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As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

August 26th, 2010 . by TexasFred
As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Republican civil war is raging, with righter-than-thou conservatives dominating ever more primaries in a fight for the party’s soul. And the Democrats hope to benefit.

The latest examples of conservative insurgents’ clout came Tuesday at opposite ends of the country. In Florida, political newcomer Rick Scott beat longtime congressman and state Attorney General Bill McCollum for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. And in Alaska, tea party activists and Sarah Palin pushed Sen. Lisa Murkowski to the brink of defeat, depending on absentee ballot counts in her race against outsider Joe Miller.

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As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit

A fight is being waged within the Republican Party. It’s a fight between REAL Republicans, the old fashioned Reagan Conservative Republicans, and the RINOs that have come to represent a party that is in severe need of a makeover.

The GOP has made it clear that they will blow smoke up the TEA Party’s skirt, use them if they can, and once elections are over, they plan to try and co-opt the TEA Party into being a wing of the GOP.

It’s just NOT going to happen that way folks.

There are multitudes of Conservatives out there in *I VOTE LAND* that are SO tired of the GOP, Michael Steele, the RNC, the RINOs, Graham, McCain, Murkowski, Snowe, Collins and so many others. I am happy to see that in many cases, REAL Republicans are replacing RINOs.

The GOP is likely to survive its bitter intraparty battles in such states as Alaska and Utah, even if voters oust veteran senators in both. But tea party-backed candidates might be a godsend to desperate Democrats elsewhere - in Nevada, Florida and perhaps Kentucky, where the Democrats portray GOP nominees as too extreme for their states.

Too extreme for America and their states? Or for the Dems and their game?

God, guns and guts is too extreme? Believing in God is too extreme? Standing up for the right to life of the unborn is too extreme? Wanting secure borders and wanting those in this nation that are not here legally removed? That’s too extreme for the Dems?

Do Americans, especially the Blacks of this nation, which do, by and large, vote Democratic, need to be reminded that it was the Democrats that started the Klan? It was the Democrats that sought at every turn to deny the Black man the right to vote? To be counted as a WHOLE person? Do the Dems REALLY want to go there regarding extremes?

If Murkowski joins Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, as a victim of party activists who demand ideological purity, other Republicans are still likely to win in November, though Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., would have to deal with more maverick members who are loathe to compromise. And the conservative insurgency is hardly all-powerful, as Sen. John McCain proved by easily winning renomination in Arizona despite a challenge from the right by J.D. Hayworth.

As a victim of party activists who demand ideological purity‘ has a nice ring to it.

Compromise is OUT of the question! Compromise is what took America to the brink of disaster, the one that we are now facing in the person of Barack Hussein Obama.

Regarding Conservative insurgency and John McCain, all I can say to the GOP voters of Arizona is this; John McCain is nothing more than an ass-kissing RINO. He got all Conservative as soon as the election cycle started again, and you folks bought it. As soon as it’s over, he’ll go right back to being an ass-kissing RINO, writing bills with Feingold and the like, reaching across the aisle and siding with the Dems at every occasion.

Arizona, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

The White House has tried to link the Republican Party with the fledgling conservative-libertarian tea party coalition - and demonize the combination as too extreme for the country.

That’s “the Republican tea party” that’s “offering more of the past but on steroids” and is “out of step with where the American people are,” Vice President Joe Biden told the party’s rank and file last week.

Here we go with that too extreme stuff again. What, exactly, is too extreme?

An American president bowing to foreign dignitaries? Is that too extreme?

How about giving away TRILLIONS of our tax dollars for a bail out and stimulus that simply has not worked?

I know, this has to be the big extreme the Dems are talking about; that wonderful ObamaCare program? How about it Dems? You still want to talk about extreme?

I can’t speak for ALL TEA Party groups in America, but if ANY of them have become a part of, or a servant to the GOP, they have co-opted themselves and are no longer a representative of what the TEA Party is all about. And yes, I DO know of some that have.

Nevada Republicans’ nomination of tea party favorite Sharron Angle may save Sen. Harry Reid, the Democratic leader. His popularity has fallen sharply among state voters, but Democrats say Angle’s comments are scaring voters away from her and back toward him.

I can’t argue that, don’t intend to try. You see, for some reason, Americans have become a lame, lazy, apathetic and complacent bunch. A real speaker of the truth scares many in this nation. The weak are going to follow the path of least resistance and align themselves with the one that tells them of all the free milk and honey they will provide, as long as you give the vote to them.

The truth isn’t spoken. The fact that we have to work for a living, the fact that we can’t be the savior to all the little creatures on the planet is NOT what the weak minded libbers or RINOs want to hear and it’s not what Dems and RINOs are preaching!

The left and RINOs don’t want the truth. They can’t handle the truth.

Stand your ground TEA Party Patriots. Don’t bow to the GOP or the Dems. Stand for what you know is right for America and stand for what’s right in your heart!

Don’t get weak now. We have a lot more fighting to do, and we’re weeding out the weak sisters as fast as we can. We need men and women of courage, people that aren’t afraid to stand and be confrontational. People that aren’t afraid to get bloodied in the fight!

America 1st! Vote your conscience, not some PARTY line. Challenge everything!

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16 Responses to “As GOP civil war rages, Democrats look to benefit”

  1. comment number 1 by: BobF

    Amazing how McCain was able to hoodwink the voters in Arizona. He’ll throw Conservatives under the bus now that he has the nomination and his pandering to Hispanics who support illegals will continue where he left off.

  2. comment number 2 by: Texasperated

    Here’s the thing Fred. Some of us heard all this talk
    about “extremism” back in 1964 too. Those who listened to the democrats and media helped usher in the most TRULY extreme administration since FDR. Those who voted their consciences managed to get Ronald Reagan elected, broke the back of the old “solid south” Democrats, and turned Tennessee and Texas from single party states to two party states with Republican majorities. Don’t lose hope! But don’t give any money to the GOP either. Stick with the conservative candidates with money and time. This is not an activity for the faint of heart.

  3. comment number 3 by: TexasFred

    Texasperated — Or Boo-Hoo Drama Queens! :twisted:

  4. comment number 4 by: Texasperated

    PS … McCain won for one simple reason. $$$$

  5. comment number 5 by: TexasFred

    Texasperated — And the FACT that the voters of Arizona fell for it, and were BOUGHT…

    As I said, Arizona should be ashamed of itself!

  6. comment number 6 by: Texasperated

    Right, Fred. We need folks willing to talk the talk, walk the walk, and fight the good fight.

  7. comment number 7 by: minuteman26

    The voters in Arizona have only themselves to blame when McCain betrays them again. When he betrays the nation again, the rest of us can fully put the blame on the GOP electorate in Arizona. You stupid dolts!

  8. comment number 8 by: Robert

    Well this is actually GREAT NEWS! It means FINALLY we are fighting in the primaries. This is where we must fight. OR we risk having another NO-CHOICE vote.

    Regardless of the LEFTY MEDIA, the “civil war” is supposed to happen in the primaries. It’s supposed to be about propelling the best candidate FORWARD to represent us. The reason we find our nation in the crisis we are in, is we let the GOP tell us what was best. NOW they need to listen to us or become extinct.

    My favorite musician/Activist has a slogan I’ve come to love:


    If you are a RINO, if you are an incumbent RINO, you are about to find yourself in the unemployment line. Tap the Democrats on the back lightly while in line, they are a jumpy bunch.

  9. comment number 9 by: Texasperated

    Couldn’t agree more Robert. Sadly, many of the Republicans who are running in the primaries are failing or refusing to say what they would do if elected. Their platform seems to be “we’re not the other guys.” If I were running for congress or if I were managing the campaign of someone running for congress, I would advise “Keep It Simple, Sailor.” Stay focused on two simple ideas with which people could easily relate: roll back and send back.

    1. Roll back.

    In one fell swoop, promise to work to roll back every law passed since January 2009 (I would even go back to September 2008 if the Republican congress would go along with me). Yes I know that the bill would be vetoed by the prez. Great, then work to override the veto. And everybody who votes AGAINST the override gets a free ride back home in 2012. THEN pass the bill rolling everything back.

    Whether in a reconciliation bill or in individual appropriation bills, promise to roll back spending to 2004 levels. Every bill that has increased the spending of the federal government since the 2004 election should be repealed or amended as necessary to reduce the government to 2004 levels. Is that enough? NO NO NO. But it is a start.

    2. Send back

    Here is a simple approach (not simplistic and not easily implemented, but easily understood) to the problem of illegal aliens streaming across our border:

    First, stop the influx of illegal aliens. Defend our border. Pass legislation at the national level giving the full authority necessary to local police and state police to enforce INS regulations AT THE BORDER.

    Second, give authority to local and state LEOs to enforce employment mandates including I-9 regulations.

    Third, SEND BACK all illegals caught within our borders. The only hearing necessary is “do you have a birth certificate?” (though that may make Joe Biden president).

    Fourth, for those who were brought here by illegals and have attained majority since coming here (this is NOT amnesty as such), I would require them to do several things prior to being able to COME BACK (not STAY). 1) know English; 2) have a job promise or other financial sponsor; 3) pay all back taxes owed during their time as illegals; 4) swear absolute allegiance to the constitution and sovereignty of the USA (similar to the oath that all veterans have taken at one time or another — to protect and defend against all enemies foreign or domestic).

    That is easily understood, easily marketed, and would resonate with over 60% of Americans whether they are Republican, Democrats, or Independents.

  10. comment number 10 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Apparently Demorats are talking in the back rooms how they fear the House is truly gone, and the Senate ain’t looking too good. But, as you point out, that’s only HALF the equation.

    Let’s say the GOP does take back the House; the real question will then be: will they actually DO anything with it??


  11. comment number 11 by: Robert

    Thanks Tex and you are spot on too.

    BZ, that is the $1,000 question. My worst fear is that as soon as the power in congress switches hands, the activism will drop. What is needed is the activism STEPS UP after the election. We need to hold these “Conservatives” feet to the fire. We need to make sure folks like McCain don’t all of the sudden put on the tinfoil hat and go back to the liberpuke mentality that got us into this mess.

    Scott Brown? We can count on a few GOOD votes from him during his term. Better than anyone else from that state.

    Fiorina? Fiscally conservative, a little more moderate than I’d like in a few areas but overall we will gain a strong voice from California if she can beat the Boxer bitch.

    Allen West? If he can beat Klein, that would give us a hell of a voice in the house.

    I’m sending cash to him as I type this.

    Sharron Angle? Strong fiscal conservative and taking the seat away from Harry Reid would be a signal to the end of the disaster known as liberalism

    Marco Rubio? IF he can beat Crist and the Dem idiot, We are in for a hell of good chance to take back our country and put it back on the track of common sense.

    Basically the experiment in progressive policies has been an utter and complete failure, the full power of liberalism has been unchecked for 2 years, in congress it’s been 4 years. All anyone has to do is look at results.

    Come on November, and then bring on 2012. That’ll be another rant….WHO will it be for R?

  12. comment number 12 by: Patrick Sperry

    Um… Tex, Fred, and others nailed this to the wall. I can’t add anything.

    No compromise, never surrender. Our oath’s to the Constitution, to Freedom, and to Liberty demand that!

    Plus no static from the aisles when anyone snivels or bitches because a REAL Conservative or Libertarian loses an election.

    Victory or Death!

  13. comment number 13 by: ablur

    I am very disappointed in Arizona but what do you expect. Hayworth formerly supported government money grabs and that put him on par with McCain. People chose the devil they knew over the devil they didn’t.
    If Hayworth would have disclosed this up front he could be the Republican candidate. He had McCain beat until McCain’s campaign exposed him.

    In Washington you have the Murry(D) / Rossi(R) situation. Looking over the voter counts Rossi has a good chance on beating her. Murry is another high ranking liberal progressive who continues to damage our nation.

    In Oregon you have a Governors race against a business man-former NBA star and the Xgovernor who told us the state was ungovernable while he more then tripled spending when in office. If Oregon could be lead by a Conservative it would change the look of the Left Coast.

    Steele has been a joke since they day he was placed as the head of the GOP. He is a complete failure.

    Support conservatives directly. Don’t give any money to a party. It is going to be a tough battle to the finish.

    Get out there and Vote this November!

  14. comment number 14 by: Steve Dennis

    Great post! Yes there is a civil war in the Republican party, we want our Republicans to be conservatives first and foremost. We are sick and tired of these faux conservatives who are nothing more than RINOs pretending to be conservatives in election years! WE WANT THE REAL THING!
    I guess American values are what Democrats think are too extreme, people are waking up to this and wondering what they hell they voted for in 2008.

  15. comment number 15 by: Texasperated


    In the words of one of my favorite singers, “Trample the weak; hurdle the dead.” Victory or Death indeed. What we need is a generation of men who are willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

    Of course that would eliminate most of the folks now in office because they got their fortunes by sacrificing their sacred honor.


    Yes, a lot of independents and even some liberal RINOs fell for the Obamanation in 2008. But the other problem was that some of “us” who saw McCain as no real alternative stayed home. We need to make sure we remain active over the next couple of years so the Steelites cannot get their man the nomination again. We need to have “a choice, not an echo.” [to plagiarize the past]

  16. comment number 16 by: Texasperated

    From the man who should have been president. Had Barry Goldwater (yeah, the OTHER Barry) been elected in 1964, how might the country be different today? Here is his announcement speech made in 1964 (and the source of my previous reference to “a choice, not an echo”).

    [begin long quote]
    Ever since the last Republican convention thousands of Americans have asked me to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 1964. I withheld a decision until now, not because of any attempt to be politically coy, but because I have been giving every aspect of such a decision the most serious consideration.

    Today, here at our home, in this State I love, with my family and with the people whose friendship and political interests have placed me where I am, I want to tell you this: I will seek the Republican presidential nomination. I’ve decided to do this because of the principles in which I believe and because I am convinced that millions of Americans share my belief in those principles. I decided to do this also because I have not heard from any announced Republican candidate a declaration of conscience or of political position that could possibly offer to the American people a clear choice in the next presidential election.

    One of the great attributes of our American two party system has always been the reflected differences in principle. As a general rule one party has emphasized individual liberty and the other has favored the extension of government power. I’m convinced that today a majority in the Republican Party believes in the essential emphasis on individual liberty.

    I’ve been spelling out my position now for 10 years in the Senate and for years before that here in my own state. I will spell it out even further in the months to come. I was once asked what kind of Republican I was. I replied that I was not a “me-too” Republican. That still holds. I will not change my beliefs to win votes. I will offer a choice, not an echo. This will not be an engagement of personalities. It will be in engagement of principles.

    I’ve always stood for government that is limited and balanced and against the ever increasing concentrations of authority in Washington. I’ve always stood for individual responsibility and against regimentation. I believe we must now make a choice in this land and not continue drifting endlessly down and down for a time when all of us, our lives, our property, our hopes, and even our prayers will become just cogs in a vast government machine.

    I believe that we can win victory for freedom both at home and abroad. I believe that we can be strong enough and determined enough to win those victories without war. I believe that appeasement and weakness can only bring war. I’ve asked and will continue to ask: Why Not Victory–why not victory for sound, constitutional principles and government–why not victory over the evils of communism?

    I’m convinced that in this year 1964 we must face up to our conscience and make a definite choice. We must decide what sort of people we are and what sort of world we want–now and for our children.

    My candidacy is pledged to a victory for principle and to presenting an opportunity for the American people to choose. Let there be a choice–right now and in clear, understandable terms. And I ask all of those who feel and believe as I do to join with me in assuring both the choice and the victory.

    [end quote]