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Transition, too, for Michelle Obama to first lady

November 9th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Transition, too, for Michelle Obama to first lady

WASHINGTON (AP) - She’s been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy, is every bit as high-powered as Hillary Rodham Clinton was and has praised Laura Bush’s calm and rational approach to issues.

So what kind of first lady will Michelle Obama be?

It may be too soon to know - she’s probably still trying to figure it all out herself. This much is certain: She will be the kind of first lady this country hasn’t seen in decades: the mother of young children.

But Barack Obama has portrayed his wife as one of his top advisers and it’s a safe bet she will continue in that role at the White House, as first ladies before her have done. He has described her as the family’s “rock” and told Newsweek magazine she had “veto power” over his decision to run for president.

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Transition, too, for Michelle Obama to first lady

Calling Michelle Obama a *class act* is a real reach. And this will be the First Lady of the United States of America!

I can’t remember Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush or even Hillary Clinton going out in public dressed like this. First Lady *Camel Toe* is just NOT something that translates to *classy*… 

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