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Obama rides the rails to DC for inaugural kickoff

January 18th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Obama rides the rails to DC for inaugural kickoff

WASHINGTON (AP) - Invoking hope and history, President-elect Barack Obama rolled into the capital city Saturday night after pledging to help bring the nation “a new Declaration of Independence” and promising to rise to the stern challenges of the times. He kicked off a four-day inaugural celebration with a daylong rail trip, retracing the path Abraham Lincoln took in 1861.

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Obama rides the rails to DC for inaugural kickoff

“Invoking hope and history”?? I just hope we don’t BECOME history!! As in GONE, all in one fell swoop! Obama keeps making references to history that are ‘an echo of Lincoln’s first inaugural address’, I don’t know that I would want to invoke anything from Old Abe, history reminds us, that administration didn’t end well.

Palestinians in Gaza, Israel agree to cease-fire

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Militants in Hamas-ruled Gaza agreed Sunday to a weeklong cease-fire with Israel, after three weeks of violence that Palestinian medics say has killed more than 1,000 people and turned Gaza’s streets into battlegrounds.

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Palestinians in Gaza, Israel agree to cease-fire

Hamas has agreed to a week long cease-fire simply because that is the time they need to re-arm and re-supply. Not to mention the fact that a week from now Hamas will have a supporter in the Oval Office. Israel needs to strike NOW, this time next week they may well have NO support in Washington, D.C.

S. Korea on alert after North’s military threat

SEOUL (AP) — South Korea said its army remained on alert Sunday, a day after North Korea threatened military action in response to Seoul’s hard-line stance against its communist regime.

The latest harsh rhetoric from the isolated regime appeared aimed at heightening tensions on the divided peninsula and could be a test for Barack Obama days before he is sworn in as the new U.S. president.

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S. Korea on alert after North’s military threat

I’m not *up* on the numbers, but I know we have a large force in S. Korea, my biggest fear is the inaction I feel will be the standard mode of operation from the incoming administration. There are MANY points that will have to be proven before Obama will garner even a modicum of respect from me!

Like it or not, Barack Hussein Obama is poised to become the 44th President of this currently less than United States of America. I fear that Obama’s presidency will force this USA to become even less UNITED, and may be the catalyst that many have been looking for that brings about a dissolution OF the USA, much in the same way we were divided during the Lincoln administration. Maybe not for all the same reasons but certainly some of the same reasons!

I don’t mean to be a harbinger of doom but I have even less confidence in Obama than I did in George W. Bush when he took office in 2001. I had very little confidence in him, or his ability, and looking at our portfolio, I rest in the fact that if nothing else, I was NOT disappointed by Bush. I see even less capability in Obama, but I suppose there really is a ‘bright’ side to all of this.

If you expect little or nothing, you’re not disappointed, no matter the outcome…

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2 Responses to “Obama rides the rails to DC for inaugural kickoff”

  1. comment number 1 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    On the other hand, if you expect EVERYTHING — for free — and you’re NOT a taxpayer, you won’t be disappointed.


  2. comment number 2 by: jd3

    Obama hasn’t read his history too closely…..Lincoln had to sneak through Baltimore to DC for his inauguration…….I cannot believe he is even invoking Lincoln….he was not the “Great Emancipator”…he did not promote equality for blacks…..just freedom from slavery…..he held no beliefs in equality….

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