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News stories from around the ‘net

August 21st, 2008 . by TexasFred

News stories from around the ‘net

WASHINGTON - A hacker broke into a Homeland Security Department telephone system over the weekend and racked up about $12,000 in calls to the Middle East and Asia.

Full Story Here:
FEMA phones hacked; calls made to Mideast, Asia

American security at stake. An antiquated phone system is in use. Bumbling security procedures were not updated. And the guy may well have been calling in the Islamic attacks that we have all feared and expected, and may very well have used our own system against us.

NEW ORLEANS - President Bush said Wednesday that “hope is coming back” to New Orleans with the help of $126 billion in disaster aid poured into the Gulf Coast region over three years after Hurricane Katrina.

Full Story Here:
Bush says New Orleans is on its way back

Yep, things ARE looking up for New Orleans. UP is the ONLY way you can look when your city is sinking into the muck. And hope has returned to NOLA, they HOPE that Obama gets elected, that way they can get even more FREE MONEY from the government. They expect us to support their *welfare slug* mindset!

WASHINGTON - Days after he cracked that being rich in the U.S. meant earning at least $5 million a year, Republican presidential candidate John McCain acknowledged that he wasn’t sure how many houses he and his wealthy wife actually own.

Full Story Here:
A housing issue: McCain not sure how many they own

I have made NO secret of the fact that I don’t like, nor do I trust John McCain, I think he’s a poser and a liar. I am firmly convinced that he is nothing more than a pandering RINO, but I fail to see where how many homes he and his wife own is the business of ANYONE. And I really don’t see this as a defining issue of how he would run the U.S.A. if he becomes POTUS.

WARSAW, Poland - Russia should be temporarily kicked out of the Group of Eight and denied entry into the World Trade Organization as punishment for its actions in Georgia, Sen. Joe Lieberman said Thursday.

Full Story Here:
Lieberman wants Russia tossed out of G-8

Oh hell yeah! Sic em Joe. That should do it too, and be sure to say that we’ll boycott their Olympics Games too. Nothing like hollow threats to make the Russians fall into line. What people don’t realize is this, Russia doesn’t give a damn if we go play at their games, and they don’t concern themselves with public opinion nor do they feel a need to be politically correct.

A comprehensive analysis of every evening news report by the NBC, ABC and CBS television networks on Barack Obama since he came to national prominence concludes coverage of the Illinois senator has “bordered on giddy celebration of a political ‘rock star’ rather than objective newsgathering.”

Full Story Here:
Study: ABC, NBC, CBS strongly support Obama

Obama IS the chosen one, by the MSM anyway. The MSM is not left leaning anymore, they are firmly planted on the left. The leaning stopped with Obama, and he will be the next POTUS, even if the MSM has to use every trick in the book to make it happen. Including acts of perjury.

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