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Town keeps celebration of victory over Japan

August 14th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Town keeps celebration of victory over Japan

MOOSUP, Conn. — At first glance, the parade is like any other in patriotic New England. Red-white-and-blue bunting lines the route. Firetrucks and old military vehicles roll along. Fife and drum corps, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, war veterans and pageant winners wave and throw candy along the way.

But the annual parade through this tiny Connecticut town is unusual for what it celebrates: Victory over Japan Day — from World War II.

The 48th annual V-J Day Parade last Sunday is one of the last in the country to celebrate the day that the Japanese surrendered in 1945, ending the war. Parade organizers and many in Moosup call the parade nothing more than another opportunity to honor America’s war heroes.

“It’s patriotic,” says Joe Katusich, 70, a retired Navy master chief who served aboard submarines in the 1960s. “A lot of people gave their lives in World War II, and people forget about it.”

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Town keeps celebration of victory over Japan

To the wonderful people of MOOSUP, Conn. I say this; I applaud you and this wonderful remembrance. Far too many people want to sweep this under a rug somewhere. You folks are honoring the end of a war that gave us our greatest generation. Nothing could be more patriotic.

Others, including some participants in the parade, say it’s offensive to Japanese Americans and to a country that now is one of the United States’ closest allies.

Are those offended persons Japanese or are they American? There is one thing for certain, they can’t be both.

Anyone that has read my blog for any length of time knows that I am not at all against immigration to the USA, as long as it’s LEGAL immigration. Anyone that has been a regular reader for very long also knows how I feel about hyphenated Americans and ILLEGAL INVADERS.

If these offended people are Japanese, they can go home to Japan, because that is obviously where your true loyalties reside. If you’re an offended American, get the hell over it. It was a WAR. We won.

It was quite likely the last WAR that we fought with nothing other than TOTAL victory on our minds. To the victor go the spoils, and any subsequent celebrations. I don’t care how many hyphenated Americans get offended. I don’t care how many PC, tree hugging, liberal pacifists get offended. I don’t care WHO gets their nose out of joint, leave Moosup alone and let them celebrate this victory and let them honor our troops that fought this war.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder, how many of these offended moonbats gets upset on the 4th of July? You know, the day that we celebrate American independence from England? I wonder if it’s a real problem for British-Americans?

Yes, that was sarcasm…

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