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Israeli Warships en Route to The Persian Gulf?

February 10th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Once again, I bring you a post from another fine blogger. J. D. Longstreet is one of the best in the business in my estimation. Read this piece of work and I think you’ll agree. Be sure to visit his blog, INSIGHT on Freedom. It’s one of my daily reads!

Israeli Warships en Route to The Persian Gulf?
Will Nuclear Weapons Be Used Against Iran?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Reports are coming out of the Arab Media that two Israeli “Missile Boats�? passed through the Suez Canal, on February 6th, enroute to the Red Sea. Speculation is that the ultimate destination is, in fact, the Persian Gulf.

Last summer, another Israeli warship passed through the Suez Canal accompanied, reports say, by an Israeli submarine. You may read the article HERE.

These reports combined with Iran’s recent promise to strike the west with a “stunning blow�? on February 11th, would lead one to conclude the stage is being set for a “counter strike�? should Iran go through with it’s threat. There is another line of thought, which says the stage is being set for the attack by Israel on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The Egyptians are reporting that the Israeli Navy, in cooperation with the US Fifth Fleet, have been charting Persian Gulf waters and Iranian shorelines in preparation for attacks by the Israeli naval and special operations forces. These reports, for what they are worth, and frankly, we don’t know yet, are saying the Israelis and Americans are locating and defining routes to be used by their forces to drive into Iran, by air and by ground, to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

According to Debka Files the Egyptians are reporting that Saudi officials are pressing the US to explain why they were not told of US assistance to Israel in planning the attack on Iran. These same reports say that some Gulf intelligence services and navel units have actually tracked some of the Israeli/American movements and are able to document them.

You may read this report, in its entirety, at DEBKA FILES HERE.

Why do we give this report and others concerning these Israeli naval movements credence? Because Iran has been making aggressive noises lately. As others have noted and reported, Iran tends to do this when they feel nervous and threatened. This would explain their most recent threats to strike the west “a stunning blow�? on February 11th.

A couple of things: The American President, Obama, is NOT, I repeat, is NOT, a supporter of Israel. Number two: Bebe Netanyahu doesn’t give a d**n what Obama does or does not support! Netanyahu will do whatever is necessary to preserve the lives of Israelis and the nation of Israel – and — in our opinion, he should.

Obama’s lack of support for Israel is another mistake, a HUGE mistake on his part. The American people, generally speaking, support Israel. We tend to always pull for the underdog, especially if that underdog is a democracy. Remember, the US was the first nation to recognize the State of Israel as a new state. We have supported Israel, to one degree or another, ever since — right up until Obama.

We would suggest the Obama Regime get real — and get real fast — because there is another player in all this – Russia. Russia will almost certainly be involved in any fight between Israel and Iran. They will be in the fray on the side of Iran. Russia has a very real interest in Iran as a countermeasure to what they see as U.S. Mideast dominance.

No matter how one interprets the latest news about the Israeli Missile Boat maneuvers, one thing is certain: Israel is preparing to strike Iran and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. That is a given. It is also a given that no matter what Obama thinks about Israel, the US WILL be involved in the fight against Iran and Russia.

In all likelihood Iran’s surrogate Syria will attack Israel from the north to force Israel to commit a large portion of its military resources to a fight on its own ground. Anything thrown at Syria will not be thrown at Iran.

Obama, and other national leaders with weak knees, should not be surprised if Israel uses nukes against Iran to ensure Iran’s nuclear facilities are completely destroyed. Netanyahu knows he will be condemned by most European nations if he facilitates his nuclear arsenal. That is NOT, however his concern. Netanyahu’s only concern is the preservation of Israel.

Iran has repeatedly declared that it will “wipe Israel off the map” and the IDF is taking this threat seriously — as it should.

Whatever happens, Israel has been preparing for war with Iran for many months. The Israel Defense Forces, some months ago, purchased three new Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) and have several submarines on alert in the region.

All of this comes at a time when President Obama is asking for a 25% cut in the US Military. Even without a third front, a third war in the Middle East in which the US military is involved up to it’s waist, it makes absolutely NO SENSE to reduce the size of the US Military by one soldier, let alone by one-quarter of its force. With the current developments in the Gulf, America may find that it must re-establish the draft to ENLARGE its standing military force. In fact, the Progressives are so enamored of the draft that may be exactly what they are attempting to do.

My crystal ball remains dark. I cannot predict what will happen in the short run between Israel and Iran. In the long run, however, a crystal ball is not needed. At some point in the future, Israel and Iran WILL collide in war. Alongside Israel will be the US. Alongside Iran will be Russia. With US forces stretched to the limit, the use of nuclear weapons by the US will certainly be on the table. The only question is – will Obama have the intestinal fortitude to use them. Or — will he allow US forces to be annihilated?

J. D. Longstreet

Full Story Here:
Israeli Warships en Route to The Persian Gulf?

I have a couple of things I want add to this is.

I hope Israel settles this BS with Iran once and for all. I have been fed up with Iran since the hostage crisis many years ago.

No American President has ever backed Israel. Not fully. Obama will NOT back them either. In fact, I believe that should push come to shove, Obama will stand against Israel.

Perhaps that will be the straw that breaks the camels back and wakes up the American people to the absolute NEED that we have to support Israel!

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13 Responses to “Israeli Warships en Route to The Persian Gulf?”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ron Russell

    I don’t see the U.S.Navy and the Israeli Navy operated together in the Gulf—Obama would never allow this. As for Israeli ships leaving the Med. and moving throught Suez and into the Red Sea and then possibly into the Persian Gulf, frankly I have doubts unless this is just some sort of ploy. Israel has never broadcast its intentions in past conflicts where they have begun the conflict. It is possible, however that Israel is planning a air strike on Iran and in the case it would position ships in or near the gulf to assist in that attack. I don’t see this as some kind of defensive measure for Israel.

    Should conflict come between Iran and Israel, I can see attacks coming from Lebanon, but not Syria—at least not in any strength. Syria would have to fight in the open against far superior air and ground forces and I think they got quite enough of that in previous conflicts. An attack by Hezbollah from Lebanon in entirely another matter—they can shoot and then hide. That is not possible on the road to Damascus. Israeli tanks could be in Damascus in two days if they so choose.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    According to this story, Israel didn’t *broadcast* it, it supposedly was reported by Arab sources that spotted the Israeli vessels. It’s really difficult to move anything in that region in secret, especially surface vessels…

    Tanks in Damascus? Seriously? This isn’t the 60′s and the *6 day war* will be fought with jets and missiles. And it won’t take 6 days if done correctly…

  3. comment number 3 by: Ron Russell

    I agree it won’t take six days. But we did see tanks spearhead the U.S. drive into Baghdad. They still have a function in modern warfare. And it is pretty much a straight shot from the Golan Heights to Damascus. But you are right, not as much as in the ’60′s. And there is that UN buffer zone between the Golan and Syria, and those Blue Helmet guys are tough as nails, Ha!

    It will be interesting to watch events unfold in the next few weeks and months. Seems like something is brewing and the short guy with the funny name is stirring the pot. Yep, something cooking!

  4. comment number 4 by: minuteman26

    Very intersesting. I’m with you Fred that if push comes to shove Obama will try to side with Russia against Israel. A conflict of this nature will finally show all Americans what kind of traitorous mfer we have as POTUS. Good excuse to overthrough the bastard. As for Israel, if they decide to duke it out with Iran, it would be agood idea to pop a low yield nuke in southern Lebanon and another on Damascus to keep the Huns on their borders at arms length. If Israel decides it needs to obliterate Iran; it wouldn’t bother me a little bit. And if they have a couple nukes left over Saudi Arabia would be a nice recipiant. Got to get some Orville Redenbacher for this one. GO BEBE!!!

  5. comment number 5 by: TexasFred

    Ron, let me point this out, WE went to Baghdad on BAD info, and we went to depose Saddam, not to annihilate Iraq…

    Israel, on the other hand, will annihilate anyone they go to war with, PCness is NOT in their warfighting vocabulary..

  6. comment number 6 by: TexasFred

    minuteman26, it would make me very happy if they took out Iran, Syria AND Lebanon, all in one big blast… :twisted:

  7. comment number 7 by: Right Truth

    I understand there has been some US buildup in the region, but I don’t expect Obama to give permission for anything big to happen. He has bent over too many times for Iran to take him seriously. It will be left to the Israelis.

  8. comment number 8 by: Katie

    I heard that the ships were heading for the Gulf of Aden to help with the Somali pirates. It would be a hop, skip and a jump to head over to Iran.

  9. comment number 9 by: BobF

    In Desert Storm we didn’t have to use ground forces to defeat Iraq but we did and for one reason: Appropriations. Air Power had already decimated Iraqi ground and air forces to where they were surrendering on rumor that B-52′s were headed to their area. But, if ground forces weren’t used, then more money would go towards aircraft and air power instead of ground forces.

    Man for man and aircraft for aircraft, the Israelis are the best in the world. I was with RAF and USAF fighter pilots as they discussed tactics and they all agreed nobody can touch the Israelis. For a fighter pilot to admit someone is better, you can bet your life on what they say is true. Israel would have no problems with Iranians or Syrians.

  10. comment number 10 by: HoosierArmyMom

    I’m with TF, especially on seeing Iran, Syria and Lebanon reduced to rubble. Every since our Marines we murdered in Beriut by the cowardly truck bombers, I have wanted to see that country go bye bye. Obozo is a coward and idiot. He will be responsible for the deaths of Americans before it’s over. Hopefully, all the American Jewish communities that supported this regieme in this last election will wake up at some point.

    BobF, I have heard the same assessment about the Israeli AF. I will have them in my prayers, I guarantee it.

  11. comment number 11 by: Gawfer

    Obama will NOT back them either. In fact, I believe that should push come to shove, Obama will stand against Israel.

    He has already indicated a certain disdain for Israel during his Apology Tour 2009. I will not side with anyone who opposes Israel. I have read the bible, and I know ‘The Rest of the Story’.

  12. comment number 12 by: extex_cop

    Yep…those Israeli pilots are pretty good. I remember one even flew his F-15 for 10 minutes with only one wing…and landed it safely. Of course that says a lot about that aircraft too.
    You can see story and actual film footage of the plane flying with one wing… go to..

  13. comment number 13 by: mrchuck

    And, I will predict that the Ship’s missiles have nuclear tipped war-heads. Yep 100% prediction.

    Israel has every right to start and end the diatribe of Iran.
    And here’s hoping they do.
    This isn’t just a “sea-cruise” for a suntan and great food.