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The Million Gun Owner March - Part II

February 1st, 2009 . by TexasFred

The Million Gun Owner March - Part II

To those fine folks that ARE willing to work, do research, participate and contribute their time and efforts in the planning stages of this get together, YOU are the people that this is done for, YOU are the greatest people on the web!!

That said, a few folks left the Facebook group and the USGOA Forum last night, and to them I say, glad to see you go! I will NOT deal with NEGATIVE people, I will NOT suffer fools, users, posers and whiny crybabies lightly. On a brighter note, we have had several NEW members join the Group and the Forum, so, losses have been negated!

There are a lot of people that are simply nothing more than JOINERS, on Facebook, blog pages, whatever. They join as many groups as they can until Facebook cuts them off. They JOIN every blogroll or list that comes along. It doesn’t matter WHAT the issue or topic may be, they join so they can feel like they are a part of something, anything, but that’s all they do, JOIN.

We don’t need JOINERS on this group and association, we need DOERS. I announced this effort to organize a million member march and I was immediately inundated with messages, emails, Yahoo IMs, all of it, by people that wanted to know how well armed they needed to be in this march on Washington, D.C. I had several folks get very angry when I told them that they didn’t need to be armed at all, NOT in D.C. I was being hammered by messages and email and in an effort to answer everyone and save some time and additional work, I sent out 4 messages to the entire group, 4 total. I was accused by one IDIOT of spamming the group!

I am NOT, and was NOT spamming anyone, this potential MILLION Gun Owners march is a serious issue and anyone that doesn’t think so, anyone that doesn’t want to be messaged concerning this serious issue, you would be well served to remove yourself from our rolls. There IS information that will pop up from time to time that MUST be shared and there WILL BE more group messages and emails!

There are some folks that I call DO NOTHINGS, we see them all the time, “I’m ALL for it, as long as I don’t have to do anything..” Those are the people that we DON’T need in this group and gun owners association, and I make NO apology to ANYONE that is offended by this group doing what it is intended to do, promoting gun owners rights, gun safety and support of the 2A and political activism in support of those rights!!

This is a serious group engaged in serious activist work, if you aren’t there, if you aren’t SERIOUS about doing the work needed to ensure that we KEEP our guns, great, see ya round, we’ll fight the battle FOR you, but I look at this just like I look at voting, if YOU don’t vote, then you have no right to bitch about the government. Talk is CHEAP and last night we found out that we DO have a few that just aren’t needed here!

That NO GUNS at the march thing is NOT MY RULE nor was it MY idea, it came from the one of the organizers of this, Ted Nugent. Anyone that doesn’t like that idea can take it up with Ted at some point in the future.

I was also accused, by an incredibly ignorant ASS, of depriving him of his 1st Amendment right to *free speech* because I removed his very uncalled for comments and negative ideas that were directed against every hard working member of this group and association. I think nearly ALL bloggers already know this but I am going to repeat it for those that just haven’t caught on to the *free speech* thing:

YOU have no 1st Amendment rights on a site owned by another person, as owner of this blog, I have a constitutional RIGHT to free speech here, or on the Facebook group and on the USGOA forum. Your 1st Amendment rights apply to you, but on YOUR blog, page or website, not mine. On this blog YOU are a guest, just as I am if I visit YOUR site, and just as I am subject to YOUR rules, so, please act accordingly.

I am NOT going to allow the negative comments and pure *crybaby* bullshit to stand, the asshats that just want to bitch about anything and everything that happens, well, that isn’t staying posted on the blog, the group or the forum.

If you have something to contribute, if you are here in support of the 2A, great, we are glad to have you and we certainly need you and your contribution, no matter what that may be.

If you came here to cry and complain the 1st time a real CAUSE is brought up, your time was UP about 3 seconds after you started running off at the mouth!! Any that are offended by that message, feel free to not post or read here, feel free to delete your membership on the Facebook group or the USGOA Forum, you won’t hurt my feelings by doing so, and you will then have your freedom to post as you please, ON YOUR SITE!

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The Million Gun Owner March

January 31st, 2009 . by TexasFred

I received this from our fellow member Bushwack and this is one of those things that needs to be passed on, supported, nurtured and carried to fruition!

The Million Gun Owner March

Last week I received the below email from a lady in Belgium who had just read my book “RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms”. She was distraught and discouraged because her beloved country was no longer what it used to be. Here are her words.

“Another nutcase criminal entered a baby/little kid’s daycare center… and he began to stab the kids with a knife! You know what the adults who are supposed to take care of the kids did? One was stabbed himself, but two others ran away. One hid behind a closed door and watched through the window while the kids got slaughtered and another one ran away and left the kids alone with the attacker! Two babies died, several kids badly wounded… The country is in shock, how is this possible? …No one said anything about the cowardly behavior of the two adults who ran away. They told it like it was a normal reaction, a normal thing to do…”

I can sense the outrage in her voice when I read her words. This woman, once a patriotic and proud citizen, was now a mere subject, and ashamed of what her country had become. Thanks to the miracle of gun control and pistol-free zones, two more babies are dead.

I did some research and learned that in June of 2006, reacting to a racially inspired shooting in Antwerp, a Draconian gun ban went into effect in the country of Belgium. Citizens were required to turn over their firearms to police, without compensation, or, in the case of antiques, were required to render them permanently inoperable.

In the words of my reader in Belgium “The country is in shock, how is this possible?” The answer is simple: cause and effect. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. In this pitiful case the man didn’t even have a gun. He was loaded down with knives; he was mentally ill, and he arrived at the crime scene on a bicycle, did his killing, and then rode away - on a bike. Folks this is sad and shameful. Six adults couldn’t stop one crazy man with a knife on a bike.

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one. … Make mass searches and hold executions for found arms.” ~ Vladimir Lenin ~

Apparently, one man with a knife can now control six people without. But then again, it’s easy for us Americans to sit back and make fun of Europe. After all, we are the land of the free, the home of the brave. Right? Well, not so fast. In many states in America, including my home state of Michigan, the outcome would have been the same as in Belgium, because daycare centers are one of the hallowed and sacred pistol-free zones. (Sacred and revered, but only to law-abiding citizens, because criminals pay them no heed.)

For two centuries, us damned Yankees have enfleshed the attitude of freedom and independence. But now, have we changed? Is Obama fiddling as Washington DC burns? In my opinion, America has lost much of its spunk, much of its spirit, and much of its grit. We have become less heroic and more sheeplike. We are no longer leaders, but followers. In light of the outcome of the last elections, have we become simply Euro-sheep? I am ashamed to admit that many of my fellow Americans have indeed succumbed to oppression and have lost their will to fight. They would rather have peace than freedom.

The FULL Story Here, and there’s a LOT more:
United States Gun Owners Association - An Idea in the works!

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