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Plant workers: Fairness at stake in prayer dispute

September 19th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Plant workers: Fairness at stake in prayer dispute

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (AP) - Melissa Infante sat in her car smoking a cigarette, knowing she was supposed to be packaging meat at the JBS Swift & Co. plant where she’s worked for nearly two years.

But she’d walked off the job Thursday morning to protest a schedule change she believes unfairly catered to Muslim workers at the plant, shrugging off warnings from supervisors that she could be fired.

“To me, it’s just not fair,” Infante said.

On Monday, hundreds of Muslim employees were the first to walk off the job, saying they weren’t being allowed to take a break to pray during the holy month of Ramadan. Break times were then altered on the second shift so the Muslim employees, mostly Somali, could make their fourth of five daily prayers at sunset.

Then hundreds of non-Muslim workers walked off the job in counterprotests Wednesday and Thursday morning. Later Thursday, plant managers did an about-face, saying the new break times weren’t working.

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Plant workers: Fairness at stake in prayer dispute

I posted regarding this yesterday. It’s a *HOT* story, and it’s an important story and I got some really good responses from a few people, and to them I say, THANK YOU! It is my pleasure to stand with great Americans such as yourselves.

What truly surprises me is this; I not only posted it, I sent it out via email to something like 200 bloggers, folks that are on the American Conservative and Texas Connection blog rolls. Folks that are normally *Johnny on the spot* at taking up the challenge and getting directly involved when it comes to subjects like this, responding to actions that can, and DO have adverse affects on America and OUR way of life.

I didn’t see that yesterday. I scoured the blog rolls, I visited every blog I have listed and didn’t see more than 4 blogs that were even taking this story on. I got 13 responses to my story, 12 were from American bloggers, great folks one and all, and I had a response from Issac at Views down my sights. Issac isn’t even an American, but he should be. He loves this nation more than many that are born and raised here, and he has no problem voicing that love, and letting anyone that will listen know exactly how he feels regarding the Libber left and the Muslim hordes.

Folks, I don’t care whether you make comments in agreement with me or not, look, I love blogging, but some things are a lot more important than comments. This story is one of them.

The employees of JBS Swift & Company, the Christian, and I presume Jewish employees, are in a real fight for the American way of life, they are being abused and taken advantage of by Muslim Somalis, people that have come to THIS nation to escape the dangers, hunger and political unrest of their own homes, and helping the oppressed is what we, as Americans have always done. That is NOT the problem.

The problem is this; we have once again accepted *the huddled masses*, given them a new chance at life and hope, but now the ungrateful cretins expect US to conform to their way of life. I can’t speak for all of you but that is a scenario that I will have NO part of!

Folks, get behind this thing, support the workers at JBS Swift & Company, the Americans, Christian and Jew, those that had the guts to walk off the line in protest. We can’t allow the Islamic hordes to come to the United States of America and change OUR way of life, that is NOT the foundation that this nation was built upon. If these people want to come here so they can live, work and prosper, that is wonderful, that is what has built this nation and made it great.

But if their intention is to come here to dominate the USA with their 7th century beliefs, to force this nation to accept their beliefs as they worship a pedophile that was also a practitioner of bestiality, then let them return to whatever flea infested Islamic sand pile they crawled out of, and then let them stay there. We, as patriotic Americans and lovers of our freedoms and this great nation CAN NOT allow matters to happen otherwise!

“There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.” ~Theodore Roosevelt ~

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Swift agrees to Muslims demands for prayer times

September 18th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Swift agrees to Muslims’ demands for prayer times

OneNewsNow - The founder of a messianic Jewish ministry says it’s outrageous that a meatpacking company has caved to the demands of Muslims who wanted to take breaks to coincide with an Islamic religious period.

Earlier this week 300 Muslims walked off the job at a JBS Swift & Company meatpacking facility in Grand Island, Nebraska, and marched on city hall, complaining that they were denied time to pray at sunset during their month of Ramadan. But two days later the union announced that the company agreed to accommodate the Muslims’ demands.

On Wednesday the president of the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union said management at the Nebraska plant had agreed to temporarily change the timing of the second-shift lunch break to accommodate workers wanting time to pray at sunset during the Muslim observance of Ramadan. The company says the arrangement will be in effect for the remainder of Ramadan — through the end of this month.

Jan Markell, founder and director of Minnesota-based Olive Tree Ministries, says this is not the first time Muslims have foisted their religious demands on private companies.

Full Story Here:
Swift agrees to Muslims demands for prayer times

Get ready for it America, it’s coming just as sure as you are reading this. Islam has made some serious inroads regarding their consumption of America, the Islamic hordes are preparing to take this nation, and this is the 1st move we’ll see, their demands for prayer times, times that don’t conform to American work standards. They want times that conform to the teachings of a false prophet, an individual that was a pedophile and a practitioner of bestiality.

Great Britain has succumbed to Sharia Law, Revealed: UK’s first official sharia courts and we are next on their list folks. The religious freedom that the Muslims seek here in America is nothing more than the 1st attacks on OUR way of life. Muslims, and ALL that practice this cult of hatred will NOT even begin to attempt to conform to the American way of life. Instead they demand, they DEMAND that America conform to them.

“We have had a little bit of this experience in my home state of Minnesota, [at] the Hormel plant in Austin…,” she shares. “The exact same problem took place down there. And not only that, this is going on all over the country. This is not localized to just one or two or three meatpacking plants.” In fact, a similar incident happened recently at a Swift plant in Greeley, Colorado.

We are seeing it more and more. American businesses are giving in to the demands of these people. 300 of them walked off the job? Great, here is the perfect opportunity to hold an open job fair and hire Christian or Jewish Americans that are in need of jobs.

Recently a Tyson plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee gave in to Muslim demands for a holiday observance, Tyson drops Labor Day holiday for Eid al-Fitr.

Where does this end? At what point do WE draw a line and say NO MORE? If these members of the fanatic cult known as Islam aren’t stopped, and stopped soon, America will succumb to Sharia rule as well. The time to fight is NOW, if we wait until the courts, Congress, the Senate and yes, even the White House are taken over by the Islamic hordes, then it is too late, we are lost forever, and the America that once was will never be again.

Islam, and it’s worshipers, have NO business in this nation. Yes, I know, we are a nation of tolerance, and we believe in freedom of religion, but there is NO religious organization in this nation today that dictates these terms, Submit or Die, none other than Islam. I can’t speak for all, but when I am threatened in such a way, I take that as a call to arms in defense of my family, the Christian faith and this nation.

In MY opinion, anyone that doesn’t see it that way needs to be expelled from American soil, along with the Islamic cults that have declared war on the American people.

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