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West Coast mayors decry immigration raids

June 20th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Three West Coast mayors are asking the leaders of other cities to take a stand against workplace immigration raids that they say hurt local economies and may force companies to relocate.

At the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors this week in Miami, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels will ask their colleagues to challenge how the government raids businesses in search of illegal workers.

They want Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to focus on businesses that exploit workers, such as those that violate wage and safety laws, not “responsible employers” that contribute to economies, their resolution says.

“We’ve never taken the position that you shouldn’t enforce the law,” Villaraigosa says. “What we’ve said is, in a time of limited resources, we should prioritize our enforcement. At a time when we don’t have the resources to go after criminals, we’re going after legitimate businesses and workers instead. That doesn’t make sense.”

The resolution will be discussed by a committee Saturday and, if approved, will go to all the mayors for a vote Monday.

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West Coast mayors decry immigration raids

Without a doubt, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is one of the most serious issues facing this nation today, the strain imposed on our infrastructure by the ILLEGALS is bleeding the taxpayers to death, we’re paying for their health care, the education of their children and God only knows what else.

It also appears that a few ‘West Coast’ mayors aren’t too happy about the methods used by ICE, INS and any other agency that attempts to stem the flow of ILLEGALS into this nation, and I have to wonder, why would these American mayors have a problem with U.S. law being enforced? Is there an ulterior motive perhaps?

Some have said, quite rightly, that we must make life tough on those that employ these ILLEGALS, personally, I feel that the employers should be penalized so severely that others will think twice before hiring anything other than fully documented workers, that’s a great start.

I also believe that we must round up and deport ALL that are in this nation ILLEGALLY, if they can’t come here thru the front door, and go thru the process of becoming a LEGAL resident and worker of this nation, why should we support them in their efforts to make money in America and then take that money, go back to wherever it is they come from, only to return here again, ILLEGALLY, when it’s time to make money again?

We are a sovereign nation, we have a right to protect our sovereignty, we have a duty to protect it, and there are some agencies that are trying to do just that, but our protection starts at the borders and on our coast lines, they must be protected, they must be secured.

We need to engage in that massive roundup of ILLEGALS and deport them, but not over and over, not the same ones every time, it’s a game to the ILLEGALS, they KNOW that there are NO real penalties that will be impose, they will be deported and in many cases they will be BACK in the USA before the deportation team, and that is where we need to draw a line in the sand, call this thing what it really is, an INVASION, and then act accordingly, as ANY nation has a right to react when being invaded by hostile forces.

Militarize our borders, we have National Guard, the protection of this nation is their duty, and the Guard was created to serve in a military capacity while not violating The Posse Comitatus Act.

The Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act substantially limit the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement. SOURCE

The use of our National Guard, under STATE orders, not Federal orders, would satisfy the caveats of Posse Comitatus I believe.

Use the Guard, repel the invasion, by ANY mean necessary, I do NOT advocate rounding up and killing the ILLEGALS that are already here, but I DO advocate deporting them, ONCE and only ONCE, and if that means we have to have a ‘no mans land’ at the border, one that is mined and guarded by fully armed troops to stop them from coming back again,, then so be it, if you think it’s too harsh, then let’s hear what your solution to the continuing and repeated violations of our borders would be, and I can tell you right now, asking them nicely to leave and not come back isn’t going to work.

The Justice system of this nation recognizes that there are repeat offenders in the criminal element and some states have enacted a ‘3 strikes’ rule where they imprison repeat offenders for life, and that’s well and good I suppose, but it DOES pose a serious strain on budgets already stretched thin, what would imprisoning 20 some odd million ILLEGALS do to OUR economy.

The sovereignty of this nation is at stake, the very survival of this nation, and it’s LEGAL citizens hang in the balance, this is NOT a time for political correctness or the lamentations of the feint of heart, America 1st, our survival 1st, and if you don’t fully believe that, in MY opinion you need to rethink your priorities as an American and look at just where your loyalties lie.

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10 Responses to “West Coast mayors decry immigration raids”

  1. comment number 1 by: Cary

    Excellent post.

    I would like to point out to the candidates that this one issue (yes, I am a single-issue voter this time) is making the biggest impact on more areas of the United States economy than almost any other issue. Actually, the fact that our infrastructure is supporting so many that are not legally here is amazing, and the draw on resources that would NOT be there WITHOUT the illegals would change a whole lot of pictures in many different ways - just think what the lack of 20 million people would do for, say, the price of gasoline…

  2. comment number 2 by: Patrick Sperry

    Perhaps that mayor might do well to listen to the people of California. My very first girl friend was a redheaded green eyed California Chicana. Go figure, that was in Oceanside. That’s right, the home of Camp Pendleton. Her families ranch was one of the ones that make up Pendleton. All her brothers are Marines, as were her father, way back in the family.

    They are sick of the invaders, period. The economic impact, the gangs, the loss of American culture, all of it. They are just plain pissed off, and they are from old California Spanish stock.

    Like I keep saying…
    Tom Tancredo for President!

  3. comment number 3 by: ablur

    Following up with Cary

    Just think about the numbers of children not using up funds and resources in our schools when the illegals take there children and go home.

    Imagine the availability of hospitals and emergency personnel when they are being used like a day clinic. This very activity drives up costs that we pay for in higher insurance premiums and deductibles.

    Think of the thousands of accidents and un-insured motorist claims that wont have to be filed. Another factor that raises the cost of auto insurance for all of us.

    Think about the number of children who wont be molested.

    Sealing the border would cut down illegal drugs by 80%.

    Sealing the border and getting rid of illegals would cut violent gang related crime by 60%.

    This very act would cut car jackings, murders, rapes, terrorist acts.

    You want to save America, close the border and send those who shouldn’t be here home.

  4. comment number 4 by: Basti

    Quote: Three West Coast mayors are asking the leaders of other cities to take a stand against workplace immigration raids that they say hurt local economies and may force companies to relocate.

    Cry me a river! If you’re using illegals in your workplace, that workplace should be confiscated and those responsible for hiring the illegals should get 30 to life in Leavenworth! And any elected officials who support the hiring of illegals should be tried, found guilty of treason, and executed post haste.

  5. comment number 5 by: Top Gun

    When you have elected officials, or any citizen, outright soliciting for the approval and continuation of an invasion of our country, you have treason and they should be immediately arrested, charged, tried and hung.

    The very fact law enforcement are not arresting these people only shows the spineless point our country has come to and it will take the people acting to stop this seeing how the government has no intentions of protecting this nation.

  6. comment number 6 by: Kate

    Is there some kind of loony left “mayor hatchery” somewhere? I’m completely baffled. Don’t mayors have to take an oath of office? Something to the affect of “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”? I don’t know, maybe I’m just too dumb to figure it out, and we’re all evil for wanting to protect our country from invasion.

  7. comment number 7 by: TexasFred

    I can find no general or specific all around Oath of Office for Mayors, I know they all take one but I believe they are community specific and I don’t really know that allegiance to the USA is a part of any of them, there are just too many jurisdictions to cover for me to answer that…

    I think the original story pretty well exposes the mayors listed for what they really are, appeasement slugs, and Villaraigosa has specifically made it pretty clear where his loyalties lie, but if you look to hold these mayors accountable thru there constitiuency, look at who THEY are, the ones that voted these liberal asshats into power…

  8. comment number 8 by: Kate

    I’ve no doubt you’re right. :? I couldn’t find any definitive oath of mayors m’self. It just seems to me that if you are a citizen of this country, you should have to swear, in some form or another, that you will defend it, and the citizens you are committing to represent. Just seems logical.

    Yeah, looking at a good chunk of these folks….. sigh…. Is it public education, or whut?

  9. comment number 9 by: Ranando

    Right on Fred, and I agree with Basti and all the others, this is a real shame.

  10. comment number 10 by: BallotVox » Blog Archive » Miles Apart on Immigration

    [...] doesn’t buy one bit of the social or economic argument for immigration. He believes “the strain imposed on our infrastructure by the ILLEGALS is bleeding the taxpayers to [...]