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Drug-torn Mexico favors scrapping municipal police

June 4th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Drug-torn Mexico favors scrapping municipal police

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexico’s president is urging approval of a plan to replace local police departments with state forces so the government can better fight unrelenting drug violence that has claimed nearly 23,000 lives.

Part of the goal is to root out corruption by replacing generally low-paid, poorly educated local police, who are seen as more susceptible to bribery and intimidation by the powerful cartels.

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Drug-torn Mexico favors scrapping municipal police

If the goal is to root out corruption, forget about it. Mexico is the definition of corruption.

It also aims to streamline operations and improve communication between police, President Felipe Calderon told a public safety commission Thursday before it approved the plan at the end of a three-hour session.

And it will expedite the movement of money through the hierarchy of Mexican government.

“We want a safe Mexico in which there is no room for the fear, violence and impunity that we suffer today,” Calderon said.

Sounds great Mr. Calderon, a safe Mexico, something that has NEVER before existed. Ever!

Mexico’s Public Safety secretary first floated the idea last year, but it received a lukewarm response because some officials worried that it would be hard to police many of Mexico’s 2,439 municipalities if local departments were eliminated. Only 12 of Mexico’s 31 states even have their own police forces.

Mexico’s idea of State Police is an infusion of Federales. Mexican army troops. Supposedly ones not yet fallen into the clutches of the cartels. Supposedly.

What I see in the making is a federalization of the Mexican police and a military buildup that will, in many cases, be very close to our border.

OUR border! A border that is already terribly undermanned and poorly defended. The inclusion of 1,200 National Guard troops along our border, unarmed troops I might add, as proposed by Barack Hussein Obama, will do NOTHING to alleviate the dangers we face from Mexico already, never mind the idea of Federales running wild along our borders as well.

There are already stories in the news of Mexican army troops making side trips over the U.S. border SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2 and confronting a U.S. Border Patrol agent. SOURCE 3 SOURCE 4

This is NOT news, it happened in 2004, 2005, 2006 and quite likely is still happening if the media were allowed to make a full and unbiased report.

So far, the military and federal police have led the war against drug cartels launched shortly after Calderon took office in December 2006.

Hot damn, they have led the charge and waged the war. Can anyone tell me what progress has been made? Does Mexico have any less drug traffic or cartel violence today than it had prior to Calderon taking office? It seems that the cartels are going outside the normal channels and are getting themselves some hired help, some type of mercenary help perhaps? SOURCE

And to give further citation to my belief that there isn’t an honest cop or soldier in Mexico, many troops have already made the change over to the other side. Money, food, luxury, those are some serious motivation for a Mexican army trooper, even Officers are moving over to the side of the cartels, the incentives are just too good to pass for them! SOURCE

A recent high-profile campaign to fight extortion and kidnapping by compiling a registry of cell phone users around the country ended up going awry, however, after the users’ personal data turned up for sale on two websites.

Prosecutors are investigating, Interior Department spokesman Luis Estrada said Thursday.

Prosecutors are investigating? That’s funny, I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!

Mexican prosecutors can’t find a tortilla in Juarez. The list from the registry was probably sold, by someone already working for the Mexican government in conjunction with the cartels, if not actually working FOR the cartels and doing the old Double Agent thing too.

The mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s deadliest city with 2,601 drug-related killings reported last year, backed Calderon’s proposal and said municipal police are often easy prey in small, close-knit towns.

If the Mayor of Juarez thinks that Juarez is a small and close-knit town, I would honestly hate to see what he calls a large town, a gigantic, garbage filled, cartel controlled barrio!

Juarez has an estimated population of 1.5 million people. SOURCE. I don’t know how you can be a close-knit group in a sea of 1.5 million Mexicans and cartel members.

Nuevo Leon Mayor Rodrigo Medina urged the government to create more jobs and education opportunities if it wants to see a drop in crime.

“There is no public safety model that will resolve the situation we face right now,” he said, a day after two federal police officers were killed and one wounded in the nearby town of Garcia.

Apparently Mr. Medina is as dependent on the government as are American Libbers, they are chanting the same mantra, the government needs to create more jobs.

What type of jobs would Mr. Medina like to see created? Most businesses in the USA can’t pay their top executives what a mid-level cartel boss earns. The money potential is so great, and the flow of funds into cartel hands is so unlimited, that NO jobs program will make a difference.

Mexico is a disaster my friends. The Mexican president condemns Arizona for passing it’s new immigration enforcement laws. Our president allows him to do so, at the U.S. Capitol, and our Congress allows him to denigrate America on the floor of Congress.

And we somehow care regarding the wants, needs or desires of the most incredibly corrupt nation in the western hemisphere?

Screw Mexico… America 1st, and anyone not into that idea needs to pack up and leave this nation. May I suggest a permanent vacation to Mexico?

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7 Responses to “Drug-torn Mexico favors scrapping municipal police”

  1. comment number 1 by: NativeSon

    Well said! As one who has a little knowledge concerning the way Mexico’s Drug Cartels affect our (Americans) lives–I agree whole-heartedly! USA! USA! USA! (And, that’s NOT just a chant for sporting events)! :)

  2. comment number 2 by: mrchuck

    Dead on Texas Fred.
    Once the feds take over every type of police force, it will then be a “police state”. And the feds will have all of them on the federal payroll, and therefore under direct supervision and will only take orders directly from the president.
    This is dictatorial power. This is what President Calderon wants.

    This force then could then be used with the mexican military to then invade the border, cross into the USA, under the guise of protecting their citizens working in the USA.
    This is their overall plan.
    Watch and see!!!

  3. comment number 3 by: Robert

    But damn it it’s the Arizona law that’s the real problem Fred, didn’t you hear Calderon? do you honestly believe the fine upstanding democrats of our nation would have given him a standing O if he was not right? C’mon man.

    Let’s see, our border Mexican cartels, and Mexico’s military…Our border patrol is basically the ROTC version of a Hall monitor (In comparison to US military troops) So if the cartels had to pick a fight or flight which way do ya think they are going? They’ll be in Texas and Cali shortly (Well at a faster clip) and in huge numbers.. I’m betting they avoid AZ as much as possible though.

    Sure would be nice if our leaders in DC had some nuts and sealed the border on all states, then the cartels would be sandwiched. Right now Calderon can just chase the varmints out of his yard…arm up.

  4. comment number 4 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    I should like to expand upon your original thoughts and make this point:

    You illustrate that the push now is to federalize the Mexican police force. The issue is doing away with local and municipal control and pushing enforcement up completely to the state level and, clearly, beyond — to perhaps incorporate an actual military element(s).

    I am always about considering what I term the “logical extension.”

    Might you not say, then, that, should the nation-state of Mexico federalize ALL of its law enforcement capabilities, this would provide a form of PRECEDENCE for Mr Obaka to attempt to do the SAME right here in the nation directly adjoining Mexico?

    Just a thought, you see. . .

    Since it’s all about Mr Obaka and the up-federalization of as much power as humanly and politically possible.


  5. comment number 5 by: ozarkguru

    Bloviating Zeppelin and others are not barking up the wrong tree.

    El Mexico Presidente is making a move to nationalize all law enforcement. Things had to get bad before he could take action not that he will eliminate the drug cartels but he surely will eliminate any remaining free choice by Mexico’s citizens.

    And for this side of the undefended border, we all know how BHO likes to follow after other countries and their decisions.

    Makes me wonder what Mexico and the USA President talked about privately while they were together in Washington D.C. I am sure it wasn’t a prayer meeting :)

  6. comment number 6 by: BobF

    Don’t you hate it when you’ve read something and now you can’t find it. Just the other day I read where contingency plans are being drawn up to where the government will federalize all police and first responders in a national emergency. Just what that emergency is, or could be, remains to be seen.

  7. comment number 7 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    And Ozarkguru brings up The Final Question:

    1. When your federal police force and, then, your military are CORRUPT. . .

    . . .what do you do THEN?