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At Least 1 Dead, 6 Wounded in L.A. Cafe Shooting

February 6th, 2009 . by TexasFred

At Least 1 Dead, 6 Wounded in L.A. Cafe Shooting

SAN GABRIEL, Calif. — Police on Friday sought two masked gunmen who opened fire inside a coffee shop, killing at least one man and wounding six other people, several of them critically.

Officers who received a panic alarm call from the Coffee House cafe were heading to the Valley Boulevard business shortly after 11:15 p.m. Thursday when they were flagged down by several people who had been shot, city police Sgt. Rene Hernandez said.

Witness said two men with bandanas over their faces entered the cafe and opened fire before running away, Hernandez and Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators said.

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At Least 1 Dead, 6 Wounded in L.A. Cafe Shooting

There’s not all that much information here but I’m going to go way out on that ‘limb’ we hear so much about. Can anyone say GANG ACTIVITY? A gang initiation maybe?? A gang retribution shooting perhaps? This is certainly not the actions of concerned citizens you know.

I’m also pretty sure that the facts, if they ever emerge, will point out that these were not LEGAL gun owners, and that the guns were NOT possessed legally. Just a wild guess on MY part.

Here’s something else I would be willing to place a bet on too, the LEGAL, LAWFUL and LEGITIMATE gun owners of this nation are going to somehow be blamed for this. Blamed by the anti-gun cabel, blamed by the authorities, blamed by everyone that wants to do away with guns. WE will be blamed because WE are easy targets. We will be blamed because the police can’t take all the ILLEGAL guns, and the IDIOTS that use them off the streets of this nation.

There is something else I am going to point out, the fact that this all happened in California, I am pretty sure that even if there had been someone in that coffee shop that was a LEGAL gun owner, in possession of a LEGAL gun and a CHL, I am thinking that if there had been and that person had acted against these OUTLAWS, the LEGAL gun owner would somehow be found at fault and persecuted by the state of California.

I get up every day and I am thankful that I have been lucky enough to have lived in Texas for so many years. We have some of the best gun laws in the nation. We are not on that list of states that wants to have I.D. etched into bullets, shell casings and primers. We have ‘The Castle Doctrine’, and by God we USE it, regularly!

The gun owners, LEGAL owners, of this nation must stand together. Call your Senator and Congressman, demand that they support LEGAL gun owners rights. Demand that they support and honor the 2nd Amendment. Demand that they support and fund increased and strict enforcement of existing gun laws and use them to crack down on the criminals of this nation. We don’t need MORE laws, we need to enforce the ones we have.

This is my own personal opinion, it may not be too popular with some, but I really don’t care. Our law enforcement personnel need to have their hands untied. They need to be allowed to declare WAR on the GANGS of this nation. The Mexican, South American, Chinese, Black gangs, ALL gangs. They are as much a danger to this land as ANY Islamic terrorist threat that we could face. These GANGS are the core reason that we have so much gun violence in this nation. Remove the gangs and you remove nearly all the problems that we face due to gun violence.

Sure, there will always be the occasional ‘crazy’ that goes off his rocker and uses a gun as a tool of death and destruction against innocent people and property, that is one of the things that just can’t be stopped, random acts of insanity. If the weapon of choice wasn’t a gun, it would be a knife, an axe, a bow and arrow, a car, a can of gasoline mixed with laundry soap and animal blood, who knows what, but the gangs of this nation present the most serious threat that LEGAL American gun owners face. Remove the gangs and you remove 99% of the gun violence in this nation!

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7 Responses to “At Least 1 Dead, 6 Wounded in L.A. Cafe Shooting”

  1. comment number 1 by: Pat Houseworth

    1 More reason to carry….if the state doesn’t like it, screw em’ Better to be in court than dead…..

  2. comment number 2 by: sbdivemaster

    You said it TF! I think the exact same thing every time there’s news about some shooting.

    About the gangs:

    And Pat, better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  3. comment number 3 by: Patrick Sperry

    Great link sbdivemaster. Fred nailed this one years ago when he said that most of the gang crime was linked to illegal immigration.
    SwamiFred, what next? Will people gut up and do some old fashioned vigilante action to clean out the infestation?

  4. comment number 4 by: TexasFred

    Patrick, in a word, NO…

    We are surrounded by GUTLESS, PC COWARDS… They are afraid to open their mouths for fear of offending someone, surely you don’t think those assholes would stand and fight?? Go to war??

    No Patrick, Americans have lost the will to fight, they have the *military* to do it for them, they have been spoiled by not having open warfare on American soil since the 1860′s…

  5. comment number 5 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    You recall recently that KNIFE assaults have gone up markedly in the UK? Do the “logical extension” on that one.

    Factor in, with this, the new crowd saying we will have to have MORE immigration to make our economy sustainable as people in Europe, for instance (and the extension, here as well) are having fewer children.


  6. comment number 6 by: Henry

    Sorry, I hadn’t updated the profile info. sbdivemaster is me.

  7. comment number 7 by: mrchuck

    San Gabriel is going thru an “ethnic” change. Used to be totally Mexican, and now the Asians have taken over most of the LA Valley towns around it.
    So , gang turf wars will be the norm,,,and as the old cop saying goes, “it’s a rice and beans war”.