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Church Cancels Memorial for Gay Navy Vet

August 10th, 2007 . by TexasFred

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - Relatives of a gay Navy veteran who died say they are upset that a megachurch canceled his memorial service 24 hours before it was to start. Officials at the nondenominational High Point Church knew that Cecil Howard Sinclair was gay when they offered to host his service, said his sister, Kathleen Wright.

But after his obituary listed his life partner as one of his survivors, she said, it was called off.

“It’s a slap in the face. It’s like, ‘Oh, we’re sorry he died, but he’s gay so we can’t help you,’” she said Friday.

Wright said High Point offered to hold the service for Sinclair because their brother is a janitor there. Sinclair, who served in Desert Storm, died Monday at age 46 from an infection after surgery to prepare him for a heart transplant.

And to the church in Arlington, TX. I say, AWESOME, good for you and I am proud you stood up for what is RIGHT, if the guy was an active, practicing homosexual, he IS in violation of the word of God and it is, in MY opinion, a sin, and for your church to allow him a memorial service would have been a dis-service to you and all of your members…

And at the risk of sounding terribly mean, to the sister I say, IF you had the guts to tell the church that your brother was a faggot BEFORE they agreed to do a service for someone they didn’t know, all of this would likely have been avoided…

The church’s pastor, the Rev. Gary Simons, said no one knew Sinclair, who was not a church member, was gay until the day before the Thursday service, when staff members putting together his video tribute saw pictures of men “engaging in clear affection, kissing and embracing.”

Simons said the church believes homosexuality is a sin, and it would have appeared to endorse that lifestyle if the service had been held there.

“We did decline to host the service - not based on hatred, not based on discrimination, but based on principle,” Simons told The Associated Press. “Had we known it on the day they first spoke about it - yes, we would have declined then. It’s not that we didn’t love the family.”

I am pretty sure his family loved him, at least some of them appear to have, but a sin is a sin, no matter, and that ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ is OK for the family members if that’s what they want to do, but I personally wouldn’t attend a church that supported, promoted or endorsed homosexuals or their activities, in ANY way…

And notice how the MSM, Associated Press, uses the fact that the guy was a Navy Vet to try and garner support for this ‘wrong’ that a Christian church did and the ‘hurt’ they caused the family, tell me that the MSM isn’t a left wing libber tool…

I’m guessing that the fags of North Texas and the ACLU will be all over you for this but you did the right thing and owe no one an apology…

You never have to apologize for standing by the word of the bible…

Homosexual acts are an abomination to God. 18:22
If a man has sex with another man, kill them both.

And if the word of God presents a problem for you, you’re reading the wrong blog, I’m not a ‘bible thumper’ but wrong is wrong, and homosexuality IS wrong, I may not preach religion at my readers but I AM a believer…

Full Story Here:
Church Cancels Memorial for Gay Navy Vet

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10 Responses to “Church Cancels Memorial for Gay Navy Vet”

  1. comment number 1 by: jo

    There are many, many Churches and religions that condone, if not support this way of life. There are still some that do not, and I don’t think they should be condemned for it. What is right and moral to some people, is not to others. It isn’t about hate or intolerance, it’s about one’s own personal relationship with the Lord.Some people just feel things deeply in their soul, and if they are unable to embrace the homosexual lifestyle, they should not be demonized for it.
    But, many are. Seems ya can’t believe in any morals or scruples anymore without getting your fanny kicked.
    I do feel bad for the family…hopefully a gay church will step up to the plate…and dammit all, if MSM jumps on this I am gonna pitch a hissy like no one’s seen in a long time. Why can’t I just be allowed to be me ? Believe what my Bible says…not have it interpreted every which way.
    Political correctness is gonna be the death of me.

  2. comment number 2 by: cary

    I’m sorry - the term “gay church” does not compute. A “church” - that is, a gathering of people on the name of the Lord - would not be “gay.” That would be a social club.

    Back to the subject - I also applaud this church for standing up for it’s beliefs. Beyond the Old Testament quotes provided by Fred, how about the whole “sex outside of marriage” aspect? That right there - and I am sure to catch some flak for this - but that right there is an abomination to God. It doesn’t matter if the people involved are homosexual or heterosexual, relationships of that nature without the structure of marriage between the two is a sin. Beyond that, the reason there are so many God-fearing folk dead set against “gay” marriage is Leviticus 18:22, as shared above.

  3. comment number 3 by: jo

    Cary…I 100% agree with you. I’ve alienated many for my stance on shacking up, screwing around and murdering our unborn. It’s just no one cares, or listens anymore.

  4. comment number 4 by: James

    I don’t have a blog or anything…but I just had to comment. I know y’all are expecting flak…but you’ll not get it from me. I just wanted to voice my support for y’all standing for what’s right. Now, I do feel bad for the family, but as a minister, I wouldn’t feel comfortable performing the service. I’m not gonna say that the man has gone straight to Hell for his sin. He may have received the grace offered by Jesus Christ. I mean, he deserves to go to Hell…but then…so do I. It’s only by God’s grace that we receive eternal life. But, in order for our church to host a memorial service and for our pastor to perform it, the man needs to be a member in good standing.

    The church probably should not have agreed to it unless they knew the man, personally. I agree with their decision, though.

  5. comment number 5 by: chicagoray

    Saw the article and said the same thing you did Fred, this is a classic MSM using the armed forces to their ends jumping all over this story for that reason.

    Either live by the rules of the church or you don’t belong, it’s as simple as that. They want to create these special exceptions to legitimize their behavior when you either accept it is sin and don’t do it, or sorry, you don’t belong in church for any reason, gay marriage, or simply practicing homosexuality.

    If God is that important to you in your life that you need to have a service there in the church at your death, then live the life that God set forth in the bible at least attempting to avoid sin and not by your own set of rules as you go along like the left likes to do.

    In their world pretty soon it’ll be OK to do just about anything anyone wants to do anytime, and in a world like that there will be nothing but chaos and abomination, just exactly the way they want it. Only having to answer to themselves and no higher power, they are the higher power in their worldview.

  6. comment number 6 by: Basti

    I’m not a Christan as I never caught it. (Much to my parents dismay) That said I still believe that homosexual behavior is a perversion and should never be engaged in or condoned. It also matters not what an individual might have done that was good, if he is a homosexual it is all tainted by that perversion.

  7. comment number 7 by: gunz

    The one thing the military emphasizes about serving faggots is the code of conduct layed out for everyone, no matter how honorable one may have served outside the walls of a bedroom they are still corn holing someone in it and it’s a violation of military law.

    Sodomy is a moral and conduct issue, the Bible even speaks against that for the man and woman relationships God intended.

    It’s illegal in 24 states for a reason, should be all and used to be…

    Kudos to this church.

  8. comment number 8 by: GUYK

    I support the church..but not for the same reasons as you do. I support the church because I figure they have the right to perform or not to perform such services as they so desire.

    I could really give a gotdam myself about what the man did..his sexual preferences are none of my business as mine are none of his. But the church does have the right to refuse funeral services to the cocksucker.

  9. comment number 9 by: TexasFred

    GUYK Says:
    August 11th, 2007 at 4:20 pm
    But the church does have the right to refuse funeral services to the cocksucker.

  10. comment number 10 by: Sharon

    I think that the church has done the right thing. I also think that, as my father said, sin is sin and it is wrong. I am sorry for the family’s loss but I don’t feel for them because the church canceled a memorial for a gay family member. In my opinion, I think it is wrong to have a memorial for someone in a gay marriage or practicing homosexuality in any church or at all for that matter.