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S. Korea paid millions in ransom?

September 1st, 2007 . by TexasFred

SPIN BOLDAK, Afghanistan - South Korea paid Afghanistan’s Taliban more than $20 million to release 19 missionaries they were holding hostage, a senior insurgent leader said on Saturday, vowing to use the funds to buy arms and mount suicide attacks.

The freed hostages flew out of Afghanistan on Friday to Dubai en route for South Korea. Seoul denies paying a ransom, but critics say negotiating with the Taliban sets a dangerous precedent that could spur more kidnappings — which the Taliban have vowed to carry out.

“We got more than $20 million dollars from them (the Seoul government),” the commander told Reuters on condition of anonymity. “With it we will purchase arms, get our communication network renewed and buy vehicles for carrying out more suicide attacks.”

Well, IF they did, we may as well just get ready for it, new offensives and a whole new string of kidnap for ransom plots are on the way, the South Koreans just set the precedent and $20M will go a long way in the terror world…

It has long been the policy of the U.S. to NOT negotiate with terrorists, hijackers and kidnappers, and that ALL just went to hell in a hand basket if one of our supposedly close allies did exactly that…

Anyone that thinks we don’t do business with terrorist organizations, albeit indirectly, needs to check their naivety level very soon, because we DO, but at least we don’t pay them in such an open and direct manner, this action, if done by the S. Koreans is nothing more than them giving in to terroristic demands and that’s bad for all concerned, except for the terrorists…

“We deny any payment for the release of South Korean hostages,” an official at South Korea’s presidential Blue House said on Saturday in response to the Taliban claim.

“The two conditions for the release are that we pull out our troops and stop Korean missionary work in Afghanistan by the end of the year,” said the official who declined to be identified.

Somehow, I just don’t believe this, not for one minute…

In MY opinion, S. Korea is seriously lacking in the BALLS Department, they don’t have any, if they did we wouldn’t still be standing watch on the DMZ for them since the 1950′s, and I honestly believe they gave in to terrorists demands…

We’re coming up short on REAL allies now a days, a lot of nations are just too apathetic, they are over run with Muslim moonbats and they are scared to open their mouths…

The USA is NOT the highly respected and feared world power it once was, and that is the fault of the Carter, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43 presidencies, none of them conducted the business of this nation as it should have been done, and the actions of the current President, his insistence on fighting a war in a PC fashion, a war that is quite correctly considered unnecessary by many, and the exhibition of gutless leadership that has been presented by some General officers that are more concerned with keeping their flag than they are with properly running their commands has left our troops with a reputation for not getting the job done, and nothing could be further from the truth, our guys WILL get the job done, if ALLOWED, we have Field Grades and combat troops that would go to the Gates of Hell and kick the Devils ass if allowed to, but they don’t have anyone with enough brass hanging to give the order…

It all boils down to this, if we don’t ALL stand up to the Islamic terror that is rapidly sweeping the globe, some of you WILL be kneeling and bowing towards Mecca as YOU worship Allah, I won’t, because I’ll go down fighting before I bow to anyone, but believe me, there are a great many people in this world that won’t fight for their freedom and a huge number of them are right here in THIS country…

And here’s something else that may want to be considered, Europe is nothing more than a surrender monkey, they will ALL roll right over for any conqueror with a cap gun and a slingshot and they are certainly not doing ANYTHING to address the Islamic threat, maybe we need to seriously take lessons from Russia in the fight against radical Islam, they are as threatened by it as much as we are, they just have a more severe way of dealing with it when it strikes in their nation, and that severity is what it’s going to take to stop Islam, paying them off damn sure won’t get the job done…

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S. Korea paid millions in ransom?

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5 Responses to “S. Korea paid millions in ransom?”

  1. comment number 1 by: gunz

    What a bunch of spineless cowards. A real good message to send to their own nemesis Kim Jong il.

    The biggest psychological factor, I think, that keeps that mental midget from coming across the DMZ is the United States, and they want to f-k us over and undermine our fight against our one true enemy at the present time?

    These radical Islamic, goat fucking, sand monkey extremists are EVERYONE’S problem, not just ours if that’s their thinking.

    Freakin’ pathetic.

  2. comment number 2 by: Basti

    Of course they are going to deny it! Fucking pussies that they are! I’ve heard through the grapevine that France and Germany have both paid ransoms and many individual companies as well. Paying a ransom doesn’t solve the problem it on exasperates the problem.

    The way to solve the problem is to kill with extreme prejudice ever camel-humping, rag-head, sand nigger SOB you can find and throw their remains in a pig sty for the pigs to chew on. The WOT like the WOD is a fucking joke and the joke is on us!

  3. comment number 3 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    You’re precisely correct. South Korea may as well send a telegram to the Taliban, reading:

    “Dear Sirs: here is the money you wanted. Feel free to hold us hostage again, any time in the future.

    Your Assured Paycheck,
    South Korea”


  4. comment number 4 by: chicagoray

    As far as I’m concerned as cold as it sounds, when you leave the security of the US and go to a foreign country, particularly in a war zone as a do gooder or what have you, you are there at your own risk. I know these are Koreans but we have US citizens in the same vulnerable positions over there

    All foreign travelers should have a GPS chip implanted under a toenail or something to facilitate their easy location in these type cases or otherwise, hope you have a nice trip and when you become a hostage at least try to have some fun with it and do what you captors say to stay alive, but sorry, your on your own.

    To their families I say, I hope your rich and can pay your do gooder relatives ransom cause we’re not doing it.

  5. comment number 5 by: robert

    our troops in korea have been there too long. they are needed elsewhere.