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Fred’s Fantastic Five… 05-30-07

May 30th, 2007 . by TexasFred

WILMETTE, Ill., May 29 — Through four elections, Debbie Thompson has supported Representative Mark Steven Kirk, a Republican and staunch backer of the Bush administration’s policies in Iraq. But Ms. Thompson, a mother of two from this affluent suburb of Chicago, says her views on the war have evolved, and she now wants Mr. Kirk to change, too.

Full Story Here:
Some Hitherto Staunch G.O.P. Voters Souring on Iraq

Seems to me that there’s a lot of this GOP dissatisfaction going around as of late, and it also seems our extremely hard headed president could care less…

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush envisions a long-term U.S. troop presence in Iraq similar to the one in South Korea where American forces have helped keep an uneasy peace for more than 50 years, the White House said Wednesday.

Full Story Here:
Bush Sees South Korea Model for Iraq

And once again Bush shows the world what a moron looks like, South Korea has a definitive border with North Korea, and that border is what we defend, right or wrong… Where’s the border in Iraq Mr. Bush, where do you propose we draw a line??

WASHINGTON (AP) — Violent crime kept climbing in 2006, a top FBI official said Wednesday, previewing a report detailing nationwide increases in murders, robberies and other felonies for a second straight year. The rising crime rate, in an FBI report expected next week, counters Justice Department attempts to tamp down violence by sending more funds to local police and studying U.S. cities for clues on how the increase began.

Full Story Here:
FBI: Violent crime still increasing

The TexasFred solution to violent crime: get a gun, get a permit to carry that gun, become highly proficient with said gun, carry that gun everywhere you go, be prepared to USE that gun against those that would do you harm, and if you DO have to use that gun in self defense, know that you did what you must and that you did the right thing, place all doubt behind you and sleep well…

BATON ROUGE (AP) — Louisiana wants thousands of state and local government workers to send back $10 million in unemployment pay they received while still collecting regular pay after Hurricane Katrina. A state audit found lax control by the state Department of Labor was the main reason the 5,439 ineligible workers were able to collect up to $258 a week, Legislative Auditor Steve Theriot said.

Full Story Here:
Gov. workers wrongly got $10M after Katrina

And the question remains to be answered, will they repay the money?? I mean, it’s Louisiana after all, and if they DO pay it back, (snicker snicker) who’s going to guarantee that Louisiana will return it to it’s proper coffer??

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to authorize an additional $30 billion to fight AIDS in Africa over five years, doubling the current U.S. commitment. The money would provide treatment for 2.5 million people under the President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief, Bush said.

Full Story Here:
Bush Seeks $30 Billion for AIDS Program

With this nation strapped to the max for cash by Mr. Bush’s ‘Debacle in Iraq’, just where the hell does he think we’re going to come up with an additional $30 BILLION American tax dollars to fight AIDS in Africa?? Something has got to give and I’m afraid it’s going to be the Bush approval numbers again, $30 BILLION doesn’t just grow on trees, and to be totally honest with you, I don’t give a damn WHAT happens in Africa, they have had a population a lot longer than we have, why haven’t THEY evolved, and on their own made some sort of stunning contribution to the world?? Like, oh, I don’t know, maybe figuring out that they shouldn’t be screwing monkey’s and getting some kind of killer disease and then passing it on to other humans maybe?? Just sayin’…

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2 Responses to “Fred’s Fantastic Five… 05-30-07”

  1. comment number 1 by: Tab McCoy

    Fred!since Bush brought it up,don’t you think we should demand that they start bringing all our troops back from Korea,Germany,Japan,Kosovo,etc.The war has been over for 60 years.

  2. comment number 2 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Quite frankly, ANY money to Africa is nothing but a waste of your tax dollars meaning, of course, a waste of the time and effort WE put into MAKING that money. Cash moving to that continent gets immediately funneled into the hands of _________’s (insert any African country name here) dictator. Period.