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Kinky Friedman may run again for Texas governor

February 11th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Kinky Friedman may run again for Texas governor

AUSTIN, Texas – Humorist and author Kinky Friedman is toying with another run for Texas governor, but if he does enter the race, he says he’s serious this time.

“I’m toning down the one-liners a bit. If I run, it’s going to be a serious run,” Friedman told The Associated Press on Tuesday, peppering the interview with one-liners.

Friedman said he learned some hard lessons from his fourth-place defeat in 2006 to Republican Rick Perry in a race with three political veterans.

He said he found out he couldn’t win as an independent and that he shouldn’t crack so many jokes. He’d rather run now with the help of a major party – the Democrats.

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Kinky Friedman may run again for Texas governor

I know a lot of folks are going to just laugh, Kinky WHO? I know a lot more that are going to actually give Kinky Friedman a serious look this time around. Kinky noted that Al Franken did well in his U.S. Senate run? Well, that might be a hangup for me. If he’s a supporter of that androgynous, no talent moonbat Al Franken, well, that’s taking his Democratic support a little too far.

I don’t have a problem with voting for a Democrat, that’s the luxury of being an Independent. Lets face it, given the current condition of the RNC, to quote Kinky, ‘Why the hell not?’. If a Democrat can better represent the state of Texas than a Republican, great, but there is NO WAY that Texas will support a Libber IDIOT or comedic buffoon! Texas WILL support a Democrat, if it’s one like the Democrats were back in the 60’s, back in the day before the Dems lost their solid support in the South by moving as far to the left, and as far away from Conservatism as possible.

During the 2006 campaign, Friedman said he would increase the number of National Guardsmen on the border from 1,500 to 10,000, fine companies for hiring illegal immigrants and require immigrants seeking jobs to apply for taxpayer identification cards and pass a background check.

Friedman knows the ‘hot button’ issues for Texans and even though it’s not in the news lately, even though most of the nation has apparently lost interest in the illegal immigration issue, folks in the border states haven’t. We are still being over-run by ILLEGALS here in Texas, and now it seems like no one cares.

I am NOT at all hung up on ‘party labels’, but Friedman will have to prove himself this time around. IF the RNC can rebuild, if Rick Perry can garner the nod from the Texas Republicans, if Kay Bailey Hutchison can keep her act together and take some sort of serious stance on border issues, Kinky will have his work seriously cut out for him. If ANY of them come out with a HARD stance for border security, that will be a giant issue for Texans.

Friedman needs to cut the ties with people like Willie Nelson and Jesse Ventura. Take the ‘circus‘ attitude out of the equation. Make this a SERIOUS race, make it about serious issues and address it professionally. You’re not auditioning for a role in some stage comedy, if you keep that in mind then you might have a chance. If you don’t, you become another footnote in Texas history, one that reads ‘also ran’.

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12 Responses to “Kinky Friedman may run again for Texas governor”

  1. comment number 1 by: Mattexian

    I supported Kinky last time, because his slogan “why the hell not?” pretty much summed up the abilities of the Texas Governor. That is to say, nearly none; CiC of the Texas Military Forces, approve or veto bills coming out of the Lege, and pardoning prisoners. Gov’ner GoodHair showed what he can do, I was willing to let someone else have the job. As to Kinky running as a Dem, I against it, since finding out that the DNC nearly demands a loyalty oath to the national platform and unwavering support of other Dem candidates, no matter how much one might disagree with their personal positions and characters. This is why I not longer stand by my claim that I’d rather trust a Texas Democrat than a New York Republican. I wouldn’t trust either one now!

  2. comment number 2 by: Hyunchback

    Since we are moving soon I recently came across one of the old shirts. “Annoy a Terrorist: Vote for a Jew”.

    We weren’t citizens of Texas for that run but we’d picked up the shirts, hat, bumper stickers while here visiting the area.

    I’m torn over supporting him but I’ll also be torn over supporting Hutchison. She’s been iffy on a lot of serious issues.

  3. comment number 3 by: TexasFred

    Hutchison is too damned in favor of the ILLEGALS and making them legal, regardless…

    Her 1st vote for the bailout and her support of the Immigrant Dream Act are still burrs under MY saddle…

  4. comment number 4 by: Katie

    I always vote for a member of the tribe. Go Kinky!

  5. comment number 5 by: TexasFred

    Katie, that makes about as much sense as those moonbats that ALWAYS support the straight party ticket…

    I don’t always vote for the white guy, I don’t always vote for the Republican guy or the Dem guy, I vote for the GUY that can do the job…

    And I KNOW you’re a lot smarter than that…

  6. comment number 6 by: WashingtonArmory.com


    I like Kinky as an entertainer but I am not sure of his qualifications as a Governor, That said if he is up to the task and you and the other conservative voters think he will be better than what you have then Go For It! (My dad has a few of his albums)

  7. comment number 7 by: TexasFred

    Kinky as Governor is NOT something I am on board with just yet… Not sure if I can, he was *comic relief* the last time he ran, he’s going to have to do a hell of a lot better before I support him…

  8. comment number 8 by: StormWarning

    Fred, I’d rather vote for Kinky than for “Hair Boy.” As fr the Texas Republican Party, the fight between Perry and KBH will be bloody, I am told by friends.

  9. comment number 9 by: LoneRider

    As a guy who can’t vote, yet. Unless I am wrong, which does happen, from time to time that is, Kinky is running to make this a better state, not to better himself.

    That right there makes him a better choice than Perry or Hutchinson.

    A fair number of people I know voted for perry over Kinky, weeks after the election, before his new term started, those same people would look at me and just say, you where right, as Perry was already breaking promises.

  10. comment number 10 by: ablur

    This country is in sad shape. body builders, wrestlers, actors, comedians, and racists are the options we get for elected office. Can we get much lower then this?

    I am truly sorry for Texas and for America.

  11. comment number 11 by: Patrick Sperry

    Looks at the above;

    Hell, I know ex-felons that have cleaned up their acts that I would vote for before I would vote for what is on the current political platter in many places.

    I personally still am for what Fred, Ablur and others were floating a while back.

    Let’s dump all the existing parties, and just start over from the ground floor up. What we need is a completely new organization that is responsive to the people that it represents, and refuses to let our Constitution be used as toilet tissue.

  12. comment number 12 by: mrchuck

    I just can’t take “Kinky” serious. He is a comedian at heart, and a shit stirrer by profession. I do like him, though.
    I’d like to see him pull the nipples on Kay Bailey, but as a serious Governor of Texas, Perry has shown what he can do.

    I am concerned when the politics and the job gets tough, Kinky would just say “Aw fuck it”, and walk away from the job.