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Warriors For Innocence - Richard “Rockhard” Procida

August 30th, 2007 . by TexasFred

From: Warriors for Innocence

Looks like Jack has himself a new lawyer. As reported here first, Jack posted a message on a “girllover” forum pleading for help from his fellow pedo scum. “Rockhard” answered him and offered his services as an attorney.

This particular “girllover” forum requires registration before you can post there. So Richard “Rockhard” Procida was a registered user before he could post that message.

He’s since become very active on that pedo scum message board, posting frequently.

“First, I am not a pedophile. I use Rockhard as a screen name on a lot of sites. It’s one of my screen names. It’s easy to remember, and it doesn’t necessarly imply anything about sex.”

He’s a pedo scum sympathizer as noted in his very next comment:

“I am committed to Jack’s cause, because I believe that those with a sexual preference toward children are unfairly villianized…”

Sexual preference? Pedo scum use terms like MAA, Minor Attracted Adult, and CL, Child Lover, to cover up the fact that they are SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to children and want to rape them. They talk about how if the child consented… In otherwords, if they groomed the child and forceably raped them…. That it would be a beautiful and loving experience for the child.

No, it would be rape, and it scars the child and their family forever.

Richard “Rockhard” Procida is saying that Jack’s free speech rights have been violated. Jack is doing more that just speaking about his sick and twisted pedophile desires, he’s taking action and stalking his victims. That’s right Richard, VICTIMS. Children who are targets of pedo scum are VICTIMS. Their families are victims and the communities are victims.

Richard then asks, “I hope this answers your questions.”

Oh yeah, you just revealed a lot about yourself and your twisted agenda.

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Warriors For Innocence - Richard “Rockhard” Procida

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