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Joe Biden to Withdraw as Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate

September 22nd, 2008 . by TexasFred

Joe Biden to Withdraw as Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate

There’s a new rumor going around the ‘net and a few political circles:

On or about October 5, 2008, Joe Biden will announce his resignation from the race as Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate. He will cite health reasons and quietly withdraw. Hillary Clinton is poised to take his place as the Democratic vice presidential candidate. Or so this latest rumor goes.

Joe Biden to Withdraw as Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate

Emails are flying, text messages are zinging around and it is all, at this point in time, nothing more than a rumor.

As I was reading this story I was finding the original authors thoughts to be pretty much in line with mine, it would be a good shot in the arm for the Hillary supporters, right up until the time that the cold, hard truth sets in.

The fact of the matter is this, Obama can’t lead a one car funeral, how can he be expected to lead this nation? The man is indecisive and very inexperienced, with NO leadership experience in business, the military or even state or local government, and a move such as this would only serve to reinforce that notion.

If Biden were to withdraw, he would have to appear to withdraw by his own decision, and even that would throw the Democrats into a tail spin. There could be NO impression given that Biden was being asked, or forced to step down, especially if the replacement were to be Hillary Clinton.

I am seriously thinking that IF there is a plan such as this being made, and IF it’s going to happen, it IS already in the works. IF Biden were to suddenly pop up with health problems, it’s got to be a put-up set of circumstances, a planned change in the course of action taken by the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton would literally jump at the chance to step into the VP slot, that is a known fact, regardless of what she or her husband say, and if past performance is ANY indicator, she would use whatever methods necessary to assume the office of POTUS, and would employ any and all tactics that would help her to achieve that goal. You doubt that? The Clinton Death List

Barack Obama is NOT a very smart man, that is obvious when he speaks off prompter. He picked Joe Biden to be his VPOTUS running mate, that says a lot about the Senator from Illinois as well, even he knows that his weaknesses are many. How he ever expected Biden to be the one to pull him through is beyond me, Biden brings more baggage to the campaign than anyone else would have dreamed of.

But to replace Biden at this point in time, whether it be by orders of Obama, as it likely would, or if it were given to the MSM as Sen. Biden has health concerns, the American public would immediately see through this for exactly what it is.

In conclusion, it is MY opinion that if such a radical event were to occur, it would result in the total and immediate demise of the Obama campaign.

Obama himself would be looked upon as the most incredible flip-flopper that has ever assumed the campaign trail, and that would be the most incredible gift Sen. Obama could ever give the Conservative and Republican bloggers of this nation.

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