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Senate confirms Holder as first black AG

February 2nd, 2009 . by TexasFred

Senate confirms Holder as first black AG

WASHINGTON (AP) - Eric Holder won Senate confirmation Monday as the nation’s first African-American attorney general, after supporters from both parties touted his dream resume and easily overcame Republican concerns over his commitment to fight terrorism and his willingness to back the right to keep and bear arms. The vote was 75-21.

Holder’s chief supporter, Sen. Patrick Leahy, said the confirmation was a fulfillment of civil rights leader Martin Luther King’s dream that everyone would be judged by the content of their character.

“Come on the right side of history,” said Leahy, D-Vt., chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Holder becomes the only black in President Barack Obama’s Cabinet. Three other African-Americans were named to top administration positions, but are not Cabinet secretaries.

Holder was a federal prosecutor, judge and the No. 2 Justice Department official in the Clinton administration. Even his critics agreed that Holder was well-qualified, but they questioned his positions and independence.

Full Story Here:
Senate confirms Holder as first black AG

The MOST dangerous man that the gun owners of the USA face, Eric Holder, was confirmed as Attorney General today. Holder is as anti-gun as it gets. It is MY opinion that Holder considers himself to be some sort of crusader on a quest, or a mission from God. Holder is, without a doubt, the worst choice that Obama could have made and the most despicable conformation that the Senate has made to date.

I have got to offer huge KUDOS to BOTH of my Senators, John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison. The BOTH voted NAY on the conformation of Holder. You can see how YOUR Senator voted HERE and I hope you see a NAY beside your Senators name!

If your Senators name is on this list in the YEA column, then YOU and your state has some serious work to do. I can’t do it for you, only YOU and the residents of YOUR state can get the job done. We have made a serious effort here in Texas, we TELL our Senators what we want from them, we don’t sit back and hope they do the right thing, we demand it of them and if they don’t, they KNOW that Texas voters will NOT think kindly of them come election day.

Both of my Senators voted for the Wall Street bailout, Hutchison was a supporter of the Immigrant Dream Act, and she still has to answer for that when she comes home to run for Governor. No one gets a pass, there are NO free lunches. We still have the Stimulus Package vote coming up, both of MY Senators are indicating they will oppose it, I certainly hope so, I have made my feelings well known to both. As well as the likely consequences if they don’t vote against it.

I am doing all I can do here in Texas, I hope you are in your state, I hope you are burning up the email inbox in your Senate and Congressional members office. YOU are the only one that can get it done, and this nation needs ALL the good people and help it can get! And I hope you will vote OUT any RINO that stood FOR this piece of shit Eric Holder!

EDIT TO ADD: The headline stresses the fact that Holder is black. I don’t give a damn if he’s lily white or green with purple polka dots, this guy is the biggest danger in the Obama cabinet!

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Illegal immigration foe Rep. Tom Tancredo retires

December 8th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Illegal immigration foe Rep. Tom Tancredo retires

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) - When Tom Tancredo, the lightning-rod Colorado conservative, went to Congress a decade ago, he promised he wouldn’t disappear in Washington. He sure didn’t.

Tancredo made headlines clashing with Democrats and his fellow Republicans. He could be hard to figure even by his allies. The grandson of Italian immigrants, Tancredo founded the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus and achieved national recognition with aggressive, biting rhetoric against what he called out-of-control immigration and bilingual education.

At home, Tancredo lived six doors down from Columbine High School, but he resisted calls for stronger gun control after the nation’s deadliest high school shooting in 1999. He was born Catholic, but converted to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and blasted Pope Benedict XVI for defending immigrants during a papal visit to Washington.

Tancredo was called racist for presidential campaign ads that suggested Latino immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. He once said Miami was like a Third World country because of its growing non-English-speaking population. He suggested America should threaten to destroy Islam’s holy city of Mecca in case of a future terrorist attack.

Full Story Here:
Illegal immigration foe Rep. Tom Tancredo retires

I wish Mr. Tom Tancredo well in his retirement, I hope he stays healthy, happy and OUT of politics.

Once upon a time I actually thought Tancredo to be a very good choice for a run at the office of POTUS. There were many that agreed with me too. There were many more that didn’t agree, they said Tancredo was a *one trick pony*, that trick being his stand against illegal immigration. It was that hard line stand against illegal immigration that made me think so much of Tancredo. He was touted as being the Conservative that was going to protect the USA from the illegal invasion, and that was good enough for me, at least for starters.

Tom Tancredo has proven himself to be anything but Conservative. Tom Tancredo is what can best be described as a RINO, a Republican In Name Only and in MY opinion, Mr. Tancredo took a hard left turn towards socialism when he voted FOR the Wall Street Bailout!

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) bucked his constituents Monday by voting for a $700 billion economic bailout plan,saying in a statement that he was worried many people “would pay the price for the excesses of others.”

Tancredo was the only one among Colorado’s three Republican members of Congress to vote for the bill. Democrats Ed Perlmutter (D-Golden) and Diana DeGette (D-Denver) also voted “aye.”

Full Story Here:
Tancredo votes for bailout bill despite constituent opposition

It was at that particular point in time that I let out a sigh of relief and remorse. I was glad that Tancredo hadn’t made it to the office of POTUS. I was also seriously disappointed in Tancredo and I had to accept the fact that I had been wrong about him and his Conservative credentials. No REAL Conservative voted FOR the Wall Street bailout, NO Conservative!

My 2 U.S. Senators from Texas, Hutchison and Cornyn, voted FOR the bailout, they disappointed many Texas voters, and I think they will see just how much we were all disappointed by their vote as they ignored the wishes of their constituents in upcoming Senatorial and Gubernatorial elections!

Mr. Tancredo, as well as many other RINOs in the Senate and Congress are going to realize, their moving more towards the RNC version of Democrat Lite, and away from REAL Republican and Conservative values, is going to spell the end of their careers. A Republican can’t get elected to the office of Dog Catcher without the Conservative vote of this nation. And after much soul searching, I, and many others have vowed that we will never again settle for the lesser of the evils!

It’s going to be Conservative politics for me, from now on. No more fakes, no more *evils*, no more RINOs, no more settling for less. It’s time that the Conservatives of this nation stood and made their voices heard!

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Dem opponent rips Texas Sen. Cornyn over donations

October 7th, 2008 . by TexasFred

In Texas Senate race, Dem opponent Noriega says GOP’s Cornyn too cozy with financial industry

AUSTIN (AP) — Democrat Rick Noriega’s campaign suggested Monday that despite his claims to the contrary Republican Sen. John Cornyn is cozy with Wall Street investors and bankers who contribute millions to his campaigns.

Noriega’s camp was responding to a Cornyn television ad in which the senator is shown walking among cattle in South Texas and speaking of the financial and credit crisis. “It shouldn’t have happened,” Cornyn says in the ad.

The Noriega campaign posted an ad on the Internet that contends Cornyn “just follows the herd.” It points out that Cornyn, a first-term Texas senator, has accepted $3.9 million from the financial, insurance and real estate sectors.

Among the donations are $731,525 from those in the security and investment industry and $546,342 from donors in commercial banking, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, which is cited as the Noriega campaign’s source, states on its Web site.

“Cornyn has a long record of pay-to-play politics,” said Noriega spokesman Martine Apodaca. “Unfortunately for Texans, after taking nearly $4 million from the financial industry Cornyn turned around and gave them $700 billion in taxpayer money. It looks like the financial industry got quite a return on their investment.”

Full Story Here:
Dem opponent rips Texas Sen. Cornyn over donations

Conservative Texas voters are faced with a dilemma this time around, we can vote for John Cornyn and reelect a man that has proven himself to be in the pocket of the socialists that are taking over this nation, or we can vote for a Democrat, Rick Noriega, an unproven quality at best, but in MY opinion, the very fact that he IS a Dem says ALL I need to hear.

We have been reduced to voting for the lesser of the evils in our presidential races, have been for a number of years, now, we’re being given those exact same options in our senate race here in Texas. And that is something that doesn’t sit worth a damn with this Texan.

In Cornyn’s ad, the senator is cast as someone who tried to warn congressional leaders in Washington about the housing and financial crisis as long as two years ago. To back that up, Cornyn’s campaign released a 2006 letter to Senate leaders that he and 19 other senators signed warning of potential problems with the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Yes, Cornyn did try to say something, back in 2006, and that appears to be where it was dropped. Last week Cornyn rolled over like a whore in heat and totally disregarded the pleas of his constituents and supporters and he DID vote, right down the line with the Dems and Obama, to support this debacle called the Wall Street Bailout! See this link: as an example of the folks that were telling Cornyn to vote against! See it for yourself, John Cornyn took the glass and swallowed a huge shot of SOCIALIST Kool-Aid!

It galls me to no end that Cornyn has turned his back on the people of Texas, refused to listen to them, we are the ones that put Cornyn there, to be our Senator, and as such, he works for US, the people of Texas, and his job is to represent us in all matters, and to take OUR views to heart, and vote in a way that supports those that have supported him.

I have NEVER in my life voted for a Democrat, EVER, but come Nov. 4th that will no longer be the fact of the matter, I am all for firing ALL of them, Cornyn, Hutchison, any Senator or Congressman that voted for this bailout. Rick Noriega may not be the best there is but maybe he needs a chance, but he needs to be fully aware, the tide can, and WILL turn on him too, all he has to do is make several wrong decisions.

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