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Rio gangs shoot down police chopper, 2 cops dead

October 17th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Rio gangs shoot down police chopper, 2 cops dead

RIO DE JANEIRO – Drug traffickers shot down a police helicopter and killed two officers in a burst of drug-based violence just two weeks after the city won the 2016 Olympic games. Three suspected drug traffickers were also killed.

Bullets flying from the Morro dos Macacos (“Monkey Hill” in Portuguese) slum in northern Rio de Janeiro hit the police helicopter pilot in the leg as he hovered above a clash between rival drug factions, causing him to lose control and crash.

The pilot and another officer managed to flee with burns after the helicopter burst into flames on a football field, but two officers were unable to escape, said a police spokesman who spoke on condition of anonymity because of department policy.

Officials did not know whether the gangs targeted the helicopter or whether it was hit by stray bullets. But the dramatic helicopter downing comes only two weeks after Rio won the 2016 Olympic games despite security concerns that have dogged Brazil’s second-largest city for decades.

Full Story Here:
Rio gangs shoot down police chopper, 2 cops dead

There is only one reason this hasn’t happened in Chicago, L.A., Dallas, or any other major metropolitan area, the dumb-assed Mexicans, and other gangs, either haven’t thought of it or just haven’t had the proper opportunity.

This is what Rio De Janeiro is made of! Chicago isn’t that much better, they just haven’t shot down a Police helicopter. Yet.

Me and mine wouldn’t be attending anything in Rio to begin with, no matter if it’s the Olympics, the Rio Carnival, makes no difference. I have seen Rio, back in my younger days, 30 or so years ago, and even then, it was a dangerous place if you ventured out from the normal tourist haunts.

Rio police frequently use helicopters to take on gangs that dominate drug trafficking in the city’s more than 1,000 slums, but were unable to say whether this was the first time one of their helicopters had been shot down by gang members who use illicit military-grade weapons for combat against their rivals and authorities.

A regular occurrence for the Rio police to use helicopters to engage the drug runners? I wonder what would happen if some poor and  unsuspecting tourist chartered a helicopter to tour the city or to view Sugarloaf Mountain? I think you see where I am going with that, mistaken identity and all…

I see a security NIGHTMARE in the making here. The potential for mass acts of terrorism is great. Not just acts of terror by some moonbat Muslim either. I see an opportunity for drug cartels to take on an even bigger battle, and given the capability of Brazilian police, I am NOT going to take any bets on the outcome!

And I have to wonder? Did those Brazilian drug guys get their RPGs or Ground to Air weapons at a Texas Gun Show? I’ll bet Mayor Ward of Hurst, TX. and MAIG think so. :P

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12 Responses to “Rio gangs shoot down police chopper, 2 cops dead”

  1. comment number 1 by: Silver Fox

    Never thought much about the drug gangs in Rio, just those sun washed beaches and the string bikinis. I always knew it to be a dangerous city. Any city with massive slums is dangerous. Sounds like the gangs may have some heavy weapons. As you say could SAMs and RPGs come into play eventually, that would certainly open a new phase in the so-called “war on drugs”. I just don’t see any real progress here and just a half-ass effort to control drug smuggling. Border control would really help out, but Obama and company will do little here and will , in fact roll back any advances we have made during the last 8 years—the very few we have had.

  2. comment number 2 by: Vigilante

    LMFAO. Mayor Ward is not gonna like that insuation Fred!!! And as for:

    “Officials did not know whether the gangs targeted the helicopter or whether it was hit by stray bullets.

    OHHHHHHHHH my sides are hurting, and bad. Now anybody knows that during a gun fight, and the police helo JUST happens to be in the area and stops in while on traffic control to take a few pictures, the probability of getting hit by a stray bullet is a good possibility. All 75 holes and a RPG shot at them should give the “OFFICIALS” the first clue that the helo was being shot at!!!!!!!!!!DUHHHHHHHH. LOL

    For real entertainment, I’d like to get the Chicago’s “Officials” take on this.

  3. comment number 3 by: Robert

    Well sadly, it did happen here, not to that extent but…About 10 years ago, during a new years eve celebration our local street gang in the casa blanca hood shot at a PD chopper. The bullet (.223 cal) went through the under belly and into the pilots foot.

    Prior to that in the mid 90′s same hood, a traffic stop turned ugly and the perp fled through the hood, the chopper was called in to help with the search, when it arrived and turned on the spotlight a flurry of gun fire directed at the chopper forced the pilot to evade and evacuate the scene…

    In LA there have been numerous reports of gun fire directed at the choppers…

    Perhaps those thugs in RIO are better shots than our mexicans?

  4. comment number 4 by: BobF

    Back in the mid-90’s we flew into Roosevelt Roads NAS in Puerto Rico. As we flew low over Puerto Rico, we noticed police lights on all over the island; seemed like ever cop car had its lights on but was in no hurry to go anywhere. When we got to base operations, we asked if they knew what was going on. We were told its normal for cops to do that at night so they don’t startle the drug dealers and initiate a gun battle. It seems if they provide warning to the dealers that you’re in the area, they won’t shoot at the cops.

    Thank God for the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

  5. comment number 5 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Please allow me to give you another view, if I might:

    Do you recall the opening scene in the newest Hulk movie, 2008, with Edward Norton, entitled “The Incredible Hulk”?

    Do you remember seeing Dr Bruce Banner living in squalor amidst massive — and I mean MASSIVE — hills of ongoing and ongoing cardboard and metal siding shacks that were never-ending??

    You thought maybe that was just a long-winded special effects shot??


    Just a PORTION of what surrounds Rio de Janeiro.

    Shooting intensifies in Rio slum - and the locals love it

    The world wants to go here? It sure as hell can, with my arms opened wide.

    Be my damned guest.


    At least Chicago has a nice lake and some wind to blow the smell away.

  6. comment number 6 by: BobF

    It seems just about everything south of the Continental US is like that.

  7. comment number 7 by: TexasFred

    If the assholes that *run* the American government have their way, we’ll be just like them all too soon, One World Government and all…

  8. comment number 8 by: Vigilante

    Robert, Bob, and BZ.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if law enforcement could turn those mamby pamby helo’s, with a big spotlight for armement, in for some Apache Gunships
    with a loud speaker that could shout the message…”make my day you scumassed prick”.
    I can just hear the bleeding heart asswipes from larazza.

  9. comment number 9 by: Always On Watch

    This type of thing will happen here in the United States soon, I think.

    Will people wake the hell up then?

  10. comment number 10 by: BobF

    Speaking of illegals and south of our border, did you see this?

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - A Southern California immigrant rights group on Friday asked Target stores and a costume company to stop selling an “illegal alien” Halloween costume it said is offensive to immigrants.

    Halloween Costume Sparks Controversy

    How could a Halloween costume of a criminal be offensive to those who have come to this country legally by following its laws? Immigrants are here legally.

  11. comment number 11 by: TexasFred

    I saw it Bob, and I have to say this, IF Target is too wussified to tell those bastards to *pound sand*, Target can go the way of so many others, BROKE, or barrio.. Makes no difference to me one way or the other…

    I have said it MANY times, PCness WILL kill this nation.

  12. comment number 12 by: Silver Fox

    I agree with you Dr Dave Rio can have the games. The people seldom benefit from such events and only a few business with have something to gain along with the crooked politicans who will toss many contracts to their buddies who will contribute to their campaign war chest. People who will attend the games will those of the wealthy class who will travel mostly from locations other than the hosting city. Yes we are better off without these games.