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7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting

March 29th, 2009 . by TexasFred

7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting

CARTHAGE, N.C. (AP) - A gunman burst into a North Carolina nursing home Sunday morning and started “shooting everything,” killing seven residents and a nurse and wounding at least three others.

Robert Stewart, 45, of Moore County, was charged hours later with eight counts of first-degree murder and a single charge of felony assault of a law enforcement officer. Authorities offered few other details, allowing only that Stewart was not a patient or an employee at the nursing home, and isn’t believe to be related to any of the victims.

“It’s a horrible event in any size town, particularly, though, when you deal with a small town such as Carthage,” said Police Chief Chris McKenzie. “It’s hard. This is my home, my small town. I was born and raised here so, yeah, I take it to heart a little bit. All you can do is move forward.”

Authorities said Stewart began his rampage around 10 a.m. at Pinelake Health and Rehab, a nursing home in the North Carolina Sandhills about 60 miles southwest of Raleigh. A police officer, 25-year-old Justin Garner, was also wounded before Stewart was shot and apprehended.

Sen. Harris Blake, a Moore County Republican, said six people were killed at the scene and two died later at a hospital in nearby Pinehurst. He said sheriff’s officials told him that Stewart “comes in and just starts shooting everything around.”

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7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting

What in the HELL is wrong with people? Not 3 weeks ago we had this, At least 10 dead in two-town Alabama shooting spree and now some nutcase walk in to a nursing home and starts shooting up the old folks and a nurse?

I wrote about the Alabama shooting, The Alabama Shootings - An Op/Ed from TexasFred, and I have stated on numerous occasions, no one in their right mind does something like this. These are NOT the actions of sane and responsible people. These are the actions of individuals that have gone over the edge, whatever that edge may be, and they took out their hostilities and frustrations on innocent people.

To the families of the deceased, I am truly sorry, terribly sorry for your loss. I hope you can find it in your hearts to not hold this against the millions of responsible gun owners in the USA, and I hope you don’t blame the NRA and everyone connected to it for this tragedy. That does seem to be the popular theme of late, a mass murder takes place and automatically the responsible gun owners take a huge hit and are ALL somehow held responsible.

I don’t want to sound like one of the ‘Tin-Foil’ conspiracy theorists, but damn, I am seriously starting to wonder if there isn’t a bigger agenda at work here than some idiot losing his mind and going on a shooting spree. The Attorney General of this nation is an avowed gun hater and gun grabber, as is the president, regardless of his hollow words to the contrary.

If I didn’t know better, I would be thinking that there is some kind of ‘plot‘ afoot, a scheme being put to work in this nation to make all of the legal, sane and responsible gun owners of the USA look like ‘bad guys’. I would almost think that AG Holder’s fine hand, or that of his minions, could be found at work here, if you were to look deep enough, if the truth were to ever surface. You know, if I were one of those highly suspicious conspiracy theorists…

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17 Responses to “7 residents, nurse die in NC nursing home shooting”

  1. comment number 1 by: Kate

    I don’t think you are alone in the ‘tin foil’ area. The Mr and I were talking about this very thing a couple of days ago.

  2. comment number 2 by: Malinda777

    I don’t think it’s being a Conspiracy Theorist to KNOW that AG Holder probably had no hand in the deed…but you can BET YOUR ASS there is for sure some cohorting going on between the gun hating administration encouraging the MSM to cover more stories like this.

    Tragically, nut jobs do horrible things every day across this country, but the MSM LOVES stories like this. They NEVER make it habit nor policy to focus on the many MORE millions of great stories that could be told about true patriots, and wonderful average every day Americans.

    I’ve long said…it should be standard policy (I won’t say REQUIRED) because that would require the opposite of the Fairness Doctrine…they should VOLUNTEER to make it POLICY that for every horror story or tragedy they report on to then cover TWO stories of goodness, happiness, success, or accomplishment.


  3. comment number 3 by: The BoBo

    I don’t generally walk down that “tin foil hat” path either - but - we have had quite a few of these random shootings since Obama came in to office.

    Just sayin’ :)

  4. comment number 4 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    You know — I hate to walk down paths like that. I hesitate to bring things like that up. But I can only see bad and dark things coming for us in our national future. And one of those things — of which I am completely CONVINCED — is a national desire, on the FEDERAL level, to disarm United States citizens except in very unusual circumstances. You don’t have to be a wizard, mesmerist or psychic to make that statement; many in the Obama Administration, INCLUDING Rahm Emanual, have STATED those things in public.

    I still predicate my core and founding beliefs upon this fundamental: an UNARMED nation of citizens is a collection of persons upon which ANY egregious or freedom-removing action can be perpetrated by “their” government.

    I am not and never have been convinced that GOVERNMENT has ANYONE’S best interest at heart save those very high-ranking officials IN government.


  5. comment number 5 by: Vigilante

    Yes, and I bet if that looney toon dickhead had run his car into that nursing home and killed 7 old timers and a nurse, it wouldn’t have gotten any more publicity than one days worth of news in the public crier, but being it was a gun, they’ll milk it for days to appease the anti gun nutso’s.

  6. comment number 6 by: TexasFred

    BAN LIFE, BAN KNIVES AND BALL BATS AND TREE LIMBS AND, well, you get the idea… Let the libber-puke fools rant on, guns are here to stay… There is a very small, incredibly small minority of gun owners that go crazy as this asshat did, and while it is sad and regrettable, it is NOT indicative of the behavior of the vast majority of all sane and responsible gun owners in this nation.

    I have been carrying a pistol every day of my life for over 37 years now, and at many times I was also carrying a high powered rifle or a 12ga shotgun, and I have NEVER shot in anger, I have NEVER murdered anyone and I somehow doubt that I ever will…

    High capacity magazines?? You betcha, I have a Springfield XD-45 Tactical sitting here beside me at my desk, it goes everywhere I go. It has a 13+1 capacity and I carry 4 spare magazines, all loaded with 230gr Remington Golden Sabers, you do the math…

    And yet, with ALL of that death and destruction at my fingertips, I have NEVER fired a shot in anger…

    Go figure…

  7. comment number 7 by: TexasFred

    Maybe we need to ban soccer…

    22 killed at Ivory Coast soccer match stampede

    ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) - A stampede at a World Cup qualifying soccer match in the Ivory Coast killed at least 22 people and wounded 132 Sunday, authorities said.

  8. comment number 8 by: TexasFred

    And this story presents a bit of a quandary…

    Mass. man beheads 5-year-old sister, fatally stabs 2nd sister, is shot dead while hunting 3rd

    MILTON, Mass. - A man on a rampage fatally stabbed his 17-year-old sister, decapitated his 5-year-old sister in front of a police officer and then turned toward his 9-year-old sister with a knife in his hand before officers shot him dead in what their chief described as “a killing field.”

    Do we ban KNIVES or do we ban BIRTHDAY PARTIES??

  9. comment number 9 by: Aunty Brat

    Where I live, we have “gun control”. I use the term loosely since it appears the criminals have more than enough guns to create mayhem on our streets. We have now become the murder capital of Canada. Seems nearly every morning the news begins “a man shot dead overnight…” or ” a man died overnight after being stabbed with a knife at a party.” THAT was last night.

    I have never held a gun, but even I know that guns don’t kill people. People do.

    The insanity continues… (Think I am going to have to make that my blog logo soon…lol)

  10. comment number 10 by: TexasFred

    Aunty Brat, correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Canada have VERY strict gun control laws?? I mean nearly oppressive gun control laws??

    I know a few years back I was in Vancouver on business and we had a security guard assigned to us, he had a damned *Stun Gun*…

    After getting a chance to talk with the guy a bit, he was telling us how tough it was to legally carry a gun there. So, I asked him, “Is a stun gun all they let you have?”

    He got a VERY weird look on his face, moved up real close to me and whispers, “Sir, this isn’t even a REAL stun gun, but for Gods sake don’t let anyone know I told you that, I can get fired…”

  11. comment number 11 by: Aunty Brat

    You are absolutely correct (or right… Fred! We do, sposedly. But do I dare tell you that it is VANCOUVER that has become the murder capital of Canada? It is now beyond absurd. As I joke with some of my American friends: If you are coming to the 2010 Olympics, be sure and pack your kevlar vests - and pack an extra for me please..;)

    As for the stun gun? You mean the taser I believe? We are in the midst of a long drawn out hearing because 4 RCMP officers killed a new immigrant (Polish), with a taser who they said was threatening their lives. Loooooong story, but the Polish man was “armed” with a stapler he had picked up in the airport after a major screw up by all concerned. I have written on this in the past, and will be again soon.

  12. comment number 12 by: TexasFred

    Yeah, it was some kind of FAKE Taser thing, or something like that, it was a block of wood fashioned to look like one, but this was back in ’98 or ’99, a while before the RCMP thing…

    And I think it was yesterday, I saw the story about Vancouver being the Murder Capital… If they still had Dominic Da Vinci it would ALL be OK, he would straighten them ALL out…

    Da Vinci’s Inquest… That show rocked…

  13. comment number 13 by: Faultline USA

    Sad story but when this many are killed it’s bound to make the news anywhere and anytime. The left controlled MSM will use it of course.

  14. comment number 14 by: Aunty Brat

    I absolutely agree with you Faultline. I swear they just look at the police blotter in the morning for their lead story.

    And yes, Fred, Da Vinci’s Inquest was filmed here. Do you remember as far back as MacGyver? That was also filmed here. Many of your movies are filmed here. We ARE Hollywood North ya…..The glow of having that here tarnished long ago for me. Mostly a nuisance, although once in a while I come across a set or two when I am walking the BIG Bratdog, and then the fun begins…

  15. comment number 15 by: Vigilante

    Aunty Brat:
    Those RCMP’s could be in a lot of trouble…………especially if that stapler was unloaded!!!!!!!

  16. comment number 16 by: TopGun

    Sad story at the Nursing Home.

    The MSM will bury the beheading story just like they tried to bury the beheading story of that Muslim who beheaded his wife at their radio station recently.

  17. comment number 17 by: TexasFred

    You know what’s going to happen? When the moonbats stop using guns to commit these heinous acts against innocent people, the assholes of Islam will begin their bomb attacks..

    The bad part is, Obama and Holder don’t seem to think there is such a thing as the assholes of Islam, I bet you won’t here the 1st cry of BAN ISLAM and BAN ISLAMIC BOMBERS…

    Some of em are related to Rahm and Obama…