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Some Gustav evacuees say officials overreacted

September 3rd, 2008 . by TexasFred
Some Gustav evacuees say officials overreacted
NEW ORLEANS – Millions fled the Gulf Coast in fear of Hurricane Gustav, billed as the apocalyptic “mother of all storms.” Fortunately, it was no Katrina.

Now, with three other storms lining up in the Atlantic, some fear people might not listen next time.

As the first of the 2 million people who fled Gustav began to trickle home Tuesday from shelters, many grumbled about the food, the heat, the overcrowding, the uncertainty and the frustrating wait for the all-clear. Some evacuees, particularly in Texas, on the far fringes of the storm’s path, suggested authorities overreacted in demanding that they leave their homes.

“Next time, it’s going to be bad because people who evacuated like us aren’t going to evacuate,” Catherine Jones, 53, of Silsbee, Texas, who spent three days on a cot at a church shelter with her disabled son. “They jumped the gun.”

In Texas, Gustav barely brought a sprinkle, leading to frustration among those who had to spend days on cots. The Beaumont Enterprise went as far as to taunt “Gustav Who?” on its front page the day after the storm.

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Some Gustav evacuees say officials overreacted

You can make some of the people happy, some of the time, then you have the *welfare slugs* of New Orleans…

New Orleans dodged a bullet, they got hit a lot easier than the National Weather Service predicted, and instead of being thankful, all they do is gripe and moan.

The levees barely made it this time, they were *topped* by a minimal hurricane hit and a moderate storm surge, God help these people if the next storm takes a bit better aim and doesn’t deal them that glancing blow that they should be thankful for, and there WILL be another storm, that is an inevitability.

Can you imagine the deafening cries of anguish that the *slugs* would have made had Gustav been a Cat 4 or Cat 5 as it made landfall had the state of Louisiana done nothing? Or had they done what was done during the Katrina catastrophe, or the cries from the left side of the aisle had the Bush administration not had FEMA in place before the storm?

It appears that Gov. Bobby Jindal did everything possible to keep his citizens safe, and for that I applaud him, he wasn’t about to make the mistakes of Kathleen Blanco. And for whatever reason, Ray Nagin built a fire under his administration and they actually did a fine job, and for that he is to be commended as well. It appears that some folks DID learn valuable lessons from Katrina.

But the overly simplistic minds that the majority of New Orleans exhibits sees this as a matter of, “they lied to us, dis weren’t no bad storm, next time, I ain’t a leavin’ my crib“, this was heard by my wife and I in a local supermarket yesterday afternoon as we shopped for groceries.

Here’s the deal, let the ingrates stay, let ‘em exhibit all the ignorance that some of us are so positive exists in present day New Orleans. And if they stay, they can drown with a city that IS steadily sinking into the swamp. A fitting end to the debacle that is New Orleans!

Oh, and one more thing, I am a Louisiana native, but thank God my parents had the good sense to come to Texas 53 years ago. I have lived in Louisiana as an adult, but only for a brief period of time, I had to escape the pervasive ignorance and corruption, and the *welfare* mentality that overpowers the entire state.

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New Orleans repeating deadly levee mistakes

August 23rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

New Orleans repeating deadly levee mistakes

NEW ORLEANS - Signs are emerging that history is repeating itself in the Big Easy, still healing from Katrina: People have forgotten a lesson from four decades ago and believe once again that the federal government is constructing a levee system they can prosper behind.

In a yearlong review of levee work here, The Associated Press has tracked a pattern of public misperception, political jockeying and legal fighting, along with economic and engineering miscalculations since Katrina, that threaten to make New Orleans the scene of another devastating flood.

Dozens of interviews with engineers, historians, policymakers and flood zone residents confirmed many have not learned from public policy mistakes made after Hurricane Betsy in 1965, which set the stage for Katrina; many mistakes are being repeated.

“People forget, but they cannot afford to forget,” said Windell Curole, a Louisiana hurricane and levee expert. “If you believe you can’t flood, that’s when you increase the risk of flooding. In New Orleans, I don’t think they talk about the risk.”

Full Story Here:
New Orleans repeating deadly levee mistakes

The people of New Orleans are not too smart sometime, at least that’s my opinion on the matter. Even if the people of New Orleans think I a NOT entitled to an opinion on their fair city simply because my screen name is TexasFred.

I am NOT joking, that is the rationale offered by many on the NOLA.com site, “You’re from Texas, why do you care what we do or how we do it?” and honestly, I considered a name change but LouisianaFred or CajunFred just didn’t ring my bell, ya know?

But according to the thought process that is New Orleans, I surely can’t have a legitimate opinion of New Orleans and it’s maladies. Never mind the fact that I was born in Louisiana, or that we lived in New Orleans and south Louisiana when I was a lot younger. Never mind the fact that my family goes back to at least the early 1800’s in Louisiana history. That doesn’t matter to the *welfare slugs* and the narrow minded, pompous asses that believe New Orleans to be *bullet proof* when the next hurricane comes in and finishes what Katrina started.

There are some very simple FACTS in play regarding New Orleans, but the simple minds OF New Orleans just can’t seem to grasp them.

New Orleans Is Sinking - Popular Mechanics
New Orleans Is Sinking, New Orleans May Sit In The Gulf Of Mexico In 90 Years - CBS News
ScienceDaily: New Orleans - The New Atlantis?
BBC NEWS Americas New Orleans ’sinking even faster’
NPR : Satellite Imagery Shows a Sinking New Orleans

And even given these facts and predictions, the U.S. government continues to pump billions of OUR tax dollars into their attempt at saving what is, truly, a lost cause. And after the rude arrogance exhibited by the people OF New Orleans and NOLA.com combined with the corruption and inept Democratic leadership that IS New Orleans, I don’t care if the whole damned place falls off in the Gulf.

I just don’t want to see any more of our tax dollars wasted on that stink hole.

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