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McCain says Palin didn’t hurt presidential bid

November 12th, 2008 . by TexasFred

McCain says Palin didn’t hurt presidential bid

LOS ANGELES (AP) - In his first interview since conceding the presidential election, John McCain said Tuesday that Sarah Palin did not damage his presidential bid and he dismissed anonymous criticism aimed at her following their crushing defeat.

“I’m so proud of her and I’m very grateful she agreed to run with me. She inspired people, she still does,” McCain told Jay Leno during a “Tonight Show” interview taped for broadcast Tuesday night. “I couldn’t be happier with Sarah Palin.”

In an interview that mingled flashes of humor with political analysis, McCain did little to deflect responsibility from himself. He alluded to the difficult political environment for Republicans nationwide and conceded, “I could tell you a lot of things that we may have made mistakes on.” He never listed them.

“So, that’s the way it is,” he added.

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McCain says Palin didn’t hurt presidential bid

McCain says Palin didn’t hurt presidential bid?? Palin is the reason McLame got as many votes as he did, MANY folks were voting for Palin in hopes that something would happen that incapacitated McLame allowing Palin to ascend to the presidency.

Now I have got to say, that is about the most INSANE reason for casting a vote FOR a candidate that could ever be uttered, but it WAS said, by some folks that were, I am guessing, that desperate to keep Obama out of office. Obama was not MY choice, but McLame, even WITH Palin, wasn’t either, I don’t *hedge* my bets by voting on the hopes that someone dies in office so we can get their running mate.

I have said, several times, Palin may very well become a *hot commodity* in the RNC, but she is seriously in need of some professional training, polishing and grooming. Her conservative stance is NOT in question, but her overall world knowledge IS!

Palin might have shined even more has she not been held back by her RNC handlers, they may well have known that she was quite capable of making McLame look even more the *doddering old man* if given the opportunity…

WASHINGTON (AP) - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has given President-elect Barack Obama a conditional vote of confidence on handling the war in Iraq.

Palin, who has been granting a series of interviews this week, said she would feel comfortable with the Illinois Democrat as commander in chief so long as he surrounds himself with advisers who understand threats against the United States.

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Palin conditionally comfortable with Obama on Iraq

Palin only states the obvious here. How comfortable would any of us be with a president, of ANY party, doing otherwise? She really has no idea what it takes to run the USA, not yet, no one does that hasn’t been there, and frankly, even after almost 8 years, I don’t think George W. Bush has so much as a clue, to this very day. I voted twice for Bush, he was, after all, the lesser the evils, well, one thing is already a certainty, I will NEVER vote for the lesser of the evils again, and if that makes me less of a good American in your book, if me not towing the party line hurts your lemming feelings, great, it’s nice to know who the REAL fools are.

I am not going to put all my eggs in the Palin basket, not just yet. She has a great future, of that I am sure, but before I am willing to fully get behind her in a run for the Oval Office I have got to see a bit more maturity and *seasoning*. And I want to look at a few other possibilities as well, Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele, Duncan Hunter, Tom McClintock, J.C. Watts and a few others. It’s entirely too early to hold Palin up as *The One* from the Conservative side of this equation.

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11 Responses to “McCain says Palin didn’t hurt presidential bid”

  1. comment number 1 by: BobF

    I watched her the past couple nights on Greta and she has much more of a grasp on world events than we were led to believe during the elections.

    Also, this has been reported on the net but I talked with a National Guardsman who spent quite a bit of time in Alaska (Cobra Ball) and confirmed it. As Alaskan Governor, she has high level security clearance and routinely gets briefed on national security items and world events. Her Guardsmen are the ones who man the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line and the missile batteries that protect the Continental United States from ICBM attack. She knew more than what she let on in her Katie Couric interview. Some said she was reluctant to reveal the information or the source of her information.

    Either way, she’s the reason McCain got the votes he did. Like you said, I look for her, Jindal, Hunter, Michael Steel, and JC Watts in the Republican’s future in some form or another.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Why does Sarah Palin cause the left to experience so much distress?? Is it because they are afraid of her?? Are they afraid that with a bit more experience and *seasoning* Palin may well be the next shining STAR in D.C.??

    There has to be some seriously deep fear, they have attacked her with a vitriol reserved for a REAL enemy. Is Palin THAT much of a threat to the left??

    You betcha she is… :)

  3. comment number 3 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Palin is, essentially, the only reason McCain had any chance whatsoever. If his campaign had positive spurts, it was only due to her influence, not his.


  4. comment number 4 by: Katie

    The more interviews Sarah gives, the better she sounds. Obama’s people made her out to be some right-wing nutcase. What America is finally seeing is a hard working, decent Governor of a large state. She has a firm knowledge of world and domestic events and can handle herself better than McCain’s people let her.

  5. comment number 5 by: maggiesnotebook

    You mentioned Duncan Hunter - the only thing against him is that he is a Senator. I really liked him and was frustrated that he could not gain media attention. We let the media choose McCain who was just below my dead-last choice.

    I also want to wait and see about Palin. She will gain from an additional two years, and perhaps we will gain from the same. I am disappointed that she is doing the media-darlin’ interviews. She should have talked to Greta and gotten on with governance for a short while, and then picked her interviewees carefully. Is she too naive to know that they will gun for her for the next two years?

  6. comment number 6 by: GUYK

    If not for Palin I would have voted for Barr. In any event if I live long enough for the next election I can’t see myself voting for a republican unless that party changes it directs…and I don’t mean a turn to the right I mean a 180 back to conservative ideas and the idea that less government is better government.

    In ant event the way things are going the country will be bankrupt by then anyway…and probably sold at a fire sale to the Chinese…who by the way will not tolerate lazy sumbitches who want to live off the government…and that included high paid bank, industry, and insurance execs

  7. comment number 7 by: BobF

    They’ve got basically 4 years to “season”. That’s plenty of time to build a strong Conservative base.

    Remember after the 2004 elections when Republicans won big time. People were questioning if the Democrat Party would ever be able to recover. They were in disarray and infighting was prevalent. In just two years they not only recovered but took control of both houses of congress. And, in 4 years after they not only won back the white house, they also got a larger majority in congress. I have no doubt that if good strong Conservatives are put forth by the Republican Party, Republicans will win back Congress and the White House. But first, the RINO’s need to go.

  8. comment number 8 by: ablur

    We need to step away from the beltway boys and look to those outside DC. Reagan was a great example of taking a big state govener and leading a nation on the right path. Palin could be another good choice.
    I know…………..
    Sarah Palin / Ted Nugent

  9. comment number 9 by: Robocop

    If anything, I think Palin boosted support for Senator McCain.

  10. comment number 10 by: TexasFred

    BobF, the last 4 years of George W. Bush is WHY the Dems got where they are today, Bush IS the best recruiting tool they have, he’s a RINO, he’s a MORON and he has all but destroyed this nation…

    What scares me is this, Obama IS going to suck at being POTUS but suppose the SOB gets a few things right?? Suppose he does manage to pull the economy out of this tailspin?? And lets face it, following Bush in the Oval Office nearly ANYONE would look pretty good if they could chew gum and walk at the same time…

  11. comment number 11 by: ChicagoRay

    Good post Fred fine comments as well all:
    Palin is a fine accomplished woman who makes any of the women in politics nationally on the left like what they are beneficiaries of someone elses name and or hard work, period. IE Shrillary, without Bill = Arkansas Lawyer fighting traffic tickets, Caroline Kennedy, goes without saying, Geraldine Ferraro, husband big time crooked businessman and on and on it goes..

    Palin, self made woman from top to bottom and damn fine one at that.

    If she stays at this over the next 4 years honing her political resume she’ll still be more qualified than Obama ever was and will still have more executive experience than he will, should she be re elected. Who knows, Obama may not even make the full term once the fund raising scandals all surface and are exposed fully along with his personal baggage still being hidden