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Sen. Reid botches 3 subjects at news conference

May 19th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Sen. Reid botches 3 subjects at news conference

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid became the latest Democrat to stray into rhetorical trouble Tuesday, botching statements on three subjects in one news conference - including the fragile health of the chamber’s most senior members. The Nevada Democrat reported that one of them, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., was absent because he was receiving a new round of treatment for his brain cancer. Asked if the cancer was in remission, Reid replied, “As far as I know, it is, yes.”

Kennedy’s office refused to confirm Reid’s comments or make any statement in response, the public silence a classic Washington disavowal.

Reid was then asked about Sen. Robert C. Byrd, at 91 the longest-serving senator in history, who was hospitalized over the weekend for an infection. Reid reported that Byrd was to be released from the hospital Tuesday or perhaps later in the week.

Not exactly.

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Sen. Reid botches 3 subjects at news conference

If it weren’t for Dem gaffes we’d have no gaffes at all. Gloom, despair and agony on me. That line will make sense to those old enough to remember Cornfield County and Hee-Haw.

I may ruffle a few feathers with what I have to say, but I’ve never let that stop me, so, I’m going to say it anyway.

Many are calling for the impeachment of Nancy Pelosi and the removal of Harry Reid. I fully agree with the intent of those calls, I sent one to my Congressman, Mr. Sam Johnson, just a few minutes ago. Here is the truth of the matter. Reid and Pelosi are BOTH idiots, but they belong to the party of IDIOTS, and it just so happens that this party of IDIOTS is in control of BOTH Houses of Congress and the White House.

We can scream IMPEACH until we’re blue in the face and it’s not going to do one damned bit of good. You don’t believe that? How’d the Bill Clinton impeachment thing go?? Just sayin’…

Bill Clinton, President of the United States was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998, and acquitted by the Senate on February 12, 1999. The charges, perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power arose from the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the Paula Jones lawsuit. The trial proceedings were largely party-line, with no Democratic Senators voting for conviction and only five Democratic Representatives voting to impeach. In all, 55 senators voted not guilty, and 45 voted guilty on the perjury charge. The Senate also acquitted on the charge of obstruction, with 50 votes cast as not guilty, and 50 votes as guilty.

Source: The Impeachment of Bill Clinton

So, let me point this out to everyone, we stand about as much chance of a successful impeachment and conviction of Pelosi as we do expecting Harry Reid to grow a set and turn Conservative.

This matter of Reid and Pelosi is, for the most part, in the hands of the voters of their districts in Nevada and California, until those citizens man up and do the right thing, the people of this entire nation will continue to suffer the ill effects of both of these cretins, Reid and Pelosi.

Here in Texas we have a way of dealing with our elected officials when they become a bit too self absorbed and all important in their own eyes. We vote them out of office, or, in the case of George Bush, we send them to the Oval Office. I really don’t think the American people are ready for the certain disaster that this nation would suffer if either Reid OR Pelosi were to ascend to that office.

If it weren’t so deadly serious, the gaffes of the Democrats in power, Biden, Pelosi and Reid, we would be enjoying one of the most entertaining comedies of error that the American people had ever witnessed!

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6 Responses to “Sen. Reid botches 3 subjects at news conference”

  1. comment number 1 by: Malinda777

    Well Fred…You’ve written a post that I have a FRONT ROW SEAT to :( I live in Nevada…WE HATE REID…My normal LONG comments are BORING - THIS IS REALLY LONGER…but THIS you ALL should know!

    Nevada isn’t quite as big as Texas, but we share the same values. We’re BIG…like Texas! BUT…Texas has Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Austin…I’m naming ALL your “metropolises” not sure about spelling throughout!

    Fortunate for YOU…SO FAR…the RIGHT and RED of Texas can still control their metropolis…BECAUSE…outside YOUR cities…are rurals that DEMAND it!

    In Nevada…and I shit you NOT! LAS VEGAS (Clark Co.) has over a million people. Look at a map! I live in Reno…500,000 in my county…seems like a DUH…half… any conservative should be able to control the OTHER HALF…NOT!!! And our capitol in Nevada isn’t even a COUNTY…it remains (like Texas with it’s sovereigntry,a township)…so our own capitol - Carson City (where legislature is) is like DC…not really a state OR a county! Clark County (Where most of CA moved the LAST time we were in recession)… holds according to “CENSUS”…the populous… so WE have 2..TWO congressional districts in Vegas…the ENTIRE rest of our state which is ALMOST as big as Texas…and WE’RE HUGELY Conservative is “ONE DISTRICT”… sounds CRAZY doesn’t it? but it’s TRUE!

    It’s truly a North (where I am in Reno) vs. South division in Nevada! We fight HARD…but it’s gonna be TOUGH to unseat Reid! WE ALL HATE HIM…

    The NATION hates Reid… Normally, on any given Senatorial race…at least in most states…it’s about 1-5 million dollars spent! I KNOW…that seems crazy enough to even say that!

    Harry Reid RIGHT NOW, has MANY MILLION in his fund and it’s expected as “we keep up” that at his current growth rate with money…he’s about 25-27 MILLION into this race into his campaign to re-run in the end…and we all HATE HIM! If that’s NOT ENOUGH??? His BAD SPERM of a son Rory Reid is running for Gov. And…he has a LOT of Daddy’s money behind him in the Lib campaign!

    Our OWN GOP Gov, has done a good job fiscally…but he has a zipper problem, and has had multiple affairs, has some bad friends ethically…so the state wants him hung too… It’s like Clinton with I didn’t inhale or I didn’t really have sex…except THIS GUY really DID A PRETTY GOOD JOB at the office!!! So we in NV as GOP have to off a Governor that did a pretty damn good job as Governor…but his DRAMA dictates that he must go…and we must ALSO OFF REID! Our own THREE BIG COUNTY GOP RINO Mayors attended a $2000 per head recption for Reid! (Because mayoral races are non-partisan…they say they are mayors for All the people)…they’re ALL DONE… WE’RE HAVING BIG GOP RINO PROBLEMS IN THE ONE STATE THAT MUST OFF REID!

    So NOW…NEVADA…has a Gov. race in 2010 to deal with ALONG WITH OFFING REID! We have a couple of good candidates for Gov…Joe Heck…my choice so far…but Mike Montandon runs a close second…but something about him says NO to me…BUT HARRY REID’S BAD SPERM SON IS ALSO RUNNING ON THE LIB SIDE!!!


    All of a sudden…TOO MANY folks are committing to a RUN for this office! There’s a few good folks in the mix…BUT THEY CANNOT WIN! WE HAVE SO FAR some really GOOD conservative folks that WOULD be OK…but they CAN’T WIN! THEY CANNOT RAISE 25 MILLION DOLLARS before 2010 to do it! (Reid’s 25 MILLION gives him the option to buy ALL of our state’s TV time and be like Obama…say great things OVER AND OVER…spin great commercials in NEVADA (it’s ALREADY HAPPENING)…but between the lines…screw WE THE PEOPLE!)

    A couple of women have put their names in the hat…BOTH RINOS….but the “world” LOVES a woman with a cause? These RINOS are running just like Obama just to bring that ever “beloved” HOPE & CHANGE…but when you read the crap their “campaign managers” write for them…you see the same old stuff! The BOLD men that say they “might run” are a “little good”, but once they “sort of announced” they “might run”…all of a sudden…their tones changed too to MORE POLITICALLY CORRECT…which as you listen (at least locally here in NV)…begins to sound a little like MORE OF THE SAME!

    Two POSSIBLE men are Mitt Romney (HE OWNS PROPERTY IN NV) and he can legally run…we would hope…my scoop in my “in the know” says he won’t. Some DUMBASSES say that he would run and WIN…but then ditch NV in 2012 for the POTUS?

    Most of us REAL Conservatives say…Hey…WHY NOT! We’d rather have HIM for 2 Years as a GREAT senator than some RINO. (You’d have to know Nevada)…we’d be HARD on Romney on ANY portion of RINO you guys think he might be :) I’d be SO THRILLED IF MITT DECIDED TO DO IT! He COULD WIN…and I think he’d be GREAT for NV, even though he never lived here…but Utah is close and it’s our neighbor! ANYBODY CLOSE and Conservative enough that CAN win would do right now just to rid Reid!

    THE REAL GUY…THE ONE THAT IS VERY CLOSE TO BEING TALKED INTO A RUN…is Dean Heller. I’ve long said keep your eye on him, but even Reid gave him a position in Congress that was nice…but HE FIGHTS! HE WAS OUR ONLY VOICE FROM NEVADA THAT VOTED NO TO ALL THE STIMULUS BULLSHIT! ON BOTH VOTES :)

    OH…did I mention…back many months ago…we had A WINNER! WE HAD BRIAN KROLICKI! Asst. Atty. gen…he would have won against Reid in NV in a heartbeat…but the minute he announced his run??? BITCH Catherine Cortez Masto (LIB FROM HELL) who was Krolicki’s BOSS… freaking filed charges against him regarding Nevada’s Scholarship fund!!! It was balanced TO THE PENNY when he left (like 2 years ago)….and Masto (being his boss the Atty Gen) SIGNED OFF on all his stuff! It was like a Tony Soprano move! Politics is JUST SO UGLY when you gen really into it! Some say he was guilty but as I see in getting involved…it’s MORE POLITICAL BULLSHIT! Folks that want to SERVE the public…when they get the chance to…get CREAMED by those that WANT POWER…on both sides!

    Just saying…you say you’re running AGAINST Reid??? Anybody that CAN win get’s the freaking guns pulled on ‘em in a matter of speaking…so in Nevada…where WE HAVE TO GET HIM OUT… It’s a LOT TOUGHER than some might think!

    27-25 million dollars (what’s a few million between friends right?…some say Reid has MORE) to a CONSERVATIVE is horse shit! It should NEVER COST that kind of money to run for office, but hey… Reid has that kind of power. Part of the bailout money given to NV…Conservatives didn’t want it…and out of 1 TRILLION, we got 1.5 billion…(which Reid SO POWERFUL gave bullshit money to NV) was for a stupid “bullet train” that runs between Vegas & LA.

    Rumor has it (I don’t know for sure and what’s one more rumor in politics…rumors abound…truth? what’s that?) that Reid owns A LOT OF LAND between Vegas & LA and it would benefit HIM more than NV. ALL NEVADANS could pretty much care less about that train…WHAT WE WOULD CARE ABOUT is developing nuclear energy at Yucca Mountain! Harry Reid is AGAINST THAT…What we’re ALSO against is the STRINGS Reid attached to the rest of “our bailout money”. Stuff like “refurbishing” lights at parks where the lights already worked??? but it would create jobs??? I read the WHOLE list of the mere 1.5 billion NV was going to get on behalf of Harry Reid our Nevada hero??? Most of it all…is crap we don’t need. Yep, a few folks (lot) will get a job out of it…but they are using the money for stuff we already have, private businesses could provide at less cost, or quite frankly…nobody IN NEVADA would have thought up what they are going to spend that money on! IT’S RIDICULOUS! AND whether you’re in NV or NOT??? Check out your OWN state’s bail out money…there are caveats in there that state the bail out money does one thing, and then after a few years it’s still all legal and binding…but THEN YOUR state has to fund it! Unlike Congress…READ THE BILLS….READ THE LEGISLATION!! It will make you turn TOTALLY FRED!

    It’s f-messed up in Nevada right now…I sit on the Republican Central Committee here…I am a member of multiple Republican Women’s Clubs…I am at GOP headquarters often for town hall meetings…I have an open ear to a couple of assemblymen and one congressman from Nevada…we’re fighting…but like much of USA we’re HUGELY outnumbered by Libs! IT”S HARD TO FIGHT THAT FIGHT…but we ARE fighting every day…Concession is the ONLY thing Libs understand…

    We TRY HARD in Nevada to only concede to things that WON’T OVERALL HURT our’s tough…

    I left Texas back in the day when the black monday caused the oil crisis…I ended up in NV…. Today…another crisis is happening and I’m happy to see Texas’ numbers are better than ours! We’re fighting guys… but when you have TWO LIB districts in VEGAS against the WHOLE REST of Nevada…

    That’s like if ALL OF DALLAS WAS LIB and the REST of Texas WASN’T…you’d think it’d be easy as the REST of Texas to take over…but when electoral votes, and legislators, etc…come to the capitol to “do session”… it ain’t so

    We ONLY have 3 districts here and we’re as big as Texas (land mass wise)…and 2 of those districts live in one city! It’s HARD. We NEED the NATION to help us defeat Harry Reid, and PRAY that Dean Heller or Mitt Romney will run against him. The other folks that say they’re gonna….CANNOT WIN…

    Thanks Fred for 10 pages AGAIN…but this one…hit home :) I”m like FRED…I WANT CONSERVATISM!!!

  2. comment number 2 by: Malinda777

    I also said things like Reid CAUSED the strings attached? I’m a big girl, and even I know REID didn’t cause ALL of it..but in my state, Reid has a HUGE part in it…but it’s ALL OF THEM… in govn’t just wanted to CYA myself on that one :) Reid SUCKS…but he is not the ONLY one at fault.. :)

  3. comment number 3 by: Malinda777

    DON’T think there aren’t Great GOP in the South in Vegas, we all fight together :)

  4. comment number 4 by: BobF

    Scary thing with Pelosi is she’s second in line for the Presidency, right behind Biden. Can you imagine an idiot like Pelosi who can’t comprehend intelligence briefings as President?

    Harry Reid is the epitome of an emasculated male. Why Democrats in Nevada continually reelect him boggles the mind.

  5. comment number 5 by: TexasFred

    Malinda, great comment… LONG… But great none the less…

    Bob, if Harry Reid has ANY balls at all, they are resting on his chin…

  6. comment number 6 by: hardheadedtexan

    Here ya go Fred.