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Can Iraqis win the war?

June 30th, 2007 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON - The harder President Bush has pushed to win in Iraq, the closer he has come to losing.

The question no longer is whether the U.S. military can fully stabilize Iraq. It cannot.

That was a possibility four years ago, immediately after Saddam Hussein’s government fell. Before the insurgency took hold. Before U.S. occupation authorities lost any chance to avoid the sectarian strife of today’s Iraq.

And this has been the evaluation on many great military mind, we blew our chance when we didn’t take immediate and full control of Iraq as soon as Saddam was deposed, we lost any chance we had at control, and that chance isn’t going to happen again…

Now only the Iraqis can save Iraq.

They need the U.S. military’s help, no doubt. But the Bush administration has made no secret of the fact that the U.S. troop buildup in Baghdad is simply buying time for the Iraqis to sort out their differences, create a government of national unity and show they can defend themselves.

So it is not whether the U.S. can win the war. It is whether the Iraqis can, which is in great doubt.

And as stated before, the Iraqis will NOT stand and defend themselves, not in any great numbers, certainly not in the numbers necessary to pacify their nation with ANY form of democracy, they don’t have the will…

But what they are capable of, and I am fairly certain that if we pull out you would see this come to almost immediate fruition, they WILL roll over and allow themselves to be totally dominated by some form of Sharia law, and allow themselves to be the servants of some form of dictatorship, much as they submitted to Saddam…

With limited sign of progress in Baghdad, U.S. officials are asking themselves how long it makes sense to tolerate an escalating rate of U.S. casualties �? at least 3,576 dead since the war began in March 2003 �? while the Iraqis debate and delay.

In my opinion we have already overstayed our welcome, we need to pull out of Iraq, we need to fight a war against the terrorists that threaten America, we need to concentrate on protecting THIS nation, the people of Iraq were not, and will not be a threat to the USA unless they get nuclear technology AND a delivery system, an ICBM to be precise, the fallacy of nuclear destruction in a suitcase is just that, a fallacy, the Iraqis, regardless of which radical element you refer to, have no way to bring actual physical harm to the USA if, and I do say IF, we tighten our security, close our borders and remove any and ALL illegals, in other words, allow HSA, INS, Border Patrol and our other various law enforcement elements to actually DO their job…

The individuals setting off the bombs in Iraq are not Iraqis, they are Islamic jihadists that have come to Iraq to kill Americans, disrupt the American effort and to insure that an American style of government will not be allwed to take hold, and the idea of ‘it’s better to fight them there than it is to fight them here’ is a crock, if our borders are secure and our immigration laws are vigorously enforced, we will have reduced the risk of attack on our soil exponentially…

The Iraqis, as a whole, will not stand and EARN their freedom, and as I have said before, freedom isn’t a gift, any man or woman not willing to stand and fight, and sometimes DIE to gain or maintain their freedom, and the freedom of their homeland, is not deserving OF that freedom, and that describes Iraq to a ‘T’…

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Can Iraqis win the war?

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3 Responses to “Can Iraqis win the war?”

  1. comment number 1 by: Basti

    Yeah the Iraqis can win the same way the South Viet’s won and with the same results!

  2. comment number 2 by: Brad Marston

    I do not disagree with you in the main. If we pull out I think the shi’ites will take over though the kurds may break off into an autonomous region which we will probably have to protect to some extents from Turkey.

    While it is probably not enough, I think it should be at least acknowledged that there are Iraqi soldiers and police that are dying in greater numbers than US forces. I am guessing that this is primarily because they are not as well trained or as well led as our forces. As I said, probsably not enough. No way can they provide security nationally in the foreseeable future but it would seem at least some Iraqis are willing to fight and die.

    Just an opinion.

  3. comment number 3 by: TexasFred

    Brad, quite right, ‘some’ are, but ‘some’ doesn’t get the job done… This is, for them, an ALL or nothing endeavor, and I don’t think you’ll ever get ALL of Iraq pulling in the same direction…