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After Stimulus, GOPTrust Vows to Continue Fight

February 14th, 2009 . by TexasFred

After Stimulus, GOPTrust Vows to Continue Fight

The National Republican Trust PAC that played a leading role in rallying GOP opposition to President Barack Obama’s massive stimulus bill is ready to open up a new front in its battle against the budget-busting Democratic agenda, Executive Director Scott Wheeler tells Newsmax.

“People are asking for jobs, and Obama’s offering them an extra $100 a month in their unemployment benefits,�? Wheeler says. “That’s not going to help anybody. That’s not going to fix the economy.�?

The National Republican Trust (an advertiser on is the nation’s third-largest political action committee. According to its statement of principles, it says it seeks to return the GOP to the principles of Ronald Reagan.

Wheeler also blasts what he terms Obama’s “very scary language�? regarding the economy.

“Saying we might never recover if his trillion-dollar stimulus package isn’t passed – that’s an outrageous and outlandish statement to make,�? Wheeler says. “And it is hardly befitting of a president to make such a statement.�?

He tells Newsmax his organization plans several moves to advance its conservative agenda:

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After Stimulus, GOPTrust Vows to Continue Fight

There are many GOOD people fighting the debacle of the Democrats, fighting it tooth and nail. I have even been able to acquire a new and productive rapport with both of my Senators it appears. They might as well accept this fact, I will blast them if I think they are wrong and support them when I think they are RIGHT.

That’s exactly what MUST be done by all REAL Republicans and Conservatives now. We must fight for everything we can, and we must fight together, against the Dems and all of their Socialist, Marxist pork and the all around BS that they are forcing on the American people.

In the sidebar of this blog is a widget that allows you to send messages directly to your Congresscritter and Senators, all you need to know is your own Zip Code, it looks everything else up for you. I have done ALL that I can do to make raising HELL with those that sit in the seats of power as easy I possibly can. Now the ball is in YOUR court.

Call your elected officials, fax them, write letter to them, email them, whatever you do, however you do it, make them painfully aware of YOUR feelings regarding their actions and votes on the various bills that come up in the Senate and House. Blast the living hell out of them if they go against the majority of their constituents, but don’t forget to praise them when they do the RIGHT thing too.

REAL Republicans and ALL Conservatives are in for a fight FOR their very lives. This nation has taken a hard LEFT turn and is on the road to disaster. The reason I stress REAL Republicans is because we’ll never have the support of the RINOs, Republicans In Name Only. They are unpredictable turncoats and traitors to all REAL Republicans and Conservatives. They can’t be trusted and MUST be removed from the halls of Congress as soon as possible. They MUST also be removed from the Republican party as well. If they want to stand with the left, let them join the Democratic party and support their friends there. They have NO friends here on the RIGHT!

There is no place on the RIGHT for RINOs, faux Conservatives and anti-Americans. Ladies and Gentlemen, the in-actions of the Bush administration, coupled with the current actions of the Obamanation have brought this nation to the brink of war. I do NOT mean war in Iraq or Afghanistan. I refer to the danger of WAR right here on American soil. War with the Islamic hordes that are dedicated to our submission or destruction, war with the ILLEGALS from Mexico and elsewhere that seek to turn this nation into a carbon copy of the 3rd world HOLE that they came from!

As I said, we are ALL in the fight OF our lives, and FOR our lives. We must fight together America, fight together and WIN. If we don’t WIN, if we don’t return this nation to solid Conservative values, and I mean SOON, there won’t be an America around in the VERY near future!

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2 Responses to “After Stimulus, GOPTrust Vows to Continue Fight”

  1. comment number 1 by: GUYK

    I am fighting the only way I can right now…with words. There was a time when I supported the GOP with money…no more. If the party was not strong enough to pressure the three RINOs who voted for the pork bill then I don’t figure they are strong enough to do much anywhere else. My support is going to the grass roots fiscal conservatives who have a shot at a seat in the state legislature or maybe in the House of Representatives later on. I don’t trust the GOP to go back to fiscal conservatism..they has the chance and blew it for six long expensive years.

    I figure our only chance at keeping what is left of the republic is a new and different political party. A party that could really give a damn about who is screwing who in the privacy of a bedroom and who marries who. A party that first of all and above all believes that the government is supposed to be limited and work for the people instead of the government being the Nanny for the people.

    But I am not holding my breath…and I am still hoarding ammo

  2. comment number 2 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Feinstein and Boxer listen to a Conservative? Hah! The only two non-Socialists left in Fornicalia are me and Robert. Everyone ELSE wants their FREE CHEESE. ILLEGALS want even MORE FREE CHEESE.