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2012 already? GOP wannabes jockeying early

November 14th, 2009 . by TexasFred

2012 already? GOP wannabes jockeying early

WASHINGTON (AP) - Sarah Palin is embarking on a book tour. Tim Pawlenty is building a national political operation. Mitt Romney is weighing in on the recession.

They’re all jockeying for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination - even if they won’t say so.

Make no mistake: At least a half-dozen Republicans are in the early stages of campaigning for the chance to challenge President Barack Obama in his expected re-election race.

Ultimately, some may decide against running. But, at this point, they’re taking steps to position themselves for the GOP nomination fight - and that means courting conservatives critical in primaries, proving they can take on a popular incumbent president and painting a vision for a wayward GOP.

And, of course, gauging their relative strength, visiting early primary states and refusing to rule out official bids.

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2012 already? GOP wannabes jockeying early

I am going to come out very early and say this so that at NO point in the near future will anyone be able to say I didn’t take a stand on what was right, and didn’t declare MY intentions from the very start!

IF the GOP/RNC can’t offer up REAL Conservatives, social and fiscal Conservatives, I will, in all probability, vote for a 3rd party candidate again, just as I did in 2008. No more *lesser of the evils*, no more settling for less than the very best from the best candidates that can possibly be run. I don’t care WHAT the party is associated with their names, if they aren’t tried and true Conservatives, I will NOT support them in ANY way.

Pawlenty, for instance, caused a stir among insiders recently with a series of bobbles. In one case, the Minnesota governor seemed to suggest that moderate Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, who sided with Democrats on Obama’s health care reform in a Senate Finance Committee vote, shouldn’t be part of the GOP. Pawlenty later made clear that she should.

What’s that Lassie? Little Timmy stepped in WHAT Lassie? Stepped in it, then slipped and fell into the hell that is political correctness?

Pawlenty was right in his 1st assessment, Olympia Snowe has NO business being in the GOP, she is an excellent example of what being a RINO is all about. He got it right and then wimped out in a grand display of political correctness. I abhor PCness. Take a stand, pick a side, tell the truth, speak an open and honest opinion and to HELL with ALL of the overly sensitive RINOs that are still trying in every way they can to embrace the *big tent* politics of the GOP, now known as Dem Lite.

Among others said to be flirting with a run are former House Speaker Newt Gingrich…

If Newt Gingrich runs for, and wins the nomination from the GOP, we, as a nation, are totally screwed. Gingrich is one of the original RINOs. He has been the subject of ethics violations and sanctions, he stands with people like Al $harpton, he supported DeDe Scozzafava. Gingrich is a used up, dried out piece of RINO dung!

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