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Skilled immigrants fleeing the U.S.

July 28th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Skilled immigrants fleeing the U.S.

Lured by the prospect of climbing to the top of his field, New Delhi native Swaroop Ganguly came to the U.S. 10 years ago and earned a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005.

He became an expert in an emerging technology called spintronics, used to power semiconductors, and worked at several chip companies, including Freescale Semiconductor. But Ganguly, now 32, is moving back to India this summer.

Although he has been doing postdoctoral work at the University of Texas, he figures his prospects for research and professional development are probably better in his home country. “I feel quite excited about going back,” he says.

Ganguly has already accepted a job as a professor of electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The position will pay a fraction of the salary he had been earning in the private sector—about $15,000 compared with $100,000—but it will offer considerably more job security and the freedom to do the exploratory research he wants to do.

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Skilled immigrants fleeing the U.S.

Adios, good-bye, best of luck, hope ya like your new life in Mumbai.

I guess the cost of living must be a lot different in India, an $85K pay cut? So he can have job security? And the freedom to do the exploratory research he wants to do? OK, if all else fails he can be an online technician for Dell, ‘Thank you for calling Dell Tech Support, how may we wreck your computer today?’

The departure of top talent in technology and science may also undercut the prospects for a recovery in the U.S., many economists say. These immigrants often start companies and come up with technological breakthroughs, creating new job opportunities for all.

Alright, here is where I begin to exhibit that really BAD TexasFred attitude I am so well known for. The U.S. economy will recover when U.S. companies stop outsourcing everything and return to American made, quality made and good old fashioned American pride. That, and a union busting like none ever seen before.

And another point of contention, maybe these immigrants do often start companies and come up with technological breakthroughs, creating new job opportunities for all, big deal. If they hire cheap labor, or even worse, outsource their business to 3rd world holes in the earth simply to enjoy a better profit margin, there’s no real advantage to these businesses being in existence in this nation to begin with.

The Obama Administration has said it will push for comprehensive immigration reform later this year, but it’s unclear if any legislation will pass or how it would affect skilled immigrants. One unresolved issue is how to define a “skilled” immigrant.

Obama is one of the primary reasons the HUGE downturn in the economy happened. He didn’t do it all, he sure didn’t do it by himself. George Bush started it with his ridiculous bailout. Obama just followed suit and then proceeded to give away every dollar we have in the treasury.

Labor is leaving the USA like never before. The jobs just aren’t there, so the ILLEGALS, as well as the legal and highly skilled are making a run for the border. Comprehensive immigration reform won’t resolve anything, fixing a busted economy, and then enforcing STRICT immigration laws is the effort that needs to be made. Bailouts and Czars for everything under the sun, that’s not going to fix anything. That Bidenism of ‘We gotta spend money so we don’t go broke’ is nothing more than idiotic misspeak. Joe *the gaff master* Biden hasn’t got any more of a clue than his master does, and Obama couldn’t find a glass of cold water in winter.

Advocates for skilled immigrants emphasize the value they create and warn against developing overly restrictive policies.

What about AMERICANS FIRST?? Why don’t we train OUR citizens? Give Americans the opportunity to make something of their lives? Give our teens an education that doesn’t leave them to flip burgers at McDonald’s? Comprehensive education reforms, for Americans, THAT is the ticket. If we’re going to rebuild this nation, let us 1st rebuild our people and our way of thinking.

Do away with welfare, make it a very short term *hand up* and make it only available to those willing to better themselves through education. Educate our children, don’t indoctrinate them. Teach them a craft, a skill, a career, and make sure they are rewarded for effort. The lazy will sit back and get very hungry if only those that are willing to work eat. Hunger is a great motivator. As long as there are Mom’s and Dad’s that will keep the house stocked with munchies so the kids can take over the den and play games and Guitar Hero all day, the kids will be well into middle age and will never have held a job. Motivation!

We hear all of this BS about the jobs that Americans won’t do. That’s exactly what it is, BS. Americans can, and WILL do any job that comes along if properly motivated. But we have brilliant minds among us. We have young people today that can be the next generation of nuclear scientists, electrical and computer engineers, doctors, lawyers, any number of professions, but those young people must 1st figure out that Mom and Dad aren’t going to pay their way forever. Cheetos and Slim Jim’s cost money, and once you make it in the business world you can eat something besides gamer junk food.

Contrary to popular belief, Twinkies are NOT a food group unto themselves.

A study by Duke University professor and Harvard researcher Vivek Wadhwa, for example, found that among Chinese nationals who emigrated to the U.S. and later returned home, 72 percent said they thought professional opportunities were better in China.

And here again is where my American nationalism comes into play. No matter how bad things get, we, the American people, don’t have anywhere to run to. This is it. Home. We either fix it and make it better or WE suffer through it.

Those that come to America because times are good, then turn tail and run when things get tough, have NO PLACE in this nation. They are NOT Americans, they are not patriots, they are nothing more than opportunists that came here to milk this nation, and once the cow runs a bit dry, they are out of here!

The United States is a great place for these people, as long as things go their way. Let it change, let this nation suffer a recession, and they aren’t Americans any longer. They are ready to go home. The truth of the matter is this, they were never Americans to begin with, and this nation never was home.

I will say this, once upon a time, Americans could be motivated to great heights of achievement, but I fear those days are long past. If our apathetic, lazy and easily bored youngsters don’t get off of their asses and get themselves educated in the arts, the sciences and engineering, before too much longer the USA will be that 3rd world country we all detest.

And sadly, the residents of the USA will be too lazy, and too dumb to even take outsourced jobs from those that we once outsourced to!


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10 Responses to “Skilled immigrants fleeing the U.S.”

  1. comment number 1 by: Basti

    Why take a job when ‘The Kenyan in Charge’ has promised you freebies galore? Uncle Sam owes you a living all you have to do is collect the checks.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Why take a job

    Because ANYONE with a brain KNOWS that Obamanure is a liar, a poser and can’t find his ass with both hands and a GPS system…

  3. comment number 3 by: ablur

    Great Post Fred.

    The positive side of the recession is the freeloaders and illegals will go home. Yes, it hurts us but I think we will come out far stronger.
    BO the clueless leader will continue to screw up. Everyone is finally waking from the hypnotic trance and realizing that he is nothing more then a bag of wind. Congress can be brought into line by their employer, the American People. As much as I can’t stand this idiot in office, America needed a good awakening.

  4. comment number 4 by: mrchuck

    I will believe it only when I see it, that the “illegals” are returning back to their homeland. I don’t believe it for 1 minute.
    The New Dehli indians, or chinese are not the local problem here.

    It is the illegal alien mexicans, hondurans, guatamalans, etc spanish speakers who are still here, working, having anchor babies, blending in, hiding, using up our tax dollars from services like WIC, welfare, hospitals, etc.
    And leave a mess of trash and pollution where ever they are, or have been.

    Our law enforcement only catches the ones who got caught breaking a law, but not the law they broke when they entered the USA illegally.

    Until this country, the USA, gets totally serious about a round-up of all illegals, CLOSE THE BORDER TIGHT,,, this country will continue to be broke, continue borrowing from China, and slowly sink further and further, until something truly terrible happens to us.
    I hope all Texans feel this way.

  5. comment number 5 by: Smokey-Blog

    I agree with Chuck and Fred. First, there are no “jobs American’s won’t do”, but I won’t work for $20 a day when asked to do a job that MINIMUM WAGE FROM 10 YEARS AGO would pay be more than four times that amount. I won’t be taken advantage of by being paid less than a burger flipper. Sadly, the illegals from central/south America WILL. They see $2.50 an hour as a prince’s wage, because “at home” they make less than that a day! What we need to do is like Chuck said, send them ALL home (if you’re not here on a LEGAL passport/visa, there’s the door!) then close the border TIGHT! No one in who isn’t authorized. Tourist? FINE! Come in and spend at Disney or Six Flags. Business man from China here for a meeting? Again, enjoy your stay and blah blah blah. Jose from Guadalajara looking to mow yards and lay brick for a few years, sorry Jose, no can do! You’re not a citizen of the U.S., you do not hold a passport from your country, nor do you have a visa/greencard for this one. Turn around and go home!

    So, any bets on how long it takes for those who are “callous enough to like the fact that the ‘poor skilled immigrants’ are leaving” to be called racists?

  6. comment number 6 by: Katie

    By the time Obama gets finished with the US, we will look like Zimbabwe or Kenya.

    No wonder skilled immigrants are running from the country as fast as they can.

  7. comment number 7 by: Vigilante

    All 6 comments were SUPER. Just what are we to do though? We set here and rant, and want something to be done, but it seems as though the American people JUST- DON’T- WANT- TO- GET- OFF- THEIR- ASSES and start doing something about this corrupt runaway government. We have been brainwashed into thinking we’re a bunch of trouble makers if we even happen to start THINKING about having a protest. We NEED to start bustin heads, breaking windows, setting fires, shutting down a half dozen interstates or anything else that gets their goddam attention. Having Tea partys where we have BBQ’s, live music, dancing, and a few loud speakers blaring somebody’s blah, blah, bullshit and then everybody waves a homemade sign, shakes their fist, and then goes home to get ready to go to work tomorrow morning. That is nothing but a good laugh for those assholes in Washington. They could care less if you had a million of those kind of Tea Party’s as long as they only go that far. Until something changes, I’m afraid we’re just spinning our wheels here on Freds site. Sorry for goin deep people.

  8. comment number 8 by: TexasFred

    Well, that oughta get us ALL on the *No-Fly* list… :?

  9. comment number 9 by: mrchuck

    The daily labor done by the illegals, goes for approx 10 dollars an hour, for a full day of 8 hours, plus bringing them back to where you picked them up.Maybe negotiate for a little less, say 70 dollars cash for a full day.
    There are no half-days.
    There are many english speaking mexicans around acting like a “contractor” doing painting, concrete work, lawn and tree work.
    Lots of them. No one bothers them.

    Also many illegal mexican families live out on the farms, ranches around here.
    Yep, lots and lots of them.
    Just go to the garage sales on Thurs, Fri., Sat., and it will just shock you . Underground population, but getting more courage and boldness every day to step out and be seen without fear of being arrested and deported.

    This is what has developed.
    Losing their fear the longer they live and reside here, means they stay visible, then begin to strut and taunt.

    Then the crime! Just read the papers! They steal, don’t pay taxes, and will immediately run back to their beloved homeland after they are wanted for a serious crime.
    Our prisons are just full of this type.
    Their homey gangs they are affiliated with, just give them more macho bravo reason to control and commit more crimes.

    This is what pisses me off when our elected officials don’t deport, but try their best to get them registered to VOTE for them.
    Legal, or illegal, if they vote, our politicians want them to vote for them. Damn them all.

  10. comment number 10 by: Smokey-Blog

    This may be true for jobs that require more than a “breathing body to do the work”, but when just out of high school, and before I decided to not go to college (at least then), I tried to get work with some local landscapers, as even if I wasn’t “trained” to do the “intricate” stuff, I could mow and edge with the best of them. Do you know what they said? “We would kid, but we can’t pay you less than minimum wage, and the going wage right now is TWO DOLLARS AN HOUR, sorry.” Therefore, they know they are exploiting people, and DON’T CARE! Do the people who commit a crime by entering and staying get arrested/deported? NO! Do those who hire them, ILLEGALLY, get arrested, or even fined/cited? NO! We need not only go after those who are here illegally, but also those who assist them in staying, IE, those who HIRE THEM!

    As to the “no fly”, I’ve not been on vacation in over 10 years, so it’s no big deal, I prefer to just head to a local lake, soak my feet and fish. Cheaper, faster, and to me, more relaxing.