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McCain: I’m Not Quitting Race

June 29th, 2007 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON — John McCain dismissed the notion Thursday that he would drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination because he’s lagging in fundraising and trailing in polls.

“That’s ridiculous,” the Arizona senator told reporters in the Capitol. “Why in the world would I want to do that?”

“It would be nuts,” McCain said, adding that the first primary contests are a full six months away and arguing that voters won’t start paying close attention until the fall. “I don’t know why I would even remotely consider such a thing in the month of June, or July.”

He acknowledged his difficulty raising money; he placed third among the top GOP presidential contenders after the first three months of the year with $12.5 million and may come in under that total when the second financial quarter ends Saturday.

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McCain: I’m Not Quitting Race

When John McCain aligned himself with Russ Feingold that was the last straw for me, I vowed then that there was no way in hell I’d ever support McCain for ANY national office and was of the opinion that if the citizens of Arizona were so hard up that they continued to support McCain, well, that was THEIR heartache…

And just when you think a RINO politician can’t get any worse, along comes the immigration bill and just look at who Johnny McCain was sucking up to on that one, his new best friend, Teddy Kennedy, the biggest blowhard, murdering, drunken, pitiful excuse for a Senator in modern times, a man that’s a disgrace to the human race and an all around embarrassment to the American people, well, if you don’t count the idiots in Massachusetts that keep sending the SOB back to Washington…

Is McCain SO stupid that he thinks this won’t effect his run for the White House?? Does he honestly think that backing Bush and siding with Kennedy on the immigration debacle won’t hurt his chances with the American people??

Well folks, in MY opinion, if McCain even remotely believes that, he is TOO stupid to be the President of the United States of America, we’ve already seen, just recently, what a hardheaded ASSHAT that can’t chew gum and walk looks like, and we damn sure don’t need another one that’s even remotely similar, but I will give McCain his proper respect where due, he CAN pronounce the word nuclear, that’s some improvement I suppose…

I have stated before that I believe John McCain to be nothing more than a RINO, a politician that CLAIMS to be a Conservative Republican but is, again in MY opinion, a liar of the 1st order, McCain IS more closely aligned with the politics of the Democrats than he EVER was with those of Conservatives, and I do NOT bite my words in saying this, John McCain is NOT what this nation needs as a president, he would be worse for this nation than the one we have at present, and that my friends, is something the American people can’t afford…

If McCain has a lick of sense he’ll realize that his name is worthless with the Conservatives of this nation and with any luck at all he will be shown the door by the RNC and hopefully the voters of Arizona will realize what an idiot he is and will remove him from the Senate and the American spotlight…

I made my readers a promise that I would blast any Republican presidential candidate that supported the immigration bill and that I would actively work against that person, well, true to my word, here you are, and any time McCain says anything of note, I’ll blast his worthless ass again and I encourage all bloggers to take up this cause, people like McCain, Kennedy, Feingold and any others that supported the AMNESTY bill must be removed from office before they do some permanent harm to this nation…

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3 Responses to “McCain: I’m Not Quitting Race”

  1. comment number 1 by: JB Davis

    Keep up the good work Fred. I don’t think he needs to be in the Senate, much less in the White House. McCain a true, hardcore ASSHAT!

  2. comment number 2 by: TabMcCoy

    Don’t lighten up Fred! Tighten up, don’t give these traitors room to breath. Keep their damn names and actions up front for all to see, no mercy, no quarter. Otherwise they”ll be right back at their appointed rounds, to destroy our nation.

  3. comment number 3 by: RWilley

    In all my 54 years of life I have never witnessed such an uproar by the American people then what we just witnessed concerning this immigration bill. I believe this has left a real mark on the citizens of America. They saw a government trying to ram something through that the overwelming majority opposed and the clammering voice of the people stopped it. Americans will not forget this and they will NOT forget the turncoat republicans that were on the side of those pushing for this idiotic bill. The problem is……Bush, McCain, Lott, Gramm and the likes probably still believe the nonsense in their own heads and think that WE THE PEOPLE just got influenced by the right wing nut jobs of talk radio. So I guess people like McCain that can’t see beyond their own little mind set will continue to push forward based upon their own view of reality…..even if it is faulty.