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Mexico says immigration reform unlikely in 2010

January 11th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Mexico says immigration reform unlikely in 2010

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexico’s ambassador to the United States said Friday he expects immigration reform is unlikely to pass in that country in 2010 because of unemployment and midterm elections.

In an unusually frank assessment, Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan said Mexico will continue its quiet, “under the radar” lobbying for a reform that would benefit the estimated 11.8 million Mexicans living in the United States. A large percentage are undocumented.

“It’s not that it is unachievable. It is possible, but it will be difficult,” he told a news conference. “And this year, especially, the conditions … will be particularly difficult.”

“If the (U.S.) economy grows, but there continues to be the unemployment and the job losses that occurred in the United States in 2009, it is politically impossible for the Republicans or the Democrats, as much as they might be interested … to put an integrated immigration reform on the table,” Sarukhan said.

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Mexico says immigration reform unlikely in 2010

“As much as they might be interested” he says?

I have a serious surprise for Senor Arturo Sarukhan, the only ones interested are the Dems and Libbers. There may be a few RINOs, posers, FAUX conservatives and what-not, making noises that sound like they care, but that’s only because they are not what we can call true, America 1st Conservatives!

Sarukhan also said past pronouncements on the issue by Mexico may have done more harm than good.

“Having spoken about it publicly at times in the past … has done a great deal of damage to our countrymen and our allies in the United States,” he said.

Your countrymen have done a great deal of damage to the entire United States of America. Your countrymen, all 20 or more million of them, are nothing but a drain on the American economy. Your countrymen are the very reason American healthcare is in the situation it is now.

Your countrymen leech off of our wealth, drain our assets and use up OUR medical resources, all the while working in jobs that they have no right to. They work for cash, they work under the table, they pay little or no taxes, but you Senor Sarukhan still feel that WE, the Gringos, should accept YOUR countrymen with open arms as if they were long lost family.

When YOUR countrymen stop being YOUR countrymen and become vital, legal, tax paying immigrants that strive to become a part of the American life style, then WE may have a few things to discuss. As long as they consider themselves to be MEXICANS and not a part of U.S. citizenry, they are nothing more than an infestation, and a plague on this land!

Sarukhan said a general amnesty that would automatically legalize undocumented migrants “cannot be the solution,” because “the radical conservative wing in the United States would immediately mobilize to torpedo it.”

I am a part OF that “radical conservative wing” you arrogant little cock roach! We will torpedo it, and ANY OTHER measure tried that would grant blanket amnesty to the millions of ILLEGALS in this nation, Mexican or otherwise.

He said a more realistic goal is a program of temporary work visas and a “regularization process” - presumably, what has been called “earned legalization” involving fines or other qualifying factors.

Sarukhan said chances for reform may depend on how much political capital the administration of President Barack Obama has left after the divisive debate over health care.

After November of 2010, with ANY luck at all, your mentor, Barack Hussein Obama, won’t have a place to hang his hat and he won’t be able to put together a majority vote on ANY matter.

George W. Bush found out how radical the Conservatives of this nation can be when amnesty is on the table, Obama will likewise discover the wrath of REAL America if he tries to foist such a travesty off on the USA.

Daniel Hernandez Joseph, director of overseas citizen protection services for Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department, told reporters that anti-immigration rhetoric “has permeated in (U.S.) society” and that anti-immigration groups in the United States currently “feel empowered.”

We don’t just feel empowered, we are empowered, and this nation, especially in states like Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, we are ready to take up arms to protect the sovereignty of the USA and our home states! That is NOT a threat Sir, that is a FACT!

Hernandez Joseph also said preliminary estimates indicate that 396 people assumed to be Mexican citizens died trying to cross into the United States last year, up from 340 in 2008.

Here’s one more bit of hard, cold truth for you; had your Mexican countrymen come to this nation as they should have, LEGALLY, none of them would have died trying to enter the USA.

The news of these deaths doesn’t dissuade me one bit in my opinions concerning those that would invade my home and turn it into the 3rd world dung heap that they are trying to escape.

And turn it into a dung heap they would indeed. I have seen the aftermath of Mexican habitation.

Two homes right behind us were lived in by Mexicans. They didn’t speak English. They had loud Mexican parties until all hours of the early morning. The police were called repeatedly for disturbances and gun shot reports and the final straw was when I.C.E. came in and cleared them out.

Both houses are having to be rebuilt, they are trashed! They aren’t fit for human habitation.

I have lived and worked in Texas most of my adult life. I lived and worked out of El Paso for 9 years. I saw 1st hand what a border war looks like. I saw 1st hand what kind of trash and filth those poor but honest Mexican immigrants bring to a community, a state and a nation.

As long as I live, I will stand and fight this ILLEGAL invasion of the United States of America with ever fiber of my being.

I wish I could say that all of MY fellow countrymen were that adamant about it!

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6 Responses to “Mexico says immigration reform unlikely in 2010”

  1. comment number 1 by: Texasgal

    If Mexico REALLY cared, they would do more to keep their countrymen at home instead of railing against us because we do not want their cast offs. They are happy to get rid of their people so they do not have to provide services for them. They are willing to let their people live in abject poverty and are not doing a dang thing for them. Just send them to us for all their needs.

    I think the border should be COMPLETELY shut down. Build the wall HIGHER. Treat the illegals that are caught the same way that Americans are treated if they end up in a Mexican jail. Quit giving automatic citizenship to babies of mothers that sneak across the border to have their kids here which then entitles them to welfare and support by the US. Let them have their babies and ship them right back across the border.

    And above all….we need to support our border patrol. Illegals have NO civil rights in the US. They need to be treated in a humane manner but send them right back where they came from. We need to ship everyone of them out of here. If they want in the US then come in legally. If they cannot do that…then stay in Mexico and try to improve living standards there.

    I have lived in a border town…..I know how fast it can be taken over by them and what long lasting damages can occur. Keep them out and send them back.

  2. comment number 2 by: BobF

    Of course Mexico doesn’t care about immigration reform. They’re getting rid of their dead weight. The people illegally coming to the US are the losers of their society. They’re not the ones with special training, skills, or education. It’s Mexico’s way of getting rid of their welfare recipients.

  3. comment number 3 by: Silver Fox

    Wonder why Mexican politicians favor immigration reform in the United States. Are they just concerned about the fate of the tens of millions of illegals who have sneaked north in the dead of night. They could care less about their people up here. They are no different than our leaders in that respect—they just want their plush chair and desk in that seat of power. Why do they favor reform and the welcome mat being thrown out? Its simple, just as BobF, said the Mexicans who come north are the poor, the uneducated, the criminal and the dead beats who for various reason cannot make it in their own country and see all the great benefits the taxpayers of this country have laid out for them—hell, they can’t wait to get here and their government is eager to be rid of them.

    Mexico is not the land of opportunity, and the flood of these people north along with the actions of our progressive politicians is quickly turning our country, in the land of no opportunity. Sadly maybe that will be the final solution—when both countries are on a par then those to the south will no longer have reason to sneak.

  4. comment number 4 by: minuteman26

    Death to Mexico and their illegal scum! Viva the Revolution! Oops, got carried away.

  5. comment number 5 by: mrchuck

    Let me tell you something,,, Mexico, their socialist government is presently scared SHITLESS.
    Here is the reason: Mexico gets its money from:
    #1 source: the 20 or so million illegals in this country sending money they make here back to their beloved homeland,,Mexico.
    #2 source: Tourism!!! All those gringos going on vacation, living down there, etc. Yankee dollars is what they see.
    #3 source: petroleum,,,crude oil out of the ground.

    All products they export is a far down the monetary value.

    Now Mexico’s totally bloated socialist government has to have funds to operate,, and the above listing is the where it comes from.
    Mexico has taxes on everything, but only God knows where that total is, but it is way way down there.
    All of Mexico’s Government still operates on the “MORDIDA” bribery system. Or the dept you need something will drag it’s feet for month’s and months, and sometimes you will never get what you were after in the first place.
    Remember this.
    I had to operate under this for many, many years.

    So, the only answer is to DEPORT every illegal we find here in the USA, Period.
    Once back in their beloved homeland, they can now go make their appointments with our US Consulate in Juarez, where ALL of the beginning VISA process starts.
    Yes my friends, JUAREZ, MEXICO!!!!! And what a piss-hole it is!

    So, in order to get order in their own country, Namely Juarez, the Mexican government must clean Juarez up, and make room for all of their beloved citizens that they care so much for, ha ha, that are coming back via deportation.

    I will never fret over that Republic. I have plenty of scars from it.

  6. comment number 6 by: ng4779

    If Mexico really cared, they would educate their citizens and treat them with respect. Instead, we find their politicians living here in the US. They run back and forth between both nations because they have dual citizenship. Many are educated here at the finest institutions. (REMINDER: POTUS went to school and his records are sealed because he probably had used his citizenship to apply for aid as a foreigner.)