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Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man

May 30th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Confronted by two holdup men, pharmacist Jerome Ersland pulled a gun, shot one of them in the head and chased the other away. Then, in a scene recorded by the drugstore’s security camera, he went behind the counter, got another gun, and pumped five more bullets into the wounded teenager as he lay on the floor.

Now Ersland has been charged with first-degree murder in a case that has stirred a furious debate over vigilante justice and self-defense and turned the pharmacist into something of a folk hero.

Ersland, 57, is free on $100,000 bail, courtesy of an anonymous donor. He has won praise from the pharmacy’s owner, received an outpouring of cards, letters and checks from supporters, and become the darling of conservative talk radio.

“His adrenaline was going. You’re just thinking of survival,” said John Paul Hernandez, 60, a retired Defense Department employee who grew up in the neighborhood. “All it was is defending your employee, business and livelihood. If I was in that position and that was me, I probably would have done the same thing.”

Full Story Here:
Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man

I am probably going to anger a few folks with this post, some will agree, some won’t, but that’s the price you pay when you have a blog and you’re not afraid to go after the most controversial of topics.

All we have to go on in this particular case is the information presented by the AP, based on that information, and working under the assumption that their information is correct, I have got to say, I feel that this guy is as guilty of murder as was Joe Horn. The grand jury in Pasadena, TX didn’t bring charges against Horn, much to my surprise, and depending upon the attitudes of the folks in Oklahoma, Jerome Ersland may end up being acquitted as well.

To shoot in self defense is not an issue for me. If someone comes into my home uninvited, in the middle of the night, or day for that matter, and is intent on doing me or my family harm, it’s an absolute given, I will punch their ticket to HELL and have absolutely NO feelings of guilt in doing so. For Ersland to have shot this wannabe bad boy in the head, and put him down, was an adequate and very acceptable response, and for that I am in full support of Ersland. To go back and get another gun, and shoot the bad boy 5 more times? Well, that is where you have to draw the line. Unless the guy was continuing to present a clear and present danger to Ersland and the stores occupants, this was way over the line of self defense!

Don Spencer, a 49-year-old National Rifle Association member who lives in the small town of Meridian, 40 miles north of Oklahoma City, said the pharmacist did the right thing: “You shoot more than enough to make sure the threat has been removed.”

Don, you are exactly what is wrong with the NRA, you give gun owners a bad name. Yes, Ersland was right in his initial reaction, that is an absolute in MY opinion. But to go back, change guns and to then shoot the guy 5 more times? That is cold blooded, premeditated MURDER, I don’t care HOW you cut it!

District Attorney David Prater said Ersland was justified in shooting 16-year-old Antwun Parker once in the head, but not in firing the additional shots into his belly. The prosecutor said the teenager was unconscious, unarmed, lying on his back and posing no threat when Ersland fired what the medical examiner said were the fatal shots.

The guy was shot, he presented, as I understand it, no THREAT at that particular point in time, that is where LAW ENFORCEMENT comes into play. Let the police do their job and let the guy spend some time in McAlester. Now, depending upon the whims and moods of a jury, and the skill of the lawyers, Ersland may well be the one spending time in McAlester.

Anthony Douglas, president of the Oklahoma chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, called it an “execution-style murder” and praised the district attorney for bringing charges. Ersland is white; the two suspects were black.

I won’t begin to speculate as to what was going through Ersland’s head in regards to race, and any possible act of racial hatred, but this is one time that I am having to stand in agreement with the observation made by Anthony Douglas of the NAACP, what started out as a legitimate act of self defense turned into, in my opinion, an “execution-style murder”, no matter what color the robbers were. And personally speaking, the color of the robbers or the shooter have no bearing on this issue. It is my feeling that the MSM is using the skin color of the participants in an attempt to further inflame the sensitivities of weak minded individuals that are easily baited into throwing the *race card*…

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NAACP Branch Readies for Confederate Flag Fight

May 28th, 2009 . by TexasFred

NAACP Branch Readies for Confederate Flag Fight

A flag fight is brewing in southern Florida.

Members of the Miami-Dade branch of the NAACP want the Confederate flag banned from the Homestead-Miami Motor Speedway, and they will meet Thursday to decide whether to boycott a NASCAR race slated there for November.

Debra Toomer, the branch’s chairwoman of press and publicity, said a planning session has been scheduled to decide on a course of action regarding the display of the flag at the Nov. 20-22 event, as well as its presence at city-sponsored events like last year’s Veterans Day parade.

“The concern is there,” Toomer said of Confederate flags. She declined to comment further before the meeting.

But officials at NASCAR and the raceway say there’s little they can do to prevent spectators from displaying or waving the Confederate flag.

NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston told that NASCAR’s “longstanding policy” prohibits displays of the Confederate flag on its cars, uniforms, licensed merchandise or in advertisements.

Full Story Here:
NAACP Branch Readies for Confederate Flag Fight

I have a very special, and personal message for ALL the members of the NAACP, La Raza, ACORN and any other bunch of moonbats that have a problem with the Flag of the Confederacy, and it’s very similar to the message I am sending to any and all that are offended by the United States flag.

You can all, each and every one of you, collectively or individually, KISS MY AMERICAN REBEL ASS!

Now you people have something else to be offended over!

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Slain woman was part of KKK ritual, St. Tammany sheriff says

November 11th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Slain woman was part of KKK ritual

A woman found slain in rural St. Tammany Parish on Monday was shot to death by the head of a Ku Klux Klan chapter from Bogalusa after she tried to back out of an initiation ritual, St. Tammany Parish authorities announced Tuesday.

Investigators have not positively identified the woman yet, but believe she is from the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain said. She apparently had come to Louisiana by bus after applying to join the organization over the internet and had intended to start recruiting others in Oklahoma, he said.

The woman and eight members of the Klan were in the Sun area camping Sunday night when she apparently attempted to leave, sparking an argument with Raymond “Chuck” Foster, 44, of Bogalusa, who acted as the group’s “imperial wizard,” Strain said. Foster shot the woman during the argument with a .40-caliber handgun, he said.

All eight of the people at the campsite have been arrested, Strain said.

After the shooting, Foster and the other seven suspects attempted to hide the crime by digging the bullet out of her body, dumping her in the Pearl River Canal near Lock #3 Road and burning the campsite, located on a sandbar in the canal, Strain said.

The investigation started after two of the Klansmen, Frank Stafford and Shane Foster, showed up at a Circle K in Bogalusa early Monday morning and asked the clerk how to get bloodstains out of clothing, authorities said. Investigators were able to track down these suspects and eventually found the other six in the woods near Sun.

Full Story Here:
Slain woman was part of KKK ritual, St. Tammany sheriff says

It appears that the Klan is STILL alive, not WELL, but alive in many parts of the world. And in the mean time, Suit seeks to bankrupt second largest KKK group. And this time it appears that they have killed what was about to be, one of their own! This happening in my home state makes it especially heinous to me, it’s bad enough that groups like the Klan even exist but Louisiana has long been a *hot bed* for this kind of crap! And for it to continue into 2008?? Sure brings back memories of the 1960′s for me

There are MANY idiots, on ALL sides of this thing, the Klan, The New Black Panthers, NAZIs, the NAACP, any group that does nothing other that perpetuate the mantra of racial hatred, based on their hatred of nothing more than the color of a persons skin, is representative of a very sick mind!

A short while ago I made a comment in the Suit seeks to bankrupt second largest KKK group in USA Today and I had someone tell me that the New Black Panthers were NOT about violence like the Klan was, and I pointed them to this link: New Panthers’ war on whites

Well, as you can imagine, it went down hill from there, no Black radical wants to admit that their race has HATE GROUPS that rival the Klan in their tenacity and heinous practices. Hate me because you don’t like ME, not my skin color, not for some past transgression committed by my ancestors. Hate me because I speak the truth as I see it, hate me because you don’t agree with my views and opinions, hate me because I, no pun intended, call a spade a spade.

I don’t hate ANYONE simply because of their skin color, there has to be a real, deep seeded reason for hatred, and pigmentation is NOT it.

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