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Palin’s Chief Qualification is She ‘Hasn’t Had an Abortion’

September 10th, 2008 . by TexasFred
She ‘Hasn’t Had an Abortion’

South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler reportedly lashed out at Sarah Palin Wednesday, saying the Republican vice presidential candidate’s “primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.” reports that Fowler, wife of former Democratic National Committee Chairman Don Fowler, said that John McCain’s decision to choose an abortion rights opponent would not boost his candidacy among many women.

“Among Democratic women and even among independent women, I don’t think it helped him,” she told

Palin — a self-described “hockey mom” and mother of five children — gave birth April 18 to her youngest child, Trig, who is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Appearing on FOX News Wednesday, McCain campaign spokeswoman Jill Hazelbacker called Fowler’s statement “despicable” and “sad,” and said voters from all parties should be happy Palin is McCain’s running mate.

Her candidacy is, “a historic moment for this country,” Hazelbacker said of Palin.

Fowler issued an apology Wednesday evening.

“I personally admire and respect the difficult choices that women make everyday, and I apologize to anyone who finds my comment offensive,” she said in a written statement. “I clumsily was making a point about people in South Carolina who may vote based on a single issue. Whether it’s the environment, the economy, the war or a woman’s right to choose, there are people who will cast their vote based on a single issue. That was the only point I was attempting to make.”

Don Fowler last week was forced to apologize after being captured on an amateur video during an airplane flight chuckling while saying, “Hurricane (Gustav) is going to hit New Orleans about the time (the Republican National Convention) starts. … That just demonstrates God is on our side.”

Full Story Here:
SC Democratic Chair: Palin’s Chief Qualification is She ‘Hasn’t Had an Abortion’

There is not too much that can be said about the above statement that it hasn’t already said for itself.

All I have to say is this, if Fowler’s remarks are an example of what the Democratic leadership calls CLASS, I want NO part of it. Ms. Fowler, you and your husband are, without a doubt, the most despicable pieces of garbage to emerge from the debacle that IS the Democratic party to date! The Democrats have many ills but you 2 are stunning examples of everything that is WRONG with the Democrats.

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6 Responses to “Palin’s Chief Qualification is She ‘Hasn’t Had an Abortion’”

  1. comment number 1 by: nunoftheabove

    Maybe McCain better put his checkbook up for awhile-he doesn’t need to run any ads because the dems are doing enough damage to their own campaign.

    Ain’t it grand?

  2. comment number 2 by: ablur

    Nobody was doing anti-woman routines when Hillary was running. Now that a woman is running on the Republican ticket the flood gates open.

    Looks like the self proclaimed champions of women’s rights are going to set them back 20 years.

  3. comment number 3 by: GUYK

    Obama’s cult of Kool Ade drinkers will go to any lengths to put Obama in the White House. And if the stakes were not so high I would just back off and say hell with them and let them do it without a fight. I figure he will fuck things up so bad that within four years the country will be screaming for a REAL leader…but is there a John Galt to step up and lead? I think not.

    I am not crazy about John McCain and I think the party could have done a lot better. But I do think that if we can get him elected he might be able to put the country on hold for a few years and by the Sarah Palin might get the experience to be the leader we need. One thing I am certain of…Obama is a socialist at best and I figure a commie sleeper. And I also figure there is gonna be blood in the streets if he is elected…well, no doubt there will be more blood in the streets in the ghettos if he is not elected…

    Who would have thought that “Atlas Shrugged” would ever come true…but it damn sure looks like it is happening.

  4. comment number 4 by: Bluto

    What is amazing to me is that Palin has made the Liberals enter “Self-Destruct Mode” with only ONE Speech. I know that choosing her was a wise politcal tactic, but the unintended benifit of watching the left open their mouths and insert both feet in unison is grand. Isn’t it grand?

  5. comment number 5 by: Jenn

    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the left. Not dislike, hate.

    Put up my 9/11 post last night and in minutes three of them were bashing the GOP for some reason and going all truther. Hate them.

  6. comment number 6 by: BobF

    Fowler’s husband was the one wishing death and destruction on New Orleans before Hurricane Gustaf.