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Many Katrina Evacuees Are Still Jobless

May 30th, 2007 . by TexasFred

HOUSTON (AP) - Nineteen months after Hurricane Katrina sent evacuees from New Orleans streaming into Houston, more than 5,000 heads of households among them are still unemployed despite the city’s booming economy, officials say.

The number of jobless is contributing to the sense among some Houston-area residents that the storm’s victims are a drain on the city and have worn out their welcome.

After the storm, a quarter-million evacuees were brought to Houston, welcomed by Mayor Bill White, who threw open the Astrodome. Even before the storm, many were desperately poor, unemployed and on welfare or food stamps.

Many had been holding out hope that they would be home in New Orleans by now, but the city’s rebuilding has been painfully slow, and about 100,000 are still here. They have settled in more or less permanently, some still on food stamps.

About 12,000 families are still getting federal aid for housing, the city said. Of that group, about 5,500 heads of households are unemployed, not counting those who are elderly and disabled, city officials said.

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Many Katrina Evacuees Are Still Jobless

I am going to say this, in a way that’s NOT nearly as nice as the MSM did, what the folks of Houston are seeing, as are we here in the Dallas area is this, the laziest bunch of trash to be washed out of New Orleans, the very dregs of New Orleans society…

Any SOB in Texas that WANTS to work has a job, there is NO EXCUSE other than the fact that these people are purely too damned lazy trash and are best described as welfare leeches, and maybe the state of Texas needs to send em right back TO New Orleans, because you can bet that they were likely on food stamps and welfare while there too, and they can go help ‘Chocolate Ray’ rebuild his ‘Chocolate City’…

People like this are nothing more than slugs, professional victims that make a living by bleeding those of us that DO WORK, that’s all they know and they were allowed to ply their trade, such as it is, pretty much unhindered in Louisiana, simply because the traditionally Dem government in Louisiana found it much easier to just GIVE them an existence than it was to encourage them to build a LIFE, a real, productive and valuable life…

Immediately after Katrina I was all for giving folks any kind of ‘HAND UP’ that they could possibly need, but over a year and a half into this thing and anyone still drawing welfare because of Katrina needs to be cut off, completely CUT OFF, hunger is one hell of a motivator…

And when your options are work or starve, you’ll work…

Maybe the crooks that RUN Louisiana need to try this too, and they could start with themselves, because for damn sure, the pols in Louisiana have themselves on every ‘dole’ they can find, it’s what happens in Louisiana, it’s an ingrained trait there now, it’s gone on since at least the days of Huey P. Long, it’s called Louisiana politics, and it’s more crooked than a dogs hind leg…

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4 Responses to “Many Katrina Evacuees Are Still Jobless”

  1. comment number 1 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    My Dad just came back from visiting his brother in Highland Park. Uncle Jim is VERY vocal about what he calls the “Katrina Filth” that permeates Houston. He said he’d take a collection for 200 coaches and bus them back to the Louisiana state line. And crime HAS gone up in Houston.


  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Katrina Filth, that is a damn good handle for the bastards, I have seen the very worst New Orleans has to offer, up close and personal, and there were areas down there that the cops wouldn’t even go to, that’s the trash that has retaken NOLA or is messing up Houston and Dallas, we just didn’t get nearly as much of the scum here in North Texas…

  3. comment number 3 by: Rmebratt

    Well said Fred! I have met many people from New Orleans that are just plain lazy. They complain about how no one is helping them instead of trying to help themselves. What is up with the entitlement attitude?

  4. comment number 4 by: JR

    Fred, when the hurricanes hit, I was deployed to the TX/LA border. There were some good people coming across, but there were many with the attitude that they were ‘owed’ food, shelter etc.. There were churches that kindly opened their doors to these people. They fed them, clothed them, sheltered them, and many were rude, took offense when asked to adhere to certain ‘house rules’, etc.
    We had to provide security for some of these churches because of the gang/criminal element that was pouring in. I knew, even back then, that many would milk the government money for as long as they could. Many of these people did nothing when they lived in Louisiana, and they are still doing nothing, except collecting a welfare check and causing problems here in Texas.

    Again, there were some good people, but the bad may have outnumbered them…