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I support Ron Miller for Rowlett City Council Place 6

May 9th, 2010 . by TexasFred

This is from my friend Ron Miller, his thoughts on the morning after the election. My thoughts, opinions and endorsements are below his.

I support Ron Miller for Rowlett City Council Place 6 

Well, round one is over. To no one’s surprise there is going to be a “runoff” election between myself and my one remaining opponent. It was a close race with me leading thru the first eight precincts, but losing by 12 votes when my opponent’s precinct came in. Now, with the field more clearly defined, I can focus.

It’s been hard……but kinda fun and very interesting. Politics is very “fluid”……maybe “oily.” Things aren’t always as they appear.

There will be a runoff election on June 12. It is not over, yet. It only means two have been eliminated from the race. Two remain. Voters will reposition themselves behind the remaining candidates for the final election. I have already received many calls of support and will take a couple of days off the campaign trail. I will be making an appearance at a large public meeting on Thursday whereby an emotional zoning case will be discussed. I am far more qualified on this topic than my opponent. I should win over a number of votes on that issue. Also, it seems my supporters are energized. Of course, Michael Gallops’ supporters are probably energized, too.


Final Poll Numbers:

Rowlett – Council Member Place 6
12 of 12 Precincts Reporting

Ron Miller 29.09% 450 votes
Michael Gallops 29.86% 462 votes
Randy Mays 23.01% 356 votes
Nicholas Kreekon 18.03% 279 votes

I’m going to try to ride the bike today………if weather permits. It is supposed to rain. I am going to relax today……and do almost nothing.

Below is my more recent blog entry. I’m beginning to sharpen my axe.

And this is from Ron’s Blog:

Take a breath, and let’s do it again.

By Rowlett with Ron May 09, 2010 at 07:18 AM

Well, round one is over with no clear winner. However, the field is now more clearly defined. I’m going to take a couple of days off and not think about campaigning.

I may ride my new bike for a while and wish for: A) not to be killed, and B) better bike and walking trails for Rowlett. These two thoughts seem to merge when thinking about the rather innocent endeavor of enjoying the Rowlett outdoors. On the other hand, these thoughts should dovetail nicely with thoughts of developing the revenue to pay for those absent bike and pedestrian trails without increasing the tax rate. That was the whole thrust of my campaign. It didn’t have a darned thing to do with having more meetings. It had to do with generating revenue without raising taxes, buying a very good lifestyle with that new revenue, and watching our real estate values go up.

Why wouldn’t the city of Rowlett like that? It’s a simple formula. Read the resumes and discover who might be more qualified to do that. It ain’t brain surgery.

See Ron Miller’s site.

Ron Miller is a USAF Veteran. He has a brilliant mind and some great ideas regarding the direction our city (Rowlett) needs to take. Ron could easily be retired, he’s old enough to be fully retired, but he still works in an advisory capacity within the financial, real estate and development markets. He’s a patriot, a dedicated American, and he focuses on his goals and projects. He is my neighbor and friend. I fully support and endorse Ron Miller for Rowlett City Council, Place 6.

Read Ron Miller’s Resume

What follows is MY opinion of Ron Miller’s opponent, Mike Gallops.

Gallops is an unemployed *wannabe* with the attention span and leadership capabilities of a 5 year old. I have heard it said of Ron’s opponent, not by Ron himself, but by others here in Rowlett, that Mike Gallops has great plans, and NO clue on how to achieve them. Gallops is a lot of talk with NO substance. I have heard others make reference to Gallops and say that he sounds a lot more like a Democrat than a Conservative.

Gallops is pandering the police and fire fighters with talks of raises in pay. I know the officers need raises, but all Gallops can do is talk, and pander.

The city doesn’t have the money to give those much needed raises at this time. I also have heard that Gallops wants to tear down, or remodel and expand a perfectly good fire station, the one at 5100 Dalrock Road, Station #2, and build a super-station.

I guess the city could raise taxes to pay for it, huh Mike, but the whole idea right now is to lower taxes and relieve the burden on us, the tax payer. You DO know about that part of the plan? Right Mike?

I know Mike Gallops personally. It is MY personal opinion that Mike Gallops isn’t fit to lead a troop of Boy Scouts. There are a few other things that are best left unsaid at this point in time regarding Gallops and his leadership capability, but the whole load of washing can be hung out for everyone to see if that’s what it takes!

Gallops has his hands in many political pies in this area, all designed to give him political credibility and to fluff his resume, not help the city, just HIS resume!

Gallops is a *joiner*. He joins any group that comes along if he believes it will help him in his quest to promote Mike Gallops and his political future.

Rowlett doesn’t need talkers and joiners, Rowlett needs fighters and LEADERS! Ron Miller is a leader! Ron will fight for this city and what’s good for Rowlett residents!

I am also appalled at the incredibly LOW number of voters in this primary election. Our Mayor was re-elected by 71% of the vote, and while more than enough votes to hold his office, what does it say about the voters when a city of Rowlett, Texas has less that 2,000 voters turn out for an election?

And I would be remiss in my duty if I didn’t send congratulations to our Mayor, Dr. John Harper. Sir, I am happy to have a man of your caliber serving us as Mayor!

I don’t have the new census numbers but I have been told by city officials that Rowlett is now in the 60,000 residents range of population. I also have NO idea how many of them are registered voters, but when only 3% of the population turns out to vote on their city government, that tells me there are a lot of people that are either not registered, or are too apathetic to get off of their lazy butts and take care of business!

Rowlett is my home. I am proud of this city and our leadership. Let’s keep it moving forward!

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    Not quite the subject but look what I found in my neck of the woods.

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