that many criminal psychologist’s say that the death penalty does nothing to slow these killers down, and use the large number of inmates on *death row* as their citation for that belief. Those learned individuals may be correct, or, maybe the criminals would be even more brazen in their murderous rampages if there wasn’t a death penalty in place in some states and countries of the world.

Personally, I am a strong supporter of the death penalty when applied in cases of Capitol crimes or to those that have committed particularly heinous crimes, ie: child rape and molestation. I know some of you will disagree, and to you that do, I hope you never have to see, 1st hand, what a murdered victim, especially a child, looks like up close and personal.

On 2nd thought, maybe you DO need to see what those victims look like.

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Texas executes Mexican-born killer

August 5th, 2008 . by TexasFred

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A Mexican-born condemned prisoner was executed Tuesday night for the rape and murder of two teenage girls 15 years ago after a divided U.S. Supreme Court rejected his request for a reprieve.

“I’m sorry my actions caused you pain. I hope this brings you the closure that you seek. Never harbor hate,” Jose Medellin said to those gathered to watch him die. Nine minutes later, at 9:57 p.m., he was pronounced dead.

Medellin’s execution, the fifth this year in the nation’s busiest capital punishment state, attracted international attention after he raised claims he wasn’t allowed to consult the Mexican consulate for legal help following his arrest. State officials say he didn’t ask to do so until well after he was convicted of capital murder.

Medellin, 33, was condemned for participating in the 1993 gang rape, beating and strangling of Elizabeth Pena, 16, and Jennifer Ertman, 14. He and five fellow gang members attacked the Houston girls as they were walking home on a June night, raped and tortured them for an hour, then kicked and stomped them before using a belt and shoelaces to strangle them.

Their remains were found four days later. By then, Medellin already had bragged to friends about the killings.

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Texas executes Mexican-born killer

A couple of days ago I posted this story: Texas: Man should be executed despite World Court objection. Well, tonight I am PROUD to say, Texas executed the bastard. He IS dead, really, really dead, very dead, totally and absolutely DEAD, and the World Court can pound sand up their butts.

The U.S. courts denied any more appeals, the Supreme Court gave their blessings and that murdering, raping Mexican is history.

The World Court pretty much ordered TEXAS to not execute this animal because he was born in Mexico, and our Mexican loving president tried to persuade the state of Texas to not execute this guy, President Bush DOES love him some Mexicans.

What does it matter WHERE he was born?? He lived here for the last 30 years, legal or not, and he committed his crimes here, it stands to reason that he should PAY for those crimes here.

And the great state of TEXAS, in a loud and strong voice, told the World Court and George W. Bush to go straight to hell, and then they sent Jose Medellin there.

In the immortal words of Mr. Ron White: If you come to Texas and kill someone, we’re gonna kill you back.


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Texas: Man should be executed despite World Court objection

August 3rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

HOUSTON (AP) — The planned execution this week of a man convicted in one of Houston’s most brutal murder cases in a generation has become among the most contentious in the state that has the nation’s busiest capital punishment system.

International attention has been focused on the execution of convicted killer Jose Medellin scheduled for Tuesday.

The International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, said the Mexican-born Medellin and some 50 other Mexicans on death row around the nation should have new hearings in U.S. courts to determine whether a 1963 treaty was violated during their arrests.

Medellin, now 33, is the first among the 50 who is set to die.

His attorneys contend Medellin was denied the protections of the Vienna Convention, which calls for people arrested to have access to their home country’s consular officials. He has been in the United States since the age of 3.

“The United States’ word should not be so carelessly broken, nor its standing in the international community so needlessly compromised,” Medellin’s attorneys said, seeking a reprieve in a filing late last week with the U.S. Supreme Court. The high court had not issued any ruling as of Sunday.

Full Story Here:
Texas: Man should be executed despite World Court’s objection

If you’re an ILLEGAL INVADER loving, faux conservative RINO that feels total empathy for the *poor undocumented immigrant* that you believe is only here to better himself, you’re not going to like what I have to say regarding this execution.

Execute this murdering bastard, and get it done NOW!

The World Court and their band of merry liberalness have NO bearing on TEXAS, none, this sorry excuse for a human being committed the most vile crime a human can commit.

The very fact that this animal is still breathing air is wrong, the very fact that there is ANY problem with the him being executed is beyond all logical belief.

So what if he was born in Mexico, big deal. He’s been in THIS nation for 30 years and as such, should be subjected to OUR laws and our punishments, the World Court be DAMNED! No criminal should EVER get a *free pass* simply because they are not born here, if you commit a crime in the USA, the laws OF this USA should dictate your punishment.

President Bush has asked states to review the cases. Texas has refused to budge.

And by God I applaud the great state of Texas for NOT budging. There must be a line drawn in the sand, the ILLEGALS, criminals and invaders, can’t be allowed to get by with any crime, and then claim some kind of *immunity* due to their place of birth.

The line was drawn in the sand the 1st time at The Alamo, in February of 1836, and for almost 2 weeks a handful of TEXAS Patriots held off the Mexican army, then the Army of Texas, under Sam Houston, repelled the Mexican army and freed Texas.

There’s a lot more of us this time Mexico, and this time, we’re very well armed.

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