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Somalis leaving Minn. for jihad

December 19th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Somalis leaving Minn. for jihad

MINNEAPOLIS — Mohamud Ali Hassan once told the Somali grandmother who raised him that he’d become a doctor and care for her.

The Somali immigrant, who moved to the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” when he was 8, had good grades at the University of Minnesota and called Muslims to prayer at his mosque, where he also slept during the holy month of Ramadan.

But on Nov. 1, Hassan disappeared, as have a dozen other boys and young men here — two days after another young Muslim from Minnesota blew himself up as a suicide bomber in Somalia.

Hassan, 18, called his grandmother to say he was back in Somalia, where an Islamist militia is trying to take over the Horn of Africa nation. What he was doing there, he did not say.

Now the FBI is asking questions, as are members of the Somali community. The Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center denies any wrongdoing, but many here suspect that the mosque and its imam are radicalizing their youth to become jihadists in an Islamic holy war overseas or perhaps even in the United States.

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Somalis leaving Minn. for jihad

There is a lot to be said about these ragheaded cockroaches going back to Somalia to fight in their Jihad. And none of it is BAD as far as I can see. It gets them out of the USA, that’s a good thing. They may get killed fighting in Somalia. That’s a good thing too, at least in my opinion, it means they won’t be coming back to the USA with their tuberculosis infected, and disease riddled bodies, thus spreading their pestilence to us.

but many here suspect that the mosque and its imam are radicalizing their youth to become jihadists in an Islamic holy war overseas or perhaps even in the United States.

The above excerpt is the part of this story that really bothers me. The high-lite is MINE. I, and many others, have been screaming at the top of our lungs, for a very long time, this nation is RIPE for the picking. Our borders are wide open. Our enemies are in place. They are prepared to launch an insurgency in America exactly the same way it’s done in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and any other part of the world where the Muslim infestation is embedded.

The liberal left, those that love anyone and anything that they believe to be capable of destroying this nation, are empowering these cretins. The radicals of Islam have sworn to force America to submit to Islam, or die. It doesn’t get a lot more plain and easily understood than that. Yet the left, the libbers, the *Progressives* as they like to be called, are more concerned with the religious *rights* of these Islamic asshats than they are the welfare and safety of our own people and this nation.

America has many enemies. Most of those enemies are right here, right now. One of them will be sworn in as POTUS soon. Do ANY of you even remotely imagine that Obama will do anything to stop the Islamic hordes and the ILLEGALS from over running this nation??

And quite frankly, I am not nearly as concerned with the border jumpers from Mexico and elsewhere that are, although here illegally, are really looking for work and an opportunity to make money as I am those that are here to declare WAR on We, The People, and do so from within, as they use our own laws and the Constitution against us.

We are a nation of laws and freedom, our enemies are using those very laws and freedoms that we cherish against us. Perhaps it’s time to make those liberties available to only those that are deserving of them. U.S. citizens, and not just anyone that happens to find their way to our shores.

Freedom is not free, and it is NOT a gift. Our enemies don’t come here to be FREE, they come here to destroy our freedom by using it against us. That is something that must be brought to an immediate end. It’s America, the land of the free, NOT ‘Islam, submit or die’!

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