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Gov. Rick Perry: Play OUR way or we won’t play!

August 30th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Gov. Rick Perry: Play OUR way or we won’t play!

I have never been a huge fan of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. I have long believed that he is a talker and not a doer. I also believe Perry to be nothing more than a pandering RINO.

That said, in my capacity with the TEA Party I have been contacting as many Dallas County and Texas candidates as possible trying to get them to attend The Rowlett TEA Party Candidates Forum. A non-partisan event that is planned for Sept. 25th here in Rowlett.

I sent at least 2 invitations to the Rick Perry campaign, and to Mr. Dwayne Horner.

Horner is Regional Field Director - Greater Dallas - Texans for Rick Perry, and this morning Mr. Horner sent me an email;

from: Dwayne Horner
to: TexasFred

date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 12:41 PM
subject RE: The Rowlett Candidates Forum

Fred, we met at the Rowlett event one Saturday evening and I gave you a business card and asked to receive the information regarding this event – but to this date have yet to receive anything. I do not know whom you contacted with the campaign – but I never received an email with details about this event for us to deliver a “response.�?
Dwayne Horner
Regional Field Director - Greater Dallas
Texans for Rick Perry

To which I responded;

from: TexasFred
to: Dwayne Horner

date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 12:52 PM
subject: Re: The Rowlett Candidates Forum

Well Dwayne, I contacted you, that is how I had your email address to include you on the email to ALL candidates and their campaigns.

Perhaps it was missed in the rush, no big deal, now we are on the same page and in touch.

Here is the URL to the event,

Kathie Glass has confirmed her attendance and Bill White has told Mayor John Harper that he WILL be here too, I just haven’t heard from him personally yet. I was told to expect a call from White early this week.

I hope you can arrange for Gov. Perry to attend, I think it would be a wise move on his part.

All nice and neat, very professional and above board… Right? Well, maybe…

from: Dwayne Horner
to: TexasFred

date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 2:09 PM
subject: RE: The Rowlett Candidates Forum


Bill White refuses to release the documents that contain this financial information. Bill White refuses to release his taxes from 1993-1998, years he held public service positions that required him by law to complete annual personal financial disclosures. While Bill White was Deputy Secretary of Energy (1993-95) and Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party (1995-98), he was required by law to complete annual personal financial disclosures which have not all been made public to the people of Texas.

As a result we will not be participating.
Dwayne Horner
Regional Field Director - Greater Dallas
Texans for Rick Perry

To which I responded;

from: TexasFred
to: Dwayne Horner

date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 2:15 PM
subject: Re: The Rowlett Candidates Forum

OK… Because Bill White won’t play by *the rules*, you won’t play at all… Interesting…

This isn’t a debate Dwayne, it’s a forum for candidates to get their message out to VOTERS, and there’s a lot of VOTERS going to be there, but, if that’s your decision, that’s your decision…

Thank you for your time Sir, I will list Gov. Perry as a Declined to Attend

I never got a response from Mr. Horner to that last email.

Here’s my biggest gripe; so, Bill White didn’t release certain records that, according to Horner, he is required by law to release?

If that’s the case, how in the hell is Bill White running a campaign for Governor at this late stage of the game and why in the hell hasn’t Perry and his entire staff, including, but not limited to the entire Texas and U.S. GOP making a HUGE issue of this is court of law?

WHY has White been allowed to get to this point in the election if he is in violation of the law?

Today is Day 171 of liberal trial lawyer Bill White refusing to debate. He also continues to refuse to release his taxes from his years in public service.

How is Bill White “refusing to debate?�? I suppose the Perry camp would say, well, we said we wouldn’t debate unless he releases his taxes. So White is “refusing�? to debate by not releasing all his tax returns. How does that make sense? Of course, as any campaign neophyte would know, White should have just released all his tax returns. He handed the Perry campaign a talking point. SOURCE

Again I say, STOP THE DAMNED POLITICAL GAMES! If the records are supposed to be released, FINE, they need to be released or White needs to be removed from the race for Texas Governor. It’s that simple.

I hate criminals, of ANY ilk! I have a special hatred for those criminals that break the public trust. IF,and I do say IF Bill White has done that, if he’s broken the law, PROSECUTE him! If you don’t have enough to prosecute him, shut up and run a race for the statehouse that doesn’t sound like a battle on the playground.

Mommy, those mean kids won’t do it MY way, so, I’m not going to play anymore.

But Rick Perry, or, maybe it’s just his staff, in any case, they sit back and whine like a little kids, pouting and telling people that because White won’t release his record “As a result we will not be participating.” in The Rowlett Candidates Forum, and apparently won’t even attend an event where Bill White is present.

That’s some confidence inspiring and vote garnering behavior there Governor…

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5 Responses to “Gov. Rick Perry: Play OUR way or we won’t play!”

  1. comment number 1 by: mrchuck

    Here is where I stand.
    Bill White is a Demorat. He made Houston a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. He supports the total Democrat political ticket.
    I will never vote for a LIBERAL/Socialist. Period.
    Rick Perry is a Republican, born in Texas and a Texas A&M Graduate, such as myself.
    There are things I dis-agree with him on, but overall, he has “Conservative” values, while White is a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!!.
    If anyone votes for White, then they are a Traitor to Texas values.
    Nothing more needs to be said by me.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Mr. Chuck — NOWHERE in here did I ask anyone to support Bill White. NOWHERE in here did I tout Bill White or offer any support to him. I did NOT damn him either. I am NOT a judge or jury, damning him is NOT my place.

    This is merely a post that points out the asinine games that the Perry campaign is playing…

    And Perry, an Aggie or not, is STILL a RINO of the 1st order…

    And one other thing, you KNOW that I call a spade a spade, so, wasn’t your boy Perry a hard core Democrat not all that long ago? Didn’t he make the switch to the GOP because he couldn’t get elected otherwise?

    Just sayin’…

    If Perry is the epitome of Republican goodness and honesty, we’re in deep poop Sir!

  3. comment number 3 by: BobF

    Since I’m not in Texas, I don’t know the whole story but from the statements from Perry’s campaign I just read, it seems someone isn’t telling the whole truth. Apparently, Perry won’t attend any meeting where White is at because he won’t release some records. It then seems the Perry campaign is saying White won’t debate Perry when, if fact, according to Mr Horner, Perry refuses be in attendance with White. So, if Perry refuses to be in attendance with White, how is it that White is refusing to debate?

  4. comment number 4 by: The BoBo

    Man, and I thought politics here in Florida was rough with all the negative ads going back and forth with Rick Scott and Bill McCollum and then with A. Green and Kendrick Meek. At least the medicare fraud scammer here released his tax records. I voted for a third unheard of candidate - he still took 10% of the vote. I really don’t know who I’m voting for governor. Although Alex Sink is a Dem - she is a fairly conservative Dem and has been doing a fine job as our CFO. Rick Scott might be a good talker - but - he has way too much baggage for my liking.

    I think Rick Scott would end up being like Rick Perry ultimately. Sounds like you guys have a conundrum there.

  5. comment number 5 by: TexasFred

    Bob — That appears to be the *logic* of the Perry campaign…

    Childish logic at best…

    As I said to Mr. Chuck, IF the Perry campaign has something on Bill White, something that will stand up in court, USE IT!

    I say that about ANY politician, if they are doing something illegal, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. If their crimes can’t be proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, leave em the hell alone and let them get on with their lives.

    But don’t act like a spoiled 7 year old kid and have a tantrum over someone not playing by the rules, and then excluding yourself from any venue that person may attend, you’re only hurting yourself, and YOUR campaign by doing so…

    If I was Bill White, I’d show up everywhere Perry did, just to piss him off..