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Mexico expresses “deep concern” at migrant death

January 6th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Mexico expresses “deep concern” at migrant death

MEXICO CITY (AP) – The Mexican government says it is concerned by the fatal shooting of a Mexican migrant by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department says it will closely watch investigations into the case, and has expressed the government’s “deep concern” over the shooting.

The department identified the shooting victim as Jorge Alfredo Solis Palma.

Solis Palma was shot and killed Monday after he reportedly attacked a U.S. Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona with rocks.

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Mexico expresses “deep concern” at migrant death

If our so-called government does what they have in the past, the Border Patrol agent will be vilified and jailed. I certainly hope not, but past performance is a great indicator of what to expect from future actions.

The incident is being investigated by the Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff’s Office, the FBI and the Border Patrol.

I guess the ultimate finding will depend on how much pressure Mexico puts on Obama and how much Obama seeks to not offend the Mexican government.

The area is frequently used by undocumented migrants. The Foreign Relations Department’s statement did not say what Solis Palma was doing there.

The Foreign Relations Department is playing the PC game. What was the guy doing there? In an area known to be used by ILLEGALS trying to get into this nation? 

Maybe it really is over the heads of the Obama administration and the screwballs that run DHS.

I think everyone that has ever read my blog knows I don’t play the PC game. I call them exactly what they are, ILLEGALS, wetbacks, invaders, an infestation of trash, disease and garbage and any other expletives I find necessary, and I make NO apologies to anyone for those statements.

I HATE ILLEGAL INVADERS! I think it shows. I have nothing against anyone that wants to come to America legally. I have nothing against LEGAL immigration. ILLEGAL entry into this nation should be treated as any other invasion would be. It should be met with a MILITARY response and the invaders need to be stopped from coming in to the USA and those already in place need to be rounded up and removed, by ANY means necessary!

Border Patrol spokesman Omar Candelaria says the shooting occurred Monday after the agent and his dog encountered the man in an area known as “D” Hill just outside Douglas.

Authorities say the man assaulted the agent with rocks, and the unidentified agent shot back. The man, whose name also was not released, died while being transported to a hospital. SOURCE

I applaud the Border Patrol agent for doing his job, protecting this nation and for defending himself in an effective manner. I hope that many more agents are allowed to do so. Under the prior administration they were severely limited in the actions that they could employ, I am fairly certain that they are saddled by at least as restrictive rules under Obama and Napolitano, if not more so.

As in times past, our President will do little, if anything, to stem the flow of ILLEGALS that are inundating this nation. The last U.S. President to actually DO anything about the problem of ILLEGAL and undocumented aliens was Dwight D. Eisenhower with Operation Wetback.

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